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@barouch.  I’m trying to figure out the relationship between me “rejecting” shit from the east as you seem to think and someone from the west “rejecting” shit from the  west . I  asked myself , do you reject the middle east ?  Myself   gave me all kind of devious responses ,going on and on and won’t shut up . very unsatisfactory responses. You are the reason. guilty.

I expect you do know  shit is computational device made up of few billions  cells and trillions of connections and input devices. Call it conscious call it whatever you like but that’s what it is and I have to be out of my mind to try to reason with myself. Why don’t you go talk to  me someplace else  and when you finish talking come  let me know what you found out .  don’t drive me nuts , okay old man ? on second  thought keep it up.

 don’t let that shit take you over . stop talking like an old man. Its supposed to be about  Buddhism  . I said what I have to say and I moved on. Maybe some more have to be said .  shit that shit .  Why don’t you take the first plane to India and get one young Indian she goat around 20 years old and have her drive you nuts .get some  of that youth into your life  .  they don’t mind that shit there . I mean old man /young girl .its normal there . in some parts of the world you’re not old man . in the middle east too. normal to have that Trump/melania shit . stop wasting your  time on foul tasting wine when you could be drinking from the fountain of life. My grandfather got married again when he was in his 70s to 19 year old wild thing  . he had two kids by her . and she DID like him. She used to yell at him crazy old fool   when he teased  her . but she loved him . And my grandfather was wise choice. Old man with money and wealth and who withered many years who never got sick who  never was inoculated for any diseases . Superior genes . just make sure when you do die you die on top of beautiful sexy woman so when you meet god you meet him with a big smile  and give him an approving pat on his head and say good job mister god . proud of you and more please. Create some more fun shit . use your divine imagination.

You say you are an optimist right? Well act like it then old man . you say you’re . okay then . .

stop whining . A hundred or so years ago your likes ,  Americans,  with TB coughed blood putting in a hards day work  for meager  bite to eat and as result   built some of the civilization that you now enjoy . we get shit from those before us and we try to hand over better shit to those who come after us . ideally I mean . And you get to enjoy someone like Edgar Allen Poe . what you have for dinner  is probably more than he ate for a whole week .  maybe someone like him deserve eternity , but for most of  the  rest of us oblivion is the deserved fate . justice says so.

The word is not rejection . you’re actually asking me if I have any plans of wiping out the middle east when you put it that way . rejection where I come from is not rejection where you come from. . Rejection where you come from  translates into  acceptance where I come from. . Tolerance where you come  translates into acquiescence where I come from. where I come its different. it’s a loaded term.

You woke me up. Thank you. I have a goat for bed room activities and two goats for house duties and I do not see my coffee .thats the fucking draw back. I’m not complaining . I’m just furious at the notion of those jackasses in the distant future having artificial intelligence female robots standing next to the bed and producing cup of coffee reinforced with cognac the moment they open their eyes . the shit heads enjoy the hard work and sweat  of those who came before them and not satisfied whine and complain and diss those who came before them . Jonathan Swift had a  great idea, grab the yahoos  and shove cow dung down their throat .
Its not Abu Hamid al Ghazzalee and even if it was its not just him. Its him and Ibn Taymiah with Averroes boxed in between   the two. All three are no good . they are hard at work trying to peddle Averroes in the west as bridge between west and east . it’s a play on western ignorance about Averroes. They hide his shit. Averroes views on sharia law and in particular jihad matches up with ISIS terrorism to the letter . I’ve reasons he plagiarized his philosophy from syriac  Christian manuscripts. He didn’t know Greek. He got the shit from syriac manuscripts .

 the word is not rejection . current affairs  says its “renewal of religious speech “ . so two things , renewal plus  speech . I’ll give it a go . but not now .  the conference. Al Sisi of egypt says renewal . he didn't get to where he is at by accident. you should learn from him.

And no , I do not have any plans to destroy the ME.  Al Ghazzalee and taymiah have been doing  a great  job of that  .

Ibn, a conversation only happens, when both people listen.  You are deaf.  No, I don't reject the Middle East, you do.  Quit projecting.

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@ Baruch

Is it really necessary to quote the whole megillah from this meshugeneh?
Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. Orwell, 1984

@pr126. Islam never went through any reformation back or forward. The shit was always the same . what happened there was the usual  minor struggles. For some reason they focus on  11th to 13th centuries . Struggle not reform. there were other struggles too. There were  numerous ones   . Islam simply can not be reformed because you can’t change shit .reform is the wrong world   .  the correct word is toss. Toss Islam into the sea.

Learn to use  the correct words. Toss not reform . rejectionists means rawafid .
Al Ghazzalee and ibn taymiah and Averroes  are   faces of the same coin. They’re all no good . why don’t you two try someone like Zakariya al-Razi. Now that is one  guy who said to toss Islamic  inspiration out the window . or how about Abul ʿAla Al-Maʿarri. Those two preceded those three Islamic fanatics . but they do not talk to you about them .google them and learn . and do yourself  a favor don’t rely on wikipedia . don’t  end up as wikirabbi

Atheists will like Abul ʿAla Al-Maʿarri. He was also a vegan.

I trashed trampled on stomped on ghazzalee and ibn taymiah and Averroes in the conference. Destroyed them .
Wait don’t go anywhere . I will tell you what happened . pr126 steady old chap.

What did you call me ? Oh I see. How about I call you potato head ? Mr beans ? hmm hard to say.  conundrum

Okay okay I’m sorry for jacking up the IQ . I’ll  speak plainly . but c’mon  guys shit is  technical.

To toss islam into the sea Christians are needed and ex Muslims .

Barouch talks about the world out there !! big place world out there  barouch .

my apologies . fat free ice cream. okay ? no sugar  either .

  Appropriate current affairs term is “renewal “ .AL  Sisi  of Egypt issued a directive calling for “renewal “ of religious speech. Like I said , Sisi didn’t get to where he is at by accident .Man can bullshit par excellence.

I missed the 1st day of the conference. I was busy at another conference at the belly dancers joint till the wee hours discussing the latest in  Arabian Nights with   Safeeya shake the booty and Bahya belly button. 
Next day I went . I had on English style  shit , extra padded on the shoulder and narrower than the American shit on the waist. Right tie. This is to scramble the heads of the security detail at the front gate . they teach them about that shit . Mind that shit they tell them. .

the overwhelming majority of the illustrious were juggernauts of the religious sort and surprisingly couple of  rawafid(rejectionists) . few westerners were from the appropriate field  .Vatican was represented by two ready to lend a helping hand. Yankees as observers and some other westerners .

The religious irrelevant matter , the majority,  was  by long shot in the camp of Abu Hamid al Gazelle and Ibn Taymiah and a minority  in Averroes camp. Add few secularists and closet atheists . and the other shit credited to Ilsam

Shit was supposed to be about speech and the crowd was the wrong crowd  shit was set up and rigged for   hermeneutics , literal shit versus  mental gymnastics to excuse quran .
That’s why the selected crowd . to avoid tackling shit in terms of speech and that’s  because for one thing   20 % of the quran is unintelligible nonesense, in incomprehensible and I’m talking about  native Arabic speakers with blemish less  command of the language . the bulk of arabic speakers are not . Then you have greater mass of none Arabic speakers blabbing that shit not knowing what the hell they’re saying. the rest of quran is riddled with errors . so  do what you may shit can’t be turned into renewed speech because shit can’t be interpreted    and can’t be translated .

 Then it was my time and I let them have it good. briefly …. Citizenship and not a sectarian nor a religious Egyptian constitution I yelled .  Force al Azhar to retract all fatwas to do with apostasy and specially those fataws against  , secularists and Muslims who left Islam and atheist  and all fatwas  that  discriminate between man and woman and non Muslims specially  in terms of family and  inheritance and worship and to retract all shit that violates human rights  .AL Azhar is State institution , the government funds it . therefore  I  demand of the Egyptian government to fix that shit . ( I repeated that while looking straight at the Yankee observer) .close down all Azhar learning institutes and streamline all learning education institutes curriculum so as to agree with humans rights . no discrimination on basis of religion, gender and not even sexual orientation and and and . I call for an egypt  of citizenship  of  equal justice before the law . if AL Sisi has balls then he should act  on his promises and enough of this charade .He  wants to prove he is man of  his word then enough talking  and lets see him  act.

Now to sock it  to the Averroes crowd  I hit them with St Aquinas shit left and right. See Averroes is play on western ignorance of him.This guy plagiarized his shit from syriac  manuscripts  and tried but failed to reconcile classical Hellenism with sharia law . His shit that is hidden from western scrutiny like as in jihad  matches ISIS terrorism . there is strong current in the West to peddle his shit as part of the enlightenment . That’s  a trick . watch out for it . this guy is anything but enlightenment . .
So I yelled …The state has no business regulating vice except in so far as promoting the common good . religion is a personal matter .  .dress code on basis of modesty not religious attire. Marriage consent on the basis of voluntary tied to self determination and realization and actualization. you know shit like that .  I went catholic on them full throttle .  I trampled on them real good , so that by the time I was  done they were   going  eek eak eeek ho ho ho . that’s right .. 

Then I talked to the westerner guys and some of my acquaintances and they all agreed we leave and discuss the matter at the belly dancers joint .situation was critical and we needed inspiration and safeeya shake the booty had tons of sisters and of course since I brought all those guys I get everything , the best, compliment of the house. The security detail tried to interfere with the flow of dollars from the  west to the joint but were quickly grabbed and taken to the back where they were given  one hell of beating for disrespecting  a  joint owned by high ranking military business mind.

One other thing in the  conference there were your usual handful of guys with backbone-ice with backing. One was an imam .Later on I learned he ended up in Germany and talked to foremost expert and translated one of the books of that German expert and had numerous copies printed out in Germany. None of the books made it to the vendors . the books simply vanished . not one  is around . its all bullshit . political posturing by al sisi

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@ Baruch

Is it really necessary to quote the whole megillah from this meshugeneh?

No, just lazy ;-)

Ibn - when you talk about contemporary things (even if they relate to things of old), you speak with greater authority.  Also if you speak less sexy talk, you can be taken seriously.  Still not a conversation, but much better.  Thus a "like".
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Al Ghazali was a reformer.
He reformed 11th century Islam back to the 7th century.
The gates of ijtihad (critical thinking) were closed ever since.
(The Incoherence of the Philosophers.)
   Al Wahhab later did the same once more.

Islamic reformation means getting back to the original Islam, in the time of Mohammad.

Islam is now reforming once again in our time.

Because the west has become weak and ineffective. (Islam is opportunistic.)
Fighting among each other, just like the Byzantines did before the Muslim invasion.

How can you reform a religion back in time?  Is there a Wayback Machine I missed reading about?
Atheist born, atheist bred.  And when I die, atheist dead!

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Re form to its original state.

Quite different from the Christian reformation.

Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense re-forms  , present participle re-forming  , past tense , past participle re-formed

When an organization, group, or shape re-forms, or when someone re-forms it, it is created again after a period during which it did not exist or existed in a different form.
The official trades union council voted to disband itself and re-form as a confederation. [VERB]
The 40-year-old singer reformed his band. [VERB noun]
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Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. Orwell, 1984

Cavebear, if I tell you , do you promise to take a trip back in time? If so meet me at the top of the Empire State building. You gonna be reunited with  Lucie in Somalia . you are for  family reunionfication. right?  Eek eak eek. 

@barouch. I shudder at the prospect of conversing with you. You know too much . too much of a deep thinker for me .

You’re hasty .Safeeya is retired and is with one of the western guys happily married and has kid by him. Bahya left us. Tigress  did not leave empty handed though. She took down four . My condolences to you. I visit her grave when I happen to be in the area and place flowers. You see she was an orphan.

On the negotiation  table , the Yankee observers ( Obama guys) cited attempts at suppression of religious freedom and choose to sit with the Ghazelle and Ibn Taymiah camp . calling for retraction of some one hundred thousand fatwa per year  translated to violation of freedom of religion to them .
they follow policy . Obama career diplomat were robots with no say . you say anything they turn their shoulder and walk away .Obama ruled with an iron fist.  .  By contrast Trump guys are evangelists  . they are twitters ,which is good because it opens other channels as opposed to Obama’s special envoy deal. Obama does not fire people being an employee all his life. Trump being a boss lets his  people talk , take the initiative he likes .  but he fires you if he doesn’t  like what you said . but then  Trump guys don’t give too fuck about being fired because they are evangelist type. So things are much better with Trump.   

Chinese and Putin based scholars , secularists, atheists , sat with the rejectionists .those are deal oriented and can and will compromise. Also very rapid . Mafiosi  style . they try to get you committed . don’t talk too much with them. Better still use sign language only. Very scary lot.

So anyways , we’re done with Egypt citizenship since you say you liked my shit . lets  do your country citizenship shit . here is briefly the demands .

  The US revises  its citizenship rules….  expanding and including provisions to  revoke citizenship and residency .political asylum changes.  Extradition changes  .  refugee Status determination  in terms of  sidelining the UN and leftist human rights orgs .passports issued by certain countries to unsavory characters from other countries   . I mean those 7 countries on Trump ban. They issue passports to terrorists world wide. The ones with those passports that countries such as Egypt  are interested in acquiring are to be intercepted and handed over . you know who and we know you know who.  Australian  Island approach to be adopted and expanded as solution. `. The rest not public.

Europe in terms of Germany, France , UK , etc… future civil strife and civil war is a foregone conclusion.  Work with maps . this is where the Islamic State goes and there is where the non Islamic goes. Secure the areas with access to sea.

 In the end I foresee a situation like Israel with Europe. Small countries but Christian instead of Jewish  surrounded by Islamic masses. High probability. Some sooner than  others. Some  will drag but in the end that’s what it is going to be . 

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Cavebear, if I tell you , do you promise to take a trip back in time? If so meet me at the top of the Empire State building. You gonna be reunited with  Lucie in Somalia . you are for  family reunionfication. right?  Eek eak eek. 
This seems to be a satisfactory place of discussion.  The Empire State Building is a couple 100 miles away from me and a bit inconvenient. 
Atheist born, atheist bred.  And when I die, atheist dead!

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Ibn - Going to a 6 week intro to Egyptian Arabic starting this week.  Not the first time I have studied it.  Know your friends.  Know your enemies even better.  Of course, I have no enemies ;-)

President Obama was a disciple of Kissinger.  Hence completely untrustworthy ... and the use of private envoys.  Too bad the Iran deal will be discarded, but there is a bit of sanity now in Syria.  Lots of instability in Saudi Arabia now.

With Russia taking over the ME, and China taking over Africa ... you will see a new tough style of neocolonialism of the East to replace the post WW II neocolonialism of the West.  The Anglo-American neo-colonialism is bankrupt, so it is done.

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Ibn - Going to a 6 week intro to Egyptian Arabic starting this week.  Not the first time I have studied it.  Know your friends.  Know your enemies even better.  Of course, I have no enemies ;-)

President Obama was a disciple of Kissinger.  Hence completely untrustworthy ... and the use of private envoys.  Too bad the Iran deal will be discarded, but there is a bit of sanity now in Syria.  Lots of instability in Saudi Arabia now.

With Russia taking over the ME, and China taking over Africa ... you will see a new tough style of neocolonialism of the East to replace the post WW II neocolonialism of the West.  The Anglo-American neo-colonialism is bankrupt, so it is done.

I can't find a reference to Obama meeting with or following Kissinger.  And Kissinger never refers to one either.  Please provide evidence for your claim.
Atheist born, atheist bred.  And when I die, atheist dead!

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I can't find a reference to Obama meeting with or following Kissinger.  And Kissinger never refers to one either.  Please provide evidence for your claim.

Kissinger's own words.  Ignore that this isn't reported in the New York Times.  Obama clearly was following Kissinger ... as a Deep State operative, same as all preceding Presidents back to Truman (with the temporary exception of Kennedy).  NWO goes back to a fiction by H G Wells (I saw a B&W early movie of "The Shape Of Things To Come").  Basically involves a UN like government (of course in 1933 it would have been League of Nations) conquering the primitive nationalists.

Brzezinski was the primary disciple of Kissinger.  Kissinger himself is usually too busy hobnobbing with European royalty and Popes to bother with US Presidents, and sleeping in his coffin during the day.  Brzezinski's pro-Poland/anti-Russia POV is all over our mis-begotten Nazi support in the Ukraine.  Mika, Brzezinski's daughter continues the proud tradition, at the Ministry Of Truth.

So Cavebear ... Agent of Shield, or Agent of Soros?

@Cavebear. You flatter yourself . I meant the movie men in black. go away please.

Exasperating .

@Barouch. There’re only two way you can look at this , either accidental historian or conspiratorial historian. Shit is opaque and invites conspiracy theories . I like to think I’m with the former group.

I’ve no idea what Kissinger means by new world order. I understand what they mean by a new window. They talk about the demise of the Soviet union. That doesn’t alter the fact that resources offered by this planet are scarce and fall way too short . do what you may but 3rd world war is inevitable. The issue is stave of for asl long as poosible and aftermath

What happened , after the 2nd world war the players were reduced to only two players , America and the Soviet union. Instead of several players each with its sphere of influences , shit was reduced to  two with sphere of influences. But shit remained the same. Now shit is steadily reverting to conditions prior to the 2nd war world. You got china, India, etc, and now that little piece of shit N Korea wanting the bomb.if anything shit is heading in a direction worse than before . so what new world order, please tell me ?

After the British mandate , Saudia Arabia  and other gulf oil countries fell under the US sphere of influence with the exception of Kuwait which America let the UK have  . The agreement was for the soviet union  to be an outsider in terms of that part of the world oil mechanics. secondly Israel was there to draw focus away from the oil. Terrorize Israel, bomb Israel, fuck with Israel . in return Israel got chump change from the west and weapons to maintain military balance of power .

 that was the arrangement and it was non negotiable. fuck with that shit and America will go war. Two incidents . one when the Russians attempted to land 50 thousand para troopers  in Egypt on the pretext of saving  the  Egyptian 3rd army in the 73 October Israeli Arab war ,and by so doing threatened to violate  that arrangement  . the Americans went promptly  into defcan 3. That signaled the state of  readiness to use tactical nuclear weapons as opposed to mass destruction ones  to offset  imbalance on the western front- 2 million soviet soldiers armed to the teeth versus some 300 thousand US troops. That was also agreed upon between the two sides .

as it happened the soviets backed off .in retrospect . Kissinger tied the hands of Golda Meir from acting   first . Kissinger refused to follow Nixon instructions . rest classified shit .you and me won’t know. Still Nixon sheer force of character must have been behind  the soviet union chickening out . that’s what they say . They say they were convinced Nixon would have taken it to the limit.

2nd one was Saddam . he went in the wrong direction. Everyone was supposed to home in on Israel. Shoot , bomb, terrorize Israel. Leave the oil alone. End result , American  army came and destroyed him. everyone was aganist America though and then came Obama and fucked it up totally

That’s the shit America was lead by. Real men. Evangelist  Christian Nixon person  with balls. Now you have mommies boys, Clinton and Obama . no wonder the Russians now have a full fledged army in the middle east in Syria. This is dream come true for the Russians . they realized what they couldn’t when they were at the height of their power as Soviet union.
You draw your own conclusions. Obama and company do not take kindly to free speech and woe unto those who rile up the left.

Trump tried to do some damage control. His first trip was to Saudi Arabia . Hard to tell specially since just recently Saudi Arabia ordered missiles from  Russia, something that was unthinkable before Obama . Trump did receive an unparalleled welcome but in   conclusion the damage can’t be fixed . Saudia planners now factor the Russians as insiders.
You can’t blame them. During the honorable Ronald Regan days when the American 6th fleet entered an area , the whole place went quiet . everyone shut the fuck up. Today Iran has enough missiles to wipe out the American fleet in the gulf straight. Russia is now dictating policy in that region through proxy Iran. And they are in Syria.

Listen it is not possible to understand liberals. There is no method to their madness . all I can tell you is that Trump has brought some  really  needed sanity back. His UN speech was welcome piece of sanity . America comes first is something world leaders can work with . you scratch my back I scratch yours. People can plan accordingly . the general idea is to leverage America economic interests so as to promote yours as opposed to leveraging liberal insane idealism.
Listen liberals are extremely dangerous . that shit they did by turning corn into ethanol  , what happens if there is an issue with grain in Russia or china ?  no corn or wheat to shut them up. That means world war iii. And isn’t that the very shit that threw the mid east in that upheaval. Wheat flour went sky high. But look today Kansas shit is what ? 175 bucks , right? Something like that .

Trump also made positive overtures to the third world. Ethiopia who kicked Obama out and Kenya and the rest are  listening and ready to play as long as there is none of that Obama madness . hey some people in the third world waved American flags and danced when it was announced that Trump won. Just the other day American flags were waved and people celebrated  America  in a place you would never guess .

Obama says he regrets Libya , what happened in Libya. Excuse me Mr. president, the idea is not for you to practice the presidency and then turn around and say oh I made a mistake there . its not supposed to work like that . Kaddafi was boxed in since the late Sadat time.   Shit makes no sense.

Forget about colonialism and neocolonialism. That’s Soviet era propaganda. Indoctrination deal  in multicultural college class in the West . Obsolete in third world.  Most of the cadre that was inducted into the soviet union  in the 50s and 60s and taught that crap  is either dead or retired .

  the new shit is called paradigm in terms of centralized booming economy with enforced capitalism versus liberal insanity and Africans for one chose the former and liberals were kicked out of Ethiopia , Kenya and Tanzania ,etc.
 China never wavered  in spite of liberal  gimmicks. Infra structure projects in Africa went full speed ahead funded directly by China . Today the ground for major railway lines  connecting Djibouti , through Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania has been laid . The Ethiopian railways is now operating cancelling some 11000 truck and trailer trips and the  dam is near completion and will produce enough  juice to supply three adjacent countries .

Chinese factories are moving into Africa. Africa is cheaper once the infrastructure is put in place.   Africans are taken to china for training and return to man those factories. The Chinese focus on women and as result African women are being empowered like never before .

I don’t want to hear about liberalism nonsense again.  Its not even liberalism. There is no method to that guy’s madness. Nobody knows or can tell what’s up. Guy comes , guy set up a compound with amenities and swimming pool. Guy writes checks for shit to be done. Nothing gets done . guys knows nothing is getting done and still writes checks. Funds is depleted . money gone. Guy says thank you and leaves. It’s a joke. The Chinese do not work like that . project is on , project gets done . shit is tightly controlled .

Liberals are not about doing shit . they are about undoing and destroying  shit . Trump says he is willing to play. That is  great news.everyone  wants to see America get involved positively . American corporations got shit no one else got .America is great blessing to the world .they come they bring tech and money . we all benefit . lets do business. Everyone is welcome. America specially . just leave the liberals out. there are no ultimate solutions but we can at least do that shit .

 world order? what the fuck is that ? maniacs. psychos . insane. shit . its shit. shit shit shit . khara .

read Sadat bio. . my identity . full of shit but a start.


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