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Greetings to you brothers:
MY FRIENDS You are called the absence of the Creator of the universe ????
This means nothing ...
It is absurd ...
The order of salary shall be by the order of the exact order of this degree to be supervised by one of the stages of its formation
When the command is under moderator ....
Everything is absurd on its own without the supervision of anyone, scientists have developed theories to form the universe
 ... These theories explain ideas and hypotheses on the formation of life, beings, etc.
It must be taken into account.
.. is very important ...
When you read those theories ..
She feels ridiculed and disgusted by her owners
... as long as it is absurd as you call ....
"Even your words, which you say is a path, a path and a map taken by life to get to this point that we are now (who reads the theories find infinite accuracy in drawing the plan Haha as if his books is the most honorable of the universe).
For example: Natural selection ...
From a simple evolution to a complex evolution, the idea on which theory depends on the interpretation of these organisms ...
Surprisingly beautiful, who wrote theory stupid person par excellence. Why ??
Does the presence of vast objects all of which have certain characteristics among them mean randomness or the unity of the manufacturer? ..
Instead of thinking about a very important thing, that these organisms, by sharing all those qualities from an ant to an elephant, means one maker, think of something else that is far from rationality. The stage of evolution has emerged !!!! Why now?
As long as the absurdity of excellence, why the absurd appeared at that stage and the organisms and began to evolve each of the types !!!!! The very important question
My brothers: If it were absurd, the Law of Probability must be applied in order to obtain agreement between all beings in the common attributes of countless beings,
It is my brother's position in the development of these theories is to see something and find a hypothesis to form this in the current form ... But these theories do not always agree reality because the author of the theory is the hypothesis of consensus (access to the current reality) but do not agree the logic of all things. Life seems to have passed away and has not taken into account the great mistakes
Which will be produced in order to obtain such an agreement.
An enormous arrangement both in the atmosphere surrounding objects.
From a suitable place (Mars, for example, if life was Mercury), the existence of a thousand species in a different physical order,
One hand, for example, is the eye of a man and he can live. Very wondrous things worth contemplating only how random to go out like this, regardless of the author's theories, shortens many stages in thinking about how to originate (never makes sense).
There is a Creator inevitably. If you do not believe in a certain religion. Your mind will touch on the existence of a composite of everything, the Greatness of the present.
I challenge someone who thinks in his mind not to think of a fanaticism for the ideas of others (the theories), to say that the universe is not a creator
Islam is one guide enough of all the many evidence that does not convince your minds ... "The mountains and pegs" This verse is sufficient to prove the heavenly religion
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Best regards my colleagues
>>>Islam is the true religion
The Prophet Muhammad told us since 1440 years on several things
These things are proof of sincerity
Tell about the rotation of the earth
And tell about the darkness that happens at the bottom of the ocean
Which can not be known at the time
And told a lot
For the Koran
True texts
Not an explanation
This text
In Surat Al Noor
Talk about darkness in the deep seabed
Darkness above some
If you get out your hand  of your pocket
It is impossible to see it
The text of the rotation of the earth is mentioned in Surat Al-Naml from the Holy Qur'an
He said to you that you see the mountain static
But in fact he is moving
As the clouds move
Quickly follow Islam
Quickly go to Islamic center and learn Islamic religion
Fastest and safest
Islam is the truth

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Gonna have to out you in the basement for awhile. Peace be with you and alli she-bob a bam!
A humans desire to live is exceeded only by their willingness to die for another. Even god cannot equal this magnificent sacrifice. No god has the right to judge them.-first tenant of the Panotheust

I see no reason at all to read all that.
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"The Republicans went from Abraham Lincoln to Sarah Palin to Donald Trump. No wonder they don't believe in evolution."
Any Borowitz

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Sorry, there may be a god, but per Murphy's Law, you will inevitably follow the wrong one.

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Yeah, well, whatever.

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You have much to learn, camel flea of the desert sands.  But don't let that stop you ... you hopefully have much travel before you sleep.

Fewness of words?! If your god cannot be defined , how do you manage to say that there is a god?! Have you thought about that?0
I believe in a God that does not exist!

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Fewness of words?! If your god cannot be defined , how do you manage to say that there is a god?! Have you thought about that?0

Don't know about you, but my G-d's muscles are very well defined.  Remember Sodom?

Baruch my previous response was to suni_muslim
I believe in a God that does not exist!

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Baruch my previous response was to suni_muslim

Thanks.  Try "quoting" or putting Mr XXX - YYY as the first line, to clarify ;-)

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I was wondering how long it would take him to find this forum.
This now the... Number three? Number four? that he's posted this exact same stuff in.

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Oh, this now feels like a Van Helsing and Dracula kinda deal!

Lostlocke has persuaded suni_muslim across the digital spaceways!

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Lol. No.
It's just that so far, every single atheist forum/site I visit on a regular basis, he's popped up with this same nonsense. Banned from 2 out of 3 because he doesn't really engage. And when an error in his ideas is pointed out his only response is "You're wrong".

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oh we've had plenty of those here. Its always entertaining when they pop up and see them screaming from inside their bubble.


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