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The Soviets and Berlin; Things I Wish I Learned In School
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Today in shit I wish they taught in school...

When people say today is the most peaceful period in human history... it's insane to think just how much worse it was within my parent's life time, in the country my (adopted) father fled from and then fought against when it was Hitler's, and then was powerless to watch it be raped and oppressed by the Soviets and Stalin.

If anything, watching this has just hardened my resolve that we cannot give into fear of the "others", or hatred of them, because it could both be so much worse and it also leads to situations exactly like this.

(Though I will say it makes it even harder to not hate Putin's Russia, particularly knowing he was part of the KGB in East Germany)... but I understand the average Russian really has no power against Putin or his regime.
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Re: The Soviets and Berlin; Things I Wish I Learned In School
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Wait, you mean that we shouldn't want to get along great with Putin and Russia the way Old Donny boy wants us to?  After all, we can take him for his word..
Yeah, things can be much worse than they are now and when I hear people say that we should trust Russia because Trump does it becomes a real head scratcher.. The history revisionists are hard at work trying to rewrite the whole bloody mess to be just a little booboo..

Here's an interesting site written by a woman who grew up in Ukraine under the Soviet regime.
It's not so much political as it is her memories as a child..
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