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Custom Road Signs in Toronto
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Hi all,

I own a shop near Toronto. Two years back, due to some personal reasons, I relocated to Vancouver with my granny. Since then, the shop remains closed. And now, I'm back to my hometown. I wish to reopen my shop with much more features and facilities.I'm hoping to launch my shop by the end of next December.

As it will be a festive season, sales will be high. I wish this time, everything will be on my side along with fortune. I purchased all the necessary goods from a wholesale retailer. I have also included toys, electronics, clothing, etc. Previously, it has been just a bookshop with some rare classic collections. I'm planning to make the inaugural ceremony a grand one.

Without signboards, a shop will be incomplete. Right now, I'm in search for a good sign board manufacturer near Toronto. And luckily, I could find one such Link Removed) company that makes custom road signs in Toronto. I'm planning to approach them for making a unique and outstanding sign board for my shop with eye-catching quotes.

Before contacting them, I would like to know your opinion about this company. Any idea about their quality of services and charges? Are they affordable? Any comments or suggestions will be always appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Custom Road Signs in Toronto
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Re: Custom Road Signs in Toronto
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If you're talking about the "sandwich board" type signs I would suggest contacting a local art school.
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