Author Topic: The "Antifa" Boogieman/Media Focus on Violence During Protests  (Read 4846 times)

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Re: The "Antifa" Boogieman/Media Focus on Violence During Protests
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I don't have a sky daddy.  Again, your model while common, is too narrow.  And prayer can be for assistance, but that is a vain prayer.  G-d is an asshole ... even Jupiter was seen as such in Roman paganism.  You think that the pagan Romans didn't yuck it up about prayer?

Prayer is about auto-hypnosis.  It isn't about changing G-d, it is about changing yourself ... into something more positive.  The macrocosm as a person makes sense to me, though not as obvious that each microcosm is a person (not a thing).  But that doesn't make the macrocosm (not universe), the sum total of all of humanity in space and time (think Omega Point of Teilhard de Chardin) isn't your fishing buddy.  Though more accurately the macrocosm is the sum total of life ... it is Life.

So, you are a meditationalist?  Prayer is an affirmation?
Atheist born, atheist bred.  And when I die, atheist dead!


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