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Psychiatrists Are Being Deceived! Mental Illnesses Are Indeed Due to Hidden Technology. Jesus Was a Victim Too!

Dear All, This will be a long post. It's all about the abnormal electrical activities of human brains. It’s being more than a year now, since I made a claim saying that a hidden technology has been operating for such a long time without our knowledge to cause various types of mental illnesses to people around the world. However, even after writing that article to expose this crime, it’s sad to know that human beings around the world continue to suffer from this hidden technology because of our false beliefs of how the world should be by disregarding the clues that we see in front of our own eyes.

I also claimed that these illnesses could be induced to you, your children, your loved ones or any other person that is known to you. However, this will be one of the toughest thing to understand because of the period of this invention and the way it has been hidden in front of our own eyes. Having said that a person who spend time to research into this with the clues that I have provided here will be enlightened about the actual cause of these illnesses beyond any doubt. Though you might not believe in such a thing, most of the lives around the world have been affected by this technology, either directly or indirectly, therefore, please don’t ignore any of these claims without giving a proper research. The capabilities of the said technology is mind boggling and can be understood by a person who would do a massive research only.

Out of many other mental illnesses, following are some of the facts that I brought to your attention regarding voice hearing, who are victims of this technology,

According to Intervoice “Research shows that around 8% of children and young people hear voices that others don’t. –

Between four and 10 per cent of people across the world hear voices (which is roughly around 30 million or more people worldwide)

Brain imaging has confirmed that voice hearers do experience a sound as if there were a real person talking to them (Shergill, Brammer, Williams, Murray, & McGuire, 2000).

Hearing voice is in itself not a sign of mental illness and in itself is not related to the illness of schizophrenia. Only 16% of the whole group of voice hearers can be diagnosed with schizophrenia. Hearing voices are experienced by many people, who do so without becoming ill.

Voices can be male, female, without gender, child, adult, human or non-human such as demons, spirits or godly voices.

People may hear one voice or many. Some people report hearing hundreds, although in almost all reported cases, one dominates above the others.

Following link will also get you to the article that I published last year, -  Further research on this helped me to understand that NSA should not posses this technology.

After my first write up, I kept on finding the truth behind all these mental illness and was looking of ways to bring you the truth. As I mentioned in my earlier article, I never had an interest in finding the cause of mental illnesses, however, due to an abnormal experience that I happened to face, I started finding technologies which are capable of mind reading. However, during this time, I experienced power cuts and disruption to my work and then again I was harassed with abnormal tones, which we call as Tinnitus. Due to this abnormal Tinnitus experience, I started researching online to find the cause and the origin of Tinnitus, here, I came up with articles claiming that initial reports of Tinnitus being recorded in Ebers Papyrus(an Egyptian medical document). Though I knew the cause of Tinnitus that we experience today is due to a hidden technology, I couldn't believe such a hidden technology spanning for such a long period of time and fix my mind to think that Egyptian period could be the origin of this technology, therefore, I did not give that much of importance to these old Papyrus records. Having said that, until recently I never knew that Egyptian Empire was having an advanced technology that is far more superior than to our current technology. Yes, I understand, many of you might think that my assumption on this could be wrong, they never had an advanced technology, the reason for this belief is that our history books never gave us clues for the existence of advanced technologies in the past. However, this is not true, you have been lied in the most sophisticated way than you could possibly imagine. For example Giza Pyramids are being built by using advanced technologies that are far more superior to us. Therefore, regardless of where you live, chances are you would have been thinking that Pyramids are being built by using some primitive tools such as copper chisels. However, for a moment if we forget what our history books are telling us and give a thought of this huge project which has taken over 20 plus years to complete, it doesn’t make sense at all for a primitive group of people behind building this huge structure unless our understanding of them is totally wrong. Some of the skills which would require to built this huge structure would be, remarkable project management skills, remarkable engineering skills, remarkable architectural skills etc. A primitive group of people must not have such complicated thoughts. On top of this they have used mathematical knowledge and knowledge in astronomy as well. Further, this structure is Earthquake proof too, therefore, this will help us to understand their sophisticated knowledge and by building this structure it actually shows their true intelligence. Therefore, one could understand that our history books are nothing more than bullshit when it comes to explaining our true past.

There are 3 pyramids in the Giza Pyramid complex, the oldest and the largest of the Pyramid is Pyramid of Khufu. To further surprise us this structure is located at the 29.9792° N, 31.1342° in other words it has encoded the speed of light 299272 km/s. This is not all, values such as Pi and Golden ratio has been encoded in this structure. Further, though our history books have been claiming that the Giza pyramids have been built by using primitive tools, this is not true, there are clear evidence for the existence of advanced technologies during this time and they have used those technologies to build these pyramids. Following are evidence,

Therefore, these are undeniable evidence for the existence of an advanced technology in the past. Having said that, none of this made any sense to me at all. How could an Egyptian Technology capable of surviving for such a long period of time and be the cause of mental illnesses that people around the world experience today? Though we see a highly advanced technology by the time they were building pyramids, we haven’t seen a highly advanced global society during this period. Which means, Egyptian empire has never shared their knowledge with any other race and for them to possess this technology they must be coming from a golden age way back in the past. Which means, either they have managed to survive through a global catastrophe or by having a mindset of ruling the Earth forever, they must have systematically destroyed countries around the world until they are the only people who hold such an advanced technology.

Having said that, to understand this mystery I kept on researching online to find evidence for its survival throughout our past till the present day. To amaze me, I managed to find sites around the world where advanced technologies are being used millennium after millennium. Following are evidence for this claim,

  - (2nd Millennium BC)

- (Baalbek Lebanon – 1st Millennium BC) - (Puma Punku – 1st Millennium AD)

- (Puma Punku – 1st Millennium AD)

Again, non of these millenniums show evidence for the existence of an advanced global society, which means, a group of people has being holding this technology without leaking this technology to other people or other races. Since we see evidence of Egyptian Empire holding a secret technology and not being sharing this with any other race, this gives a clue that Egyptian Empire must have relocated their empire and lived in these worldwide sites, this is why suddenly in the 1st millennium AD we see evidence for an advanced technology in a totally different continent after we seeing a sophisticated technology in Egypt. If this is true, then we must be able to find similarities between Egyptian Empire and the Empires who have once lived in all these unique sites. To further surprise us, yes, we could find many similarities in all these sites where advanced technologies are being used similar to that of Egyptian Empire. Following is an in-depth article about this, which I published few days ago,

Below are few more links to understand this claim,

Following is another crucial evidence to understand this mystery.

In the above video, you will see a 100 kilometre wide circle going through many significant sites across the globe. One who research into all these different sites will be able to find many similarities that are beyond any coincidence. Therefore, this will be another clue to understand that a sophisticated group of people has been ruling the Earth for such a long time, if not these kind of abnormal cases should not be there in the first place. Further clues to this claim could be found in the article that I published earlier. This will also shed us some light into why the great Pyramid of Giza has been located at the centre of Earth’s landmass and it’s not due to a pure chance as most of us have been thinking.

Than again, would it be logical for us to assume that they had made sophisticated drills only, which are similar to that of modern day drills? What about flying machines? What about Satellites? And what about Computers? Therefore, further analysing all these will give us an insight into other technologies that they must have secretly possessed. Following link will give us some clues for this claim as well,

Therefore, a person who deeply analyse this complicated history will be able to understand that Egyptian Empire has been secretly ruling the Earth for such a long period of time and even today they are invisibly ruling the Earth and directing the future of human beings according to their plans. This is why the events that we see in Bible and Torah are astonishingly coming true again and again.

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A Plot to Control History?

Earlier I have claimed that an ancient Empire (their families) are living among us by holding an advanced technology without this being leaked to people around the world. People around the world have been claiming for such a long time that suppression to archeological findings are taking place. People have observed this strange phenomenon beyond any coincidence. Following documentary shows a classic example of a suppression,

According to the Above Documentary:

1). George Carter was fired for trying to prove that man was in the western hemisphere 50000 years ago.
2). Virginia Steen couldn’t work on her article cause of a sudden disappearance of a manuscript.
3). Marshall Payn couldn’t get a permit to excavate the site for two specific reasons which later this turned out to be not true.
4). Neil Planned to visit Mexico to inquire about this, however, suddenly one of his colleagues and a friend died two days before he arriving Mexico delaying his trip. Then finally after going to Mexico what Neil heard was “If you had been here few weeks ago, we could have done the interview but now I’m prohibited from doing so.”
5). In another occasion, interview had to cancel cause the person that Neil was about to meet has traveled to another state. However, he managed to communicate over phone and emails and what he found out was that all the permits had given. Which means, there’s no involvement of this organisation to suppress or had intensions of delaying their work.
6). Overall what Neil experienced from his Mexican trip was, four people agreed, one person died, three people were stonewalled one way or another. Giving a clue for an involvement of a third party but that was invisible. 
7). Neil has faced a threatening phone call too from an unknown person. 
8). They finally got the permit a year after this incident but then again the site has been occupied by people and they have landscaped, built walls, fences and planted trees in the excavation area, therefore, they failed to continue their work.   
9). From their experience Marshall Payn also claim that the Mexicans had nothing to do with the suppression. Further he claims, “Somebody didn’t want that dig, dug”.

The abnormal deaths that Neil faced looks so natural and non of the deaths were caused by someone bringing a gun and destroying these lives. Since, overall, we observed their work has been interrupted beyond any coincidence, sudden deaths must attribute to an invisible weapon, cause there are no evidence for a visible weapon such as a gun being used to destroy their lives. We saw similar strange deaths in the past too. For example, president Franklin D. Roosevelt died 7 days after promising Saudi’s that he will not make any policy changes, after this event he mysteriously died cause of a cerebral haemorrhage and we saw similar deaths in biblical times too where God punishing people with Tumours. We also find many claims from people around the world that whenever they were about to reveal certain important evidence of our history, they suddenly go through abnormal issues such as peer problems, sudden issues in fundings, losing jobs or certain abnormal deaths too. In Neil’s case, these strange deaths occurred in different countries and no visible weapon has been used. Then we also observe that these kind of strange deaths are happening around the world for the people who are trying to bring the truth, therefore, this invisible weapon must be able to target any person in any country, giving us a clue to a space based global satellite grid. It’s evident that Neii being tracked by an unknown party, they knew exactly when and where Neil was. However, Neil has not experience a person following him to know where he was, therefore, this must be an invisible tracking. Further, the person that Neil was planning to meet had a sudden thought to go to another city, when he was about to meet him. This gives us a clue that not only Neil is being tracked, they understood the thoughts of Neil. This will give us a clue for the cause of the sudden thoughts that the other party had when Neil was about to meet. Meaning the same technology must have been used to induce thoughts to him and making him to visit another city while Neil was planning to visit him.

A Global Conspiracy Behind Suppression or a Unique Race?

Since these cases are being reported world wide, then we must observe that people around the world are working on a conspiracy. However, we don’t see this either. Meaning, people who oppose such views are absolutely right and there’s no such a global conspiracy. However, since we have undeniable evidence for suppression as you can see in the above case, this must attribute to a unique race that doesn’t like people around the world understanding the truth and this will be another clue to understand claims made by this article. And since these people are not in every country and in certain positions to disrupt work, then they must disrupt work in an invisible manner, so no one can understand this strange phenomenon of suppression. Only way to achieve such a thing would be by using a sophisticated technology, where it could target any person at any given time, which means a global satellite grid.

"Do we find the US president has an interesting in suppressing archeological findings? Do we find UK government having interesting in hiding archeological findings? Or in the above documentary did we find Mexican government to suppress or disrupt their work? No, Marshall Payn clearly said that had nothing to do with the suppression, an invisible third party has been behind this suppression. Therefore, this will be another important clue to understand that a group of people or a hidden empire has interests in hiding our true history to continue their rule on Earth by keeping us in the darkness and their sophisticated technology is capturing every moment of our life."

How This Hidden Technology Has Been Used To Give Us Mental Illnesses:

Few years back I went through a strange conflict with a friend and then for sometimes I faced some strange experiences, which puzzled me. Though initially I thought that my friends are directly involve in everything happening in my life and have a knowledge of it, later I managed to understand that it was simply a misunderstanding. In the beginning of the conflict I observed that almost all my friends on Facebook making comments directly relating to my conflict and then later commenting on my daily activities just like they knew everything that is happening in my life but whenever I speak to them they always denied any knowledge of my experience or whatsoever. Following are the observations made by me for my misunderstandings,

1). Friends who never made posts on Facebook suddenly started making posts and these posts were directly relating to my conflict. My close friends did the same.

2). Later stage I started observing not only things related to this incident, they made posts relating to all my daily activities, regardless of whatever I do. Sometimes I see these comments so many times throughout the day and this went on for months and months without stopping. This was a far beyond any coincidental event.

3). These posts are the first thing that I happened to see whenever I login to Facebook. Again, this strange thing went far beyond any coincidental event.

Noticing Events Beyond Coincidence, Clues for a Hidden Technology:

1). My experience would be something like this, for example think of this way, after a long time you are thinking of going to the Gym and then next day 10 in the morning just before you going to the Gym, you login to the Facebook and you see another friend of yours has made a post saying, “Haha, I’m going to the Gym after a long time!! “ a strange coincidence then again after you coming from the Gym you are thinking of meeting some friends around 1 in the afternoon. Strangely on your way, you happened to login to the Facebook and again the first thing that you happen to see is that another friend of yours going to meet some friends and he has made a comment saying “I’m going to meet my friends :) ”. Now this is pretty odd, this is not the end of the story, things that are related to the conversations that you had with your friends, you started seeing in Facebook and then later in that night just before you going to sleep you happened to login to the Facebook and again you see a post saying “It’s a tiring day, going to sleep folks”. Though this is just an example, I observed these kind of statuses every day for months and months. Since everything started happening just after a conflict I had with a friend, I always suspected the involvement of certain friends for my experiences.
2). When I finally decided to meet some close friends to talk about it, I started facing physical harassments. Harassments with unbearable loud tones in head or in other words an extreme form of Tinnitus. This strange case happened to me just before the day I was about to meet my friends. During this period I also observed that my thoughts are also being decoded (I noticed this almost after two years), therefore I suspected NSA's involvement due to the rumours of NSA’s surveillance capabilities. However, as you can see above, later I managed to understand a different truth for this hidden technology and NSA should not posses this technology, rather there are evidence for these families living in Switzerland.

3). At this stage I faced more strange incidences such as power cuts whenever I tried to search the Internet for mind control technologies. If I try to go online at 9 in the morning to research on this, within few minutes or prior to this there will be a sudden power cut. Even if I try to go online at random times I still observe power cuts. When I call the relevant authorities to find out the reason, these authorities are claiming of having some damages to the transformers in the area. This was puzzling to me and I had no explanation whatsoever for this strange phenomenon, however, this was not a coincidence either, since, I tested going online at random times.

4). During this same period I also started seeing strange dreams where those dreams had a meaning of a future event. For example, I see a dream of meeting a particular friend and next day this friend calls me to surprise me. This is not the only strange thing that I happened to face, on one occasion when I started singing a song in my mind, I couldn't forget this song no matter what I do. A clip of the song kept on playing again and again as a thought.

5). On another occasion a day before Typhoon Yolanda hitting Philippines, I saw a storm in my dream and I was amazed to see it in TV in the very next day, a type of dream which I have never seen before.

A Sudden Realisation:

Thereafter, I faced this repetition of songs in my head many times and due to this, a sudden realisation came to me for the actual cause of Facebook posts. I understood that the unforgettable song is a thought that comes to me, which helped me to understand the possible cause of these posts of friends could also be due to the thoughts that come to these friends, thus giving a hint for a technology behind all these cases. Another reason for this assumption would be that, during this time I also observed that my thoughts are being decoded in real-time throughout the day. This also helped me to understand that the strange dreams are nothing more than dream manipulation by using this technology. I also faced abnormal high number of cases where people in live TV shows and radio stations commenting on things that are related to my thoughts, however, later I understood that the cause of these cases are also due to this technology. This technology capable of inducing thoughts to people and make them to speak about certain topics which will correlate to a victims thoughts making him or her to believe that people are aware of their personal thoughts.

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How Technology Operating to Deceive People:

How this works would be, for example, if I want to meet a friend, they find the right friend in my contact list and induce thoughts to this friend to meet a friend that is known to him and then induce another thought to make a Facebook post saying “I’m going to meet friends :)” or another example would be that I'm going to the Gym after a long time, so suddenly I see a post saying “Feeling good at the gym”. According to my online research, people who experience this, will face these kind of strange experiences everyday making them to believe that others are aware of their daily activities or their private thoughts. Highly complex software’s or AI’s (artificial intelligence) are being written to handle all these cases without any human intervention. Any person could become a victim for this technology when certain conditions are met.

A Global Satellite Grid:

I also faced these abnormal activities regardless of the country I traveled, even inside flights. Therefore, this helped me to understand the existence of a global satellite grid capable of tracking a person regardless of the location.

Thought Broadcast Delusion:

After going through all these cases, I started suspecting that there could be other victims of this technology and started researching online to find people with similar experiences, here, I started seeing cases such as thought broadcast delusion and further studying these cases helped me to understand how the technology is working on these victims to create these delusions. Following are few case studies.

Case Study A:
"for me, thought broadcasting is a psychic phenomena. it usually happens every day and can sometimes get so intense that i am continually thinking something and then someone immediately says exactly what i was thinking."

Case Study B:

"In my experience it is very real. People telepath me continuously as a running commentary to what I'm doing and what I'm thinking. It's difficult to even talk to people when this secondary communication going on. I mean I don't consider myself telepathic but I consider the others to be. They won't ever confirm they can read my thoughts but the telepath me. It's almost like they are fully aware of what I'm sensing and I just can't sort it out. The voices just won't stop its so annoying, it's like they are reminding me that I thought broadcast, a topic I can find little information about. It's like I've always been a thought broadcaster and when I started to believe in telepathy they decided to show me that I was being read and now they won't stop.” - Note that very recently this page has been removed from the site. However, this is a good example to understand this strange phenomenon.

How it Works:

Assume you and your mother go to a cafe in London. While you both having a coffee, you see a couple that is in front of you talking to each other. Now at this very moment you started thinking about an incident that you happened to face with your neighbour recently and started thinking of how bad the incident went, then, at the same time this couple who is sitting next to you started talking about a bad experience that they happened to face with one of their neighbours. This will not be a hallucination or individual experience cause you and your mother would hear the conversation of the couple. You only had thoughts regarding your neighbour but now you suddenly see some people in front of you are actually talking about their neighbours.

Events Beyond Coincidence:

Well this is just the starting, now thereafter assume you both go to a shop to buy something and you happened to stand inside the shop while your mother is shopping. While you standing, you started thinking of going to Liverpool and you also see a person standing in front of you. Now strangely at this moment this person who is staying in front of you making a phone call to someone and starts talking something related to Liverpool and his conversation is so much similar to the thoughts that you just had. Similarly that day while you both are travelling, no matter where you go, whatever the topic that you start thinking or the thought that you had, on certain occasions, you observe that people start talking about things that are similar to your thoughts, making you to believe that in someway they understand your thoughts and you also notice that they even respond to your thoughts in a weird way. At times, they make certain gestures, they smile at you, lough at you thus confirming your assumption. After this very day you will start facing these kind of experiences almost every day wherever you go, you could be in streets, shops, in your office or in any other place, you will notice that people seem to know your thoughts, therefore, now you have so much convincing evidence for believing this and you will also notice that people knows your private life too beyond any doubt since these conversations that you hear from people around you have a meaning to your life, past events or your current work or thoughts that they should not know. Therefore, your mind will quickly start noticing this abnormal phenomenon and since this happens to you every day, you will start believing that your thoughts are being broadcast in someway. Therefore, if someone argues with you saying that there’s no such a phenomenon called thought broadcasting, you will simply fight against it, cause this is the true experience that you are having. However, due to the nature of how these cases are happening, others would not understand what you are claiming and you will not find an easy way to make them understand you either. You will also notice that people in live TV programs or radio programs are simply responding to your thoughts. However, if you do a careful analysis of this by finding a way to talk to these people directly (with a trust), you would understand that these people are actually not aware of your thoughts or your private life, they simply talk about these things cause of their own thoughts that come to them. Having said that, understanding this would be pretty hard without critically analysing every aspect of such a incidence.

If someone takes this as a coincidence, then the next question would be, how come one person experience these abnormal coincidences every day for months and months thus creating a false belief? On the other hand if these are abnormal incidences only, then the next question would be, how come people start hearing voices after these abnormal incidences? Therefore, a person who critically analyse all these cases will understand that neither voice hearing nor thought broad delusion has something to do with our brain. On top of this, thought broadcast delusion is a recent illness. Humans never had thought broadcast delusion prior to 17th century. This will be another important clue to understand the truth behind all these cases. One who talk to a person who has thought broadcast delusion, he or she will understand that just like every other person they have normal conversations, they could even argue with you on topics that are known to them critically and some of them are highly intelligent people. However, still they make this weird claim. Therefore, a good researcher will understand that the reason for this delusion is due to their personal experience only and this is not a mental illness at all. These are victims of a hidden technology, a technology that is far more superior than we can possibly imagine.

Targeted Individuals:

Targeted individuals are a group of people who has been harassed by this hidden technology. Though medical community take these cases as delusional experiences, they failed to understand the truth behind these cases too, they failed to identify that these people are victims of a hidden technology and they are being tortured in front of our own eyes. A person who does a critical analyses on these cases, will find similarities to people who are with thought broadcast delusion and some are harassed by inducing voices, tones and other physical harassments.

A Typical Scenario:

A person might face this harassment after going through a conflict with another person or a party. For example, assume you had a conflict with your neighbour and then thereafter you started noticing abnormal activities in your surroundings. You started experiencing more and more people are being hostile to you. When you go for shopping you might start seeing people who are wearing particular coloured clothes in the shop all the time or they would come just after you visiting the shop.

Events Beyond Coincidence:

1). For example, you will see people with red coloured clothes coming to the shop whenever you started shopping.

2). Even though these are different people, you will start noticing these people are showing a similar gesture thus making you to believe that they work in a coordinated manner.

3). Further, they sometimes make phone calls to people or talk with people around them which has a meaning to your personal life or your thoughts. They would talk about things that are so personal to you, which they should not know. Giving you an impression that these people are somehow able to find information about you or know who you are. This will make you to believe that they are stalking you.

4). Now suddenly you see Red or White coloured vehicles parking in front of your house without a reason and you see all these cases going for months and months, making you to believe that a gang is spying on you and harassing you.

5). You also experience actual physical harassments such as tones in your head, voices (v2k), sudden headaches, seeing abnormal dreams, sudden loss of friends, pains in the body, tooth aches are to name a few. Sometimes, you would also face certain attacks whenever certain vehicles are passing you on the road.

This is a typical experience of a person who goes through this invisible harassment. Though the physical harassments are true, a victim’s explanation of Gang-stalking phenomenon gives a wrong picture to people who are willing to support them. Therefore, everyone including doctors disregard their claims making victims to believe that even doctors, law enforcement agencies are working together with these stalkers to keep these harassments going. Though a victim of this harassment thinks that others are spying on them, this is from the victim’s perspective only. The people who interact with a victim are not aware of anything. These are just random people. However, when a victim face these abnormal cases beyond any coincidence, for example, every day whenever the victim starts shopping no matter what time it is, a person wearing a red coloured shirt coming to the shop and giving weird gestures and then sometimes some people make phone calls and talk about things related to victim’s personal life. Since this go far beyond any coincidental event, it creates a belief in them by noticing this strange phenomenon. Another reason to believe in these stalkers is that victims get abnormal attacks or harassment while these abnormal cases are happening. However, people around these victims or the random people who are interacting with victims have no idea whatsoever about any of these. Therefore, if a law enforcement agency tries to question from these random people, they would not find any evidence for such stalking. This is why no one has ever managed to find these so called Gang-stalkers. Abnormal high number of strange cases (or high number of coincidences) are the cause of it. Sometimes, when a victim travel to other cities or even countries these victims still face the same issue, therefore, a victim start believing in a worldwide gang stalking group or victims could believe in such global groups due to the claims made by people around the world. However, a researcher would understand that this is a personal experience only, such a belief arise due to manipulation of the environment of a victim using a highly sophisticated technology that is capable of reading minds and inducing thoughts. In other words, by creating a high number of abnormal coincidences, which correlates with thoughts of a victim, such a false belief would arise, since when the victim tries to analyse these incidences they would come to false conclusions. Doctors are taking this as a delusion because of their poor understanding for the cause of this. People have been claiming these strange experiences for decades now, victims see these stalkers in front of their own houses, in the places where they shop almost every day, however, no one has ever managed to find these worldwide stalkers, the reason is it’s a person experience only according to their perspective by analysing abnormal coincidences. Further, no one will ever be able to find such a worldwide gang-stalking group, such a group doesn’t exist. These abnormal cases such as people wearing particular coloured clothes or parking vehicles in front of victims houses or strange gestures are all controlled by inducing thoughts to people by targeting victims. This is due to a hidden sophisticated technology only and these cases are being handled by AI’s(artificial intelligence). Just imagine, you face an issue with a neighbour and then after a months time, you see different vehicles park in front of your house (which means they have thoughts to park in front of your house without they even knowing) without a cause and then so many other strange things start happening to you for months and months. What would be the cause of this? How do you analyse this incident and what would be your conclusion? Following is an experience of a victim,

More links to understand the victims:

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Finding Evidence For a Hidden Technology Behind Voice Hearing Phenomenon:

By analysing all these cases, thereafter, I started assuming that voice hearing could also be due to this technology since some of these victims starts hearing voices after going through these abnormal coincidences. Therefore, I started assuming that if voice hearing is truly due to this technology then there must be evidence of voices showing abnormal powers or abilities. I also assumed, if it’s due to a chemical imbalance then there shouldn't be well-structured, grammatically correct sentences which has a meaning, cause hearing any kind of words will produce unique brain waves for us to perceive these unique words. Hearing a sentence means, word by word these unique electrical patterns should arise in the Auditory Cortex for us to perceive the sentence. However, after analysing the characteristics of voices, I started observing that a chemical imbalance cannot be the cause of such a hearing, since, people hearing grammatically correct sentences, which means unique electrical patterns or patterns representing words, arising in the brain one after another for us to perceive these unique grammatically correct sentences. People are not consciously thinking for such a brain wave to arise in the brain, therefore, there must be some other intelligent force creating these electrical activities in human brains. Further following are experiences of people where voices are showing abnormal abilities.

Further Abnormal Coincidences or Can We Find Another Explanation?

Case Study A:

“I am now happy to say that I still do hear voices, yes… and we get along great (and will forever continue to do so). My voices really helped me to become a better, stronger person, and sometimes they still do the devil voice when they are in a joking mood. Actually, they can do any voice they want (man, woman, child, God, devil, British guy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Mexican, someone I know, etc.). It’s a skill they have that I’ve learned to appreciate, and I find incredibly entertaining.”

Auditory Cortex itself cannot generate these electrical activities and these electrical signals are not coming through Auditory nerves, therefore, if scientists are thinking that Auditory cortex are getting these signals from some other areas such as Broca’s area (A brain region involve in language production), just like when we have our internal speeches, then the next question would be how come these signals able to generate electrical patterns imitating voices of other people? This person clearly doesn't have a capability to do so, it’s a capability of these voices only. If brain doesn’t hold this information, then brain will not be able to stimulate the Auditory Cortex for our mind to perceive these different voices. Further, our internal voices (or our normal voices) are unique to us and there are so many elements that defines our voice, such as frequency, pitch etc.. even with practice, it’s pretty hard to imitate other peoples voices, such a high number of voices with such accuracy. Since this person’s brain doesn’t hold this information it would be impossible for this phenomenon to take place, even by practicing, a normal person would not be able to think and make him or her hear voices in this abnormal manner.

Other Abnormal Voice Hearing Cases:

Case Study B:

"they have also known things about to happen in the IMMEDIATE future… things already decided, that I am about to find out (literally just minutes before i find out); for example – they have told me of a phone call from so and so… just before it happened. they can see things nearby… that I have not yet seen, but will any minute …. eerie stuff… they have tried to use this to give the impression they can make these things happen, Oh… and they can also sense when i am about to get an SMS on my phone…. they try and claim responsibility for making the person send it"

One must question this strange phenomenon of hearing words related to future activities. In the above case, voices knew the name of the person too. Is it a coincidence? Voices are claiming that they can make things happen. Can these voices induce thoughts to a person to send an SMS or call another person? Inducing thoughts is something we saw in thought broadcast delusion. Here, voices also claim that they can make things happen. Which means, voices can make people to think on something and do some unique activity.

“My voice gathers information from around the globe and gives me heads up months in advance for important events. Sometimes, it can be wrong in its deductions, but most of the time, my voice is right in its look-ahead exercises. I think my voice is telepathic across the collective voice. Family members, my husband, does not hear voices, he says, but they gave him schizo pills, cause he has a bit of paranoia. He saw the Japanese tsunami of 2011 in his dream, 5 months in advance. He reassured me that we were not in it. Thank God, it was true. I usually see the earthquakes and volcano eruptions."

Voices are capable of showing the future and giving updates on what’s happening in the world. Every word or sentences will show unique electrical patterns in the brain, how could these electrical patterns arise in the brain helping a voice hearer to perceive worldwide events? Our mind must be aware of these events to generate these electrical patterns. If we are not aware of such events, how come our brain produces these electrical activities for us to perceive hearing these unique events around the world? Therefore, one should understand that these voices have nothing to do with our brain. Having said that, can these voices be the cause of Earthquakes, Tsunami’s and volcanic eruptions?

These are just few abnormal cases, any researcher will be able to find a huge number of cases as such by doing a proper research. By reading the very first article that I published one could find more strange cases such as above.

At this stage I started assuming that there must be a whole lot of mental illnesses due to this hidden technology. With this assumption, I started researching into other mental illnesses and there I came across with illnesses such as bi-polar disorder, borderline disorder, dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder) etc… One unique symptom that I started noticing is that in most of these illness’s, voice hearing is a common thing. This gave a clue to that these cases must also be due to this hidden technology. With this assumption I started analysing the history of dissociative identity disorder to see if I can find any evidence for a technology involvement.

Multiple Personality Disorder:

The definition of the illness:

"Previously known as multiple personality disorder or dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a condition in which a person has more than one distinct identity or personality state. At least two of these personalities repeatedly assert themselves to control the affected person's behavior. Each personality state has a distinct name, past, identity, and self-image.”

Are They Faking?

Though still so many people are judging the existence of this strange human behaviour and assuming that these people could be faking, there are more than enough evidence to show that these people are not actually faking this. They have strange electrical activities in their brains whenever they switch personalities and this is not all. According following article,

"practitioners claim that alters can be identified by objective characteristics, including distinct handwriting, voice patterns, eyeglass prescriptions and allergies. Proponents of the idea of multiple personalities have also performed controlled studies of biological differences among alters, revealing that they may differ in respiration rate, brain-wave patterns and skin conductance, the last being an accepted measure of arousal."

The Causes:

An innate ability to dissociate easily
Repeated episodes of severe physical or sexual abuse in childhood
Lack of a supportive or comforting person to counteract abusive relative(s)
Influence of other relatives with dissociative symptoms or disorders

In some cases one could observe that there are over 200 plus personalities in 20th century, however, prior to 17th century we could observe only a double consciousness in MPD cases. In almost all cases scientist tend to believe that child abuse or trauma are the cause of MPD or dissociation, however, we must ask this question from ourselves, whether horrific child abuses or traumatic events never took place in the history? By referring to Bible we could understand the massive wars we had way back in the past. Therefore, people and children must have gone through horrific traumatic events because of these bloody wars that we had throughout the history. People and children must have suffered in the most horrific way without having proper medication and surgeries. Therefore, why we don’t observe at least 5, 6 personalities in people prior to 17th century or even in ancient times? Therefore, a logical thinker will simply reject this explanation made by the scientists. It’s impossible for mind to split in such a way or the brain to create fragmented memories to show a huge number of unique different personalities in human beings. This has never happened in ancient times and it has no logic in it. A logical thinker will understand that there must be an alternate answer for this and have an open mind to seek for the truth. As per the following article, death was at the centre of life in middle ages, therefore, why we failed to observe a high number of different personalities just like what we observe today?

"Death was at the centre of life in the Middle Ages in a way that might seem shocking to us today. With high rates of infant mortality, disease, famine, the constant presence of war, and the inability of medicine to deal with common injuries, death was a brutal part of most people’s everyday experience” -

The First Double Consciousness or An Altered Mind State Showing Attributes of A Human (Mind) Personality Appeared in 1649:

First human like double consciousness or two different mind states, both showing human like attributes appeared in 1649 according to certain records, prior to this, demonic possessions, spirits were showing a double consciousness, a mental state of a normal human being(when they have their normal life) and a mental state showing attributes of a conceptual being that we call as demons(when they possessed). Careful observation and analysis will give us an insight into understanding the difference between human like double consciousness that we see in MPD(multiple personality disorder) cases and double consciousness that we see in spirits and demons. The question is, why we suddenly started seeing a person showing two completely different personalities and both personalities showing attributes of a human mind(not like the conceptual demonic personality or mind) in the 16th century? On top of this, people Never Observed a phenomenon called switching personalities prior to 16th century.

“Though we see double conscious cases or sometimes 200+ consciousness's in people with MPD, the true consciousness has always been in an unconsciousness mind state and satellite based non-invasive brain stimulation is the cause of these strange human behaviours, these different personalities are only due to different artificial personalities taking control of our body thus giving us a false idea that a fragmented personality is taking control of our body or concepts such as dissociation to avoid experiencing painful experiences. Further, experiences of these alters will be recorded in highly sophisticated computers only. Humans have managed to replace human consciousness with an artificial consciousness and use satellites to stimulate our brain and control human body by putting human consciousness into an unconscious state of mind. Therefore, true person is stuck in a human body whilst the stimulation is taking place or while an alter is under the control of human body. This is why we see symptoms of dissociation and traumatic events are not the cause of this"

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What Can We Observe In Multiple Personality Disorder (or DID):

1). Today we see that this altered state of mind reflect a personality of a human being, this could be a child, male or female or any gender (some cases we see animal personalities too) with a set of unique characteristics or abilities. However, this was not there in the past prior to 16th century, where an altered personality showing complex human like attributes that is also able to switch or suddenly change to a totally different personality and then living a life with this new personality for such a long period of time in this altered state of mind. Though in the bible we could see cases such as below, this is not the multiple personality that we see today and understanding the difference between these two is crucial to understand the truth of this technological crime.

1 Samuel 19:24:

"Saul had followed the messengers to Naioth. ‘And he also stripped off his clothes and he also prophesied before Samuel, and lay down naked all that day and all that night …"

What we observe today is an advanced condition with complex human like behaviours, switching back and forth between personalities and stay a long period of time (months and years) once they switch a personality, this is not what we can observe prior to 16th century. When we carefully analyse the history prior to 16th century or ancient times, what we can observe is that, demonic possessions, spirits, sleepwalking (somnambulism), witchcraft, exorcism etc., are showing an altered state of mind, however, this is quite different to today's multiple personality disorder (of DID). If we think in terms of dissociation, today’s dissociation that we see is highly complex than to ancient times. We can consider these cases as double conscious cases, however, the first human like double consciousness appeared in 1649, which was mentioned by Paracelsus. Though demonic possessions and MPD cases, showing an altered state of mind there’s a huge difference between these two altered mind states.

What Can We Find by Analysing These Two Cases?

A Case Study:

"A 14 years old girl presented at our institute with complaint of ‘behaving like a male’ for past 2 weeks. She was identifying herself as Mr. S. and dressed herself like a male. She was not recognizing her neighbours, relatives, teachers anymore and her belongings as well. She was not able to recount her personal information too. Her mother also reported a significant and contrasting change in her behaviour, like she had become stubborn, confident, outgoing and demanding during this period in contrast to her earlier behaviour. She developed interest in drawing and painting, would demand different types of fast food items, dresses, and articles in the altered state. Her mother fearing worsening of her illness readily fulfilled these demands. Patient had stopped going to school and would stay at home all day long"

“The truth is, this altered behaviour is due to a non-invasive brain stimulation through satellites, a secret technology that we never knew. This girl's true mind is in an unconscious mind state”

Let’s try to understand the characteristics of this altered personality, who is known as Mr. S,

1). A male personality
2). Stubborn
3). Confident
4). Outgoing
5). Demanding

These are just few attributes that define the personality of Mr. S. Now if we try to understand the attributes that define personalities of human beings, we see complex attributes, which we cannot find in demonic possessions. Let's list down some of the other personality traits that we can observe in human beings that define us. Following is a good list of personality traits that we can find in MIT site,

1). Courages
2). Cultured
3). Disciplined
4). Fun-Loving
5). Hard working
6). Leaderly
7). Organized
8). Passionate
9). Patient
10). Realistic
11). Sociable
12). Familia
13). Mannered
14). Money-minded

Today we could find personalities that reflect these complex human behaviours in (MPD) alters. However, following are some of the observations made by me,

1). In ancient times, we have never seen an altered state of mind or an additional personality in a person, where the behaviour of this new personality showing human like characteristics or attributes that are similar to the above list.

2). In ancient times, we have never seen cases where people without a control switching personalities back and forth such as in MPD cases and showing two different mind states with human like characteristics. A conceptual demon could posses a person again and again, however, here we are referring to a human like mind state or characteristics only, which is totally different compare to a conceptual demon. This conceptual demon’s personality is totally different to a normal human personality, therefore, what we see today is a totally different type of dissociation.

3). Since we haven’t seen an altered state of mind with a human like personality, people never claim that voices are having discussions in their heads and then sometimes they take control of their body.

“Which means, our mind has never split or fragmented in ancient times in the way some scientists are thinking of MPD (DID) cases, as you can see these are some of the primary symptoms of identifying MPD cases, however we have never seen these symptoms in ancient times or in other words, we have never seen people changing their personalities or any kind of back and forth switching in this way and living a long period of time with a new personality."

An Evolution - From a Mind State Showing Attributes of a Conceptual Demonic Personality to a Human Personality.

Therefore, what we see here is an evolution, an evolution from a simple personality, such as a demonic personality, to a complex personality such as a personality of a human being, which is capable of changing or switching and then living with that altered state of mind by showing human like characteristics or attributes for a long period of time. The attributes, which define these two mind states are totally different. When we analyse the mind state of a MPD case today, we can observe complex characteristics or attributes that is similar to a mind state of a human being, however, these complex attributes are not visible in a demonic mind state. In other words we could say that while a conceptual demonic mind state showing primitive behaviours, an altered personality in MPD cases are capable of showing complex behaviours. Therefore, the double consciousness that we saw in ancient times, started changing in a much more sophisticated way and started showing different complex attributes somewhere during the period of 12th to 17th century. This is why we take Paracelsus case as the first MPD(DID) case as it was showing characteristics of a human like mind state. Therefore, one must understand that this is a evolution of a software only. In the very start, an AI (artificial intelligence) being developed to replace human consciousness that is also capable of stimulating our brains to show some primitive behaviours by controlling our body, this is what demonic possession is and then later stages they have achieved such an advancement where they were able to show complex human behaviours by stimulating human brains. These AI’s (artificial intelligent) are being programmed to put human mind into an unconscious state of mind and to use our body to reflect the artificial personality or mapped personality. AI does a real-time scanning of the victim’s brain to decode (this is including the electrical activities which arise through our 5 senses) the electrical activities of the brain and use this information to interact with the environment. Just like a driverless car, a car, instead of a conscious human being making decisions, a software use it's sensors to make decisions and to manoeuvre the car. Similarly, in MPD cases or demonic possessions, human mind has been replaced by a sophisticated software (an artificial personality) and it stimulate our brain (through satellites) to manoeuvre our body, to reflect it’s personality through us and to interact with the environment while the mind of the real person still living in an unconscious state of mind in the body. This is an unimaginably advanced technology, hard to comprehend for a normal person since we are not exposed to such advanced technologies. Having said that one would understand this with lots of research into this area. All the memories with regard to these altered personalities are stored in sophisticated computers only. This is why the main personality or the victim showing gaps in their memory. Since they have never consciously observed the world or interacted. We can see this missing times in alien abduction cases too. Cause they go under the same process when they get abducted. Abduction cases are real. They are not faking.

“When our technology becomes more and more advanced, we should be able to find sophisticated ways of scanning our brains and also we should be able to find sophisticated methods to stimulate our brains. Such scanners could be used to understand every electrical activity of our brains, which can be used to decode a personality of a human being. This decoded personality could be mapped to another person by putting the victim to an unconscious state of mind and then stimulating the victims brain with sophisticated brain stimulation methods. This way, we will be able to map any number of personalities to a person”

Evidence for this claim could be found here. Due to our ignorance only we think of an abnormal splitting of our mind.

" While admitting that the number of identities might range from two to more than 100, the manual noted that half of all cases involve individuals with 10 or fewer alternate identities. Yet, reports of patients with hundreds of separate alter personalities became routine. For example, Dr. Richard P. Kluft, a psychiatrist specializing in the treatment of MPD at the University of Pennsylvania, reported in a 1988 paper that one of his patients had over 4000 “alters”. -

The question is, why we didn’t see such cases or at least 10 alters in ancient times while today in some cases we see 4000 alters? Humans will have to start thinking out of the box to understand this crime. Human beings are suffering due to this hidden technology but sadly we are neglecting to at least see the possibility of such a technology behind these cases.

Demons are Nothing More Than Artificial Personalities Being Mapped to Human Beings:

Throughout the history we have been talking about demonic possessions, however, according this research, I understood that these cases are nothing more than a software personality (an AI) taking control of our body. A demonic personality, an AI has been developed to show a simple personality compare to an artificial human like personality that we see in MPD cases, which reflect human characteristics or complex human behaviours. In both cases, a demonic or MPD cases, our true mind is in a dream or a trance like mind state, depend on the assigned artificial personality (demonic or human) a continuous real-time brain stimulation will take place to reflect the particular personality type through a human body and at the same time it keeps on decoding all the electrical activities of our brain which will be used by the AI to interact with the environment.

Is It Possible For Such A Conceptual Demon To Control Our Body?

Following is a good example of how much complex decisions are taking place when we reaching out to do a simple task such as picking up a glass of water,

"Almost all of behavior involves motor function, from talking to gesturing to walking. But even a simple movement like reaching out to pick up a glass of water can be a complex motor task to study. Not only does your brain have to figure out which muscles to contract and in which order to steer your hand to the glass, it also has to estimate the force needed to pick up the glass. Other factors, like how much water is in the glass and what material the glass is made from, also influence the brains calculations. Not surprisingly, there are many anatomical regions which are involved in motor function."

If such a conceptual demon try to move our limbs, this conceptual demon must understand which precise areas of our brain to stimulate so it will send signals to our limbs and other relevant areas to do a precise movement and here if we do a quantitative EEG testing we will also find precise electrical properties such as frequencies, amplitudes, voltages etc.. in these brain stimulations done by these conceptual demons. The conceptual demon must understand the Somatotopic (a point-to-point connection to different body areas or regions) arrangement of the motor cortex, for it to achieve the desired movement of the possessed body. One could also understand what kind of complex processes are taking place when we speak by following the below link. A conceptual demon must go through the same process to control our speech.

"Speech production is one of the most complex and rapid motor behaviors and involves a precise coordination of over 100 laryngeal, orofacial and respiratory muscles. Yet, we lack a complete understanding of laryngeal motor cortical control during production of speech and other voluntary laryngeal behaviours”-

Therefore, our understanding of such a being taking control of our body are nothing more than a pure myth. Following is a story from the Bible, here we see a demonic being able to get out of a human body and then able to stimulate brains of pigs and making them to run,

"28 When he arrived at the other side in the region of the Gadarenes,[a] two demon-possessed men coming from the tombs met him. They were so violent that no one could pass that way. 29 “What do you want with us, Son of God?” they shouted. “Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?” 30 Some distance from them a large herd of pigs was feeding. 31 The demons begged Jesus, “If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs.” 32 He said to them, “Go!” So they came out and went into the pigs, and the whole herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and died in the water. 33 Those tending the pigs ran off, went into the town and reported all this, including what had happened to the demon-possessed men.” -

To make this happen, this so called demonic being must understand not only our brain structure and how our brain works, the brain structure of pigs too, it must know exactly which areas should be stimulated, it should know motor areas of the pigs and it should consciously stimulate right areas of pig’s brain for it to move the body of the pigs to it’s desired location. If such a conceptual being is able to consciously control or handle this highly sophisticated process and capable of stimulating brains of humans and animals, then we must consider this demon as a God, cause a normal being will never be able to achieve such a thing. If such a conceptual demon has ever managed to achieve such a thing, then it should show intelligence than what we observe today. Human intelligence is far more superior than to a conceptual demon. Due to this only we humans managed achieve the life that we are having today, which we cannot see in the animal world either. Therefore, our actual observation of it’s intelligence when such a possession taking place, contradicts with our understanding of it’s capabilities. However, this demon, never forget to surprise us by showing it’s abnormal knowledge such as who Jesus is or where your lost item could be found. These are nothing more than false understanding that we had for such a long time. The cause of all these abnormal cases is due to this hidden technology only. This technology has been evolving since a time where we had a golden age way back in the past and Egyptian Empire has managed to keep this secret without leaking to any other race around the world and today we see evidence for this technology to be operating from Switzerland in the most secretive way.

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Further Clues for This Evolution:

Some consider Paracelsus described the first case of MPD in 1646. Looking into the future from this year, this is what we can observe:

1). Since the 19th century the number of identities has gone from 2 or 3 to greater than 20, sometimes reaching 100.
2). There were 200 reported cases of DID as of 1980, and 20,000 from 1980 to 1990.
3). Joan Acocella reports that 40,000 cases were diagnosed from 1985 to 1995.
4). When MPD was first recognised convulsions was one of the major symptoms but now it is not. This will be another important point to understand the claims of this article. We have observed convulsions as a primary symptom in MPD(DID) cases in the past. We must question why these convulsions was there in the past and then for it’s sudden disappearance? This research helped me to understand that people happened to observe these convulsions due to their initial attempts in creating a human like personality or this induce mental state in MPD victims, however, overtime they have mastered this technology, therefore, in later stages people didn’t observe convulsions in MPD cases.


To understand what kind of convulsions a person would face due to an improper external stimulation of the brain, you may refer to the below link:

How Brain Structure Links to Individual Personality:

"Linking how brain structure is related to basic personality traits is a crucial step to improving our understanding of the link between the brain morphology and particular mood, cognitive, or behavioural disorders - Luca Passamonti” -

Observations from brain scans show clear evidence of how our brain structure affects our individual personality, which means it would be impossible to show totally different personalities such as 200 + personalities in some cases and then switch between these different personalities by having the same brain structure unless these people are faking it. We see distinct changes in the brain waves when an alter is taking control of the body, which means people are not faking these behaviours. Therefore, since the behaviour is true and since this behaviour arises suddenly by having the same brain structure, this cannot be a natural cause, since according to studies, there are different brain structures in different personalities. Which means, this must be an induced condition. Further, recent brain studies give us clues on how we could eradicate certain phobias in people by distroying certain neurons in the brain or by erasing certain memories. Which means these neurons define our personalities. If neural networks define our personality, how come it’s even possible to show a different personality by having the same neural networks? There can’t be a sudden abnormal creation and destruction of neurons when a personality changes. Therefore, it would be impossible to show this abnormal altered state of mind. Which means, current assumption of how MPD works clearly contradicts with new scientific findings of our brain and on top of this, claims such as child abuse or traumatic events to be the cause, are nothing more than pure myths.

“This hidden technology put our mind to an unconsciousness state of mind and have a total control of our body by using a global satellite grid. Except the main personality, all the other personalities are artificial personalities controlling our body. There will be certain triggers, which will do the automatic switching. Then what happens at the stage of integration is that they simply stop the brain stimulation and make people to believe that the reason is due to the agreement of all the alters. These are false beliefs only. It’s all about the way these artificial personalities are being programmed."

According to my observation, a person having MPD will go to a dream like (or unconsciousness) mind state when they switch their real personality to any other personality, therefore, MPD's are not consciously thinking and moving their body (main personality will not have a memory of taking any actions) or having any kind of perceptions such as auditory, visual, olfactory etc. Since their not consciously experiencing the world, they are not aware of their work once they switch their personality. Though other individual personalities or alters showing signs of a memory of their work or past experience, this information is stored in highly advanced computers only once an AI personality (Artificial Personality) takes the control of the body. Now to make sense of this behaviour, scientists and doctors are thinking that our mind is using some type of fragmented memories that is stored in our brain, however, as we explained earlier, this kind of a mind or brain splitting (a splitting showing a secondary human personality) or fragmented memories is something that we did not observe in ancient times. We started seeing a mind state showing human like attributes (a second personality) somewhere after 16th century only, if this indeed a natural cause, it would have taken millions of years to show such an abnormal phenomenon of our mind and this kind of a phenomenon should not occur overnight or within few centuries and then within a couple of centuries to show 4000 personalities will be simply impossible. Therefore, these abnormal phenomena’s are due to an advanced technology only, this sophisticated technology put our mind into a trance/dream like mind state and doing a complex real-time brain stimulation to various parts of our brain to show a human like personality through a human body, whilst decoding the electrical activities of our brain at the same time to make decisions or interact with the environment. As long as the altered personality controlling the victim, the victim lives in an unconscious state of mind. We see different personalities in these victims, due to mappings of different AI personalities only. This has nothing to do with traumatic events a person has ever faced or childhood abuses either.

Automatic Writing:

My further research to reach a deeper understandings of the affects of this hidden technology came across with another set of victims, these victims are the people who are believing in their abnormal powers such as automatic writing, spirit communication, clairaudience, clairvoyance and extra sensory perceptions etc..

One of the most extensively studied automatic writing case would be Chico Xavier’s case. Over a period of 60 years, Brazilian born Chico Xavier, wrote 450 books and a couple of thousand letters by a process known as Psychography or commonly known as automatic writing, an alleged psychic ability allowing people to write words without conscious thinking.

First thing we must understand when studying these cases should be to understand whether these people are carrying out a fraud by making false claims of their abnormal abilities or their experiences and by analysing the following research will help us to understand if they have been working on such a fraud.

Above academic research will help us to understand that there are no convincing evidence for such a fraud behind Chico Xavier’s claims. Having said that, up to very this day, all these researchers have taken communication with hypothetical beings such as spirits, demons etc..  as the only assumption for these experiences and they have never taken existence of an advanced technology as an assumption when judging these experiences. Therefore, we have failed to understand the cause of these experiences. Our current scientific findings clearly shows that brain stimulations could make people to perceive visions, sounds, voices or any other perception by using advanced technologies.

According certain records Chico Xavier started hearing voices and had visions by the age of 4, which means by the age of 4, he had abnormal electrical activities in his auditory cortex, visual cortex and other relevant areas of the brain from time to time which correspond to his abnormal perceptions such as voices and visions. For us to perceive hearing there must be precise electrical activities in our auditory cortex, which means, whenever these beings wants to talk to Chico Xavier, these beings were capable of doing a direct precise brain stimulation to his auditory cortex (other relevant areas of the brain) and made him to hear what they speak. At least this is the conclusion that we will have to end up in, if we believe the existence of such being capable of making us to perceive their voices and they have been doing this to him since his age was 4. Similarly these beings has being doing a precise stimulation to his visual cortex and other relevant areas of the brain for him to perceive visions. His following statement will be a proof for this,

"He often mentioned he could not contact a deceased person unless the spirit was willing to be contacted.”  -,Life%20triumph.pdf

This is according to the article published in Guardian,

"Xavier was born into a poor family of nine brothers and sisters, in the suburbs of Belo Horizonte. By the age of four, he was hearing voices and having visions. His family thought he was possessed by the devil, and the local priest ordered him to say a thousand Ave-Marias, and to pay an additional penance of walking with a 15kg stone on his head". -

Further, from the above statement, it’s clear that this was not a skill developed by Chico Xavier, neither he was born with such an ability, it was an ability of these hypothetical beings, if we believe that the cause of the abnormal electrical activities of our brain is due to these beings communicating or interacting with us. Then to amaze us, once, one of these beings managed to stimulate his left Motor Cortex and right Motor Cortex (and other relevant areas of the brain) at the same time and used his hands to write two pages at the same time.

"As if all this were not enough, he met the public frequently, passing on all manner of communications from the spirit world. They were dashed off in the usual manner, though he once wrote two pages at once, one with each hand.” -

This is an abnormal thinking ability of these alleged beings are having. These voices also claim that they have born as human beings prior they becoming spirits or being born into spirit world, however, once they born into spirit world, they get this abnormal thinking power and abnormal abilities such as stimulating human brains. Having said that, the question is, is it truly a work of these hypothetical beings as we have been thinking throughout our known history or is it due to a hidden technology on Earth? If it’s due to such beings, then why these beings managed to do a precise brain stimulation to his brain only? Why not other members of his family? Why not every other person? Why these beings had to stay till he reaches the age of 17 to do a precise brain stimulation to his motor cortex and used his hand to write notes?

"On July 8th of that year, Mrs Pera'cio heard a voice telling her to give Chico a pencil and some paper, and when she did so there followed a seventeen-page message of spiritual guidance on themes from the gospels, signed A Friendly Spirit'. At another session shortly afterwards, Mrs Pera'ao saw a vision of a man dressed in priest's robes and surrounded by a brilliant aura, who again told her to give Chico pencil and paper, upon which seventeen-year-old Chico wrote down detailed instructions for the treatment of his sister lately cured of apparent madness. The spirit introduced himself to Mrs Pera'ao as 'Emmanuel', saying he was Chico's spiritual friend, although it was only in 1931 that Chico himself was to become aware of the chief spirit guide who was to remain with him for the rest of his life." -

These beings has been communicating with Chico Xavier since childhood but before using his hand to do automatic writing, they had asked a person called Pera’cio to give a pen to Chico Xavier, which is a sign of a deception, a deception achieved by using a hidden technology rather an action of a friendly sprit as the spirit claimed. If friendly spirits has been communicating with Chico Xavier since the age of 4, why they haven’t shown their capability to stimulate his motor cortex and control his hand prior to this event which took place at the age of 17? Further, why these alleged beings used most of his life to write books and to communicate with some family members only? In a broader sense, looks like his life has been used to create a belief in human society. According to his experience we see evidence of deceased doctors, scientists and people with many other professions living in this alleged world, if they can communicate with human beings by stimulating our brains, why they haven’t given us some convincing evidence in a consistent manner for their existence and why their existence is such a conundrum to us? Do we find such conundrums when we deal with other human beings around the world? No, only with these alleged beings.

Though we see an advanced technology being used to build pyramids and then we see Pharaoh’s has done wall paintings showing primitive tools to fool us, we have never taken technology as a possible cause for these experiences. On top of this, we also see so many people from around the world claiming that there’s a suppression happening to our history. Therefore, how can one could simply reject technology as a possible cause and analyse these cases and come to conclusions? Therefore, we have been doing incomplete researchers and this is why we have never managed to understand the cause of this. Though we managed to achieve great things in all the other fields, when it comes to mental illnesses or experiences such as this, we humans have always made silly assumptions and conducted our researchers. If a person hear voices, we have a tendency to think of mental illnesses as the main possible cause, then we think of spirits, demons and Gods, we have never taken technology as an assumption and that is due to our false beliefs and our false understanding of our true past and that’s partly due to suppression of our true history by using this same technology.

Having said that, with this research it made it clear that there are no such beings out there who are capable of stimulating human brains as we have been thinking but an advanced technology has been used to stimulate human brains and made us to believe that these are works of spirits, demons or Gods. Due to our false beliefs, we are not using our common sense even to judge these cases, this is why we have been thinking that these alleged beings could wear perfumes even. How come such a being wear perfume if they don’t have a physical body? Following case is an example of such an experience and there are countless claims as such from around the world.

A spirit wearing a perfume and making phone calls:

Mr Jones, who runs his own scrap metal business, said: "Just after Sadie died I came home and I felt like I didn't want to go in the house. "I got a missed call on my mobile, but it didn't ring. The call was from my own home number, but there was nobody in the house. Then when I went inside there was a smell like cigarettes which Sadie used to smoke and the smell of her perfume.”

"Mr Jones said the family has also received strange text messages, which they believe to be from her. He added: "She always had a mobile with her. We buried her with her phone. There have been messages with words Sadie would say but there's no number. ”

After studying this area deeply, one thing I could say is that these experiences are real, hearing voices are real, having abnormal smells are real, having abnormal visions are real, their bodies being controlled by some invisible force (our motor cortex has been effected) are real experiences and they are not faking. Having said that once in a while we find people making such claims for personal gains or due to various other intentions but this is only a negligible percentage compare to the actual experiences and their claims. That being said, our conclusions are wrong and we are being deceived, all these cases are due to this highly sophisticated hidden technology. The reason for Jones' experience of smelling perfume is due to abnormal unique electrical activities in his olfactory cortex, making him to perceive smelling. Again, this is due to a direct brain stimulation and not due to particles in the air reaching his nose and sending signals to olfactory cortex for Jones to perceive smelling. If such an invisible being exist how can such a being carry particles from a perfume or wear a perfume? This doesn’t make sense. Therefore, such a being was not the cause of these abnormal electrical activities of our brains. In the middle ages these evil people who hold this technology made people to dance by doing a direct brain stimulation, this is the reason behind the dancing mania that we had to face for more than 3 centuries. At the end of this strange illness which we call as hysteria, we started seeing multiple personality disorder and from 17th century till now, the number of alternate personalities that these people showed grew in an abnormal fashion and today in certain cases people has shown more than thousand personalties, all due to mapping of artificial personalties to human body. These artificial personalties stimulate our brains and use human bodies to reflect it's personalties. Which means, AI’s (artificial intelligence) has been used to replace human consciousness, these victims are in an unconscious state of mind, stuck in his or her own body, while AI’s stimulate the brain and control the body and show it’s personalities.

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Artificial Somnambulism:

Another interesting altered state of mind/behaviour would be magnetic sleep or artificial somnambulism founded by Marquis de Puységur. A case would be as follows,

“One of his workers, Victor Race, was ill with congestion of the lungs and fever. After moving his hands in the prescribed manner over Victor's body for a few minutes, Puységur was surprised to find that the young man fell peacefully asleep. He soon discovered, however, that this was not a normal sleep. Victor had slipped into an unusual state of consciousness: he was awake while asleep. While in this state Victor showed some peculiar qualities. He was extremely suggestible and his personality changed so that his usual rather slow-witted ways were replaced by a remarkable brightness and mental agility. Not only that, he seemed to be able to read Puységur's thoughts and was apparently able to diagnose his own illness and those of other people. He could also predict the course of the disease and prescribe treatment, often with great success."

"To top it off, Victor showed strange quirks of memory. When he came out of this unusual state of consciousness, he retained absolutely no memory of what had occurred. Yet when in the new state, he had complete knowledge of both his waking state and every previous altered state.” - Which means, the alter is the AI(artificial intelligence). We have been interacting with the AI through a human body and this AI doing a direct stimulation to the victims brain and showing it’s personality. Though later interactions with the secondary personality make you to believe that this information somehow stored in the human brain, this information is actually stored in AI’s system only. 

Source I:
Source II: Hidden Minds: A History of the Unconscious by By Frank Tallis

Victor Race Never Read the Mind of Marquis de Puységur and a Natural Hypnosis Should Not Exist. We Are Being Deceived:

Just like in MPD/DID cases, these people are in a dream or trance like mind state. The AI decode the electrical activities of Puysegur’s brain (thought identification) to understand him and then use Victor Race’s body by stimulating the motor cortex and other relevant brain areas to speak while AI putting his mind to a trance like state. True Victor never managed to read the mind of Marquis de Puységur, it’s the technology that was able decode the thoughts. Further if needed people who monitor this system could map their own brain and then talk through these victims too thus showing an abnormal knowledge or AI could use it’s sophisticated knowledge to interact with others. A person who deeply study these cases will get a clear insight into the existence of mind reading technology and its deceptions. There can’t be a true hypnosis either, we can understand this by analysing certain cases in middle ages. People who are facing sleepwalking are also going through the same situation, this is not a natural phenomenon of a human being. All these cases are due to this hidden technology only.

Evidence of Jesus Becoming a Victim and The Use of Technology in Biblical Time:

This article was never written to come up with a theory to explain what demons are, what dancing mania is, why we see abnormal coincidences in the world or neither by having an intention to disprove your beliefs, neither to claim that the story of Jesus is fake, story of Allah is fake or neither to disprove that Torah is not given by the God. That being said, I happen to face certain abnormal coincidences in life, therefore to understand the truth, I happened to do a massive research while I was getting death threats and physical harassments too. This article is based on my observation only by closely analysing historical events and these are my findings.

By facing certain abnormal events I managed to understand the existence of a highly sophisticated technology on Earth and by further researching into this area helped me to understand that this technology not only capable of decoding our brain, it’s capable of stimulating our brains to give us various induced perceptions, perceptions such as visual, auditory, olfactory etc... or letting us to perceive thinking. By trying to trace the origin of this technology, though initially it gave me clues for it’s origin somewhere in 17th century, my further research helped me to trace this technology back to ancient Egypt by understanding the technology that Egyptian Empire has used to the build Pyramids in Giza. Therefore, I also started investigating into the life of Jesus to understand whether there’s a chance of Jesus becoming a victim too and these are my observations,

1). Jesus was highly dependent on his father, in fact, Jesus himself said that he is nothing without his father. He is a normal human being just like us.

John 5:30:
I can do nothing on my own. I judge as God tells me. Therefore, my judgment is just, because I carry out the will of the one who sent me, not my own will.

John 12:49:
I don’t speak on my own, but the Father who sent me commanded me regarding what I should speak and say.

Here I suspected that Jesus was having auditory and visual perceptions to hear his father’s commands or voice. This must have been the main way of Jesus communicating with his father during his lifetime. I then looked into resurrection passages to find out what happened to Jesus during the time of his death, here, I observed, just like a normal human being Jesus has been screaming loudly and looking for his Father as you can see below,

"About the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, "ELI, ELI, LAMA SABACHTHANI?" that is, "MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?" And some of those who were standing there, when they heard it, {began} saying, "This man is calling for Elijah." Immediately one of them ran, and taking a sponge, he filled it with sour wine and put it on a reed, and gave Him a drink. But the rest {of them} said, "Let us see whether Elijah will come to save Him." And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice, and yielded up His spirit." - Matthew 27:46-50

The pain caused by the crucifixion could have been horrible, therefore, this is a natural reaction. Since Jesus was heavily relying on his Father, he must have been expecting some kind of action or words from his father, however, during this time father has gone completely silent. Now the question is why God or his father at least failed to stop pain signals reaching Jesus’s brain so he would not perceive any pains to scream like a normal human being? There could have been many ways for the God to stop Jesus perceiving any pains but he failed, whilst, we seeing evidence of God showing his powers by making paralyse people to walk again. On the other hand, if Jesus didn’t scream like a normal human being, this would have been another miracle too but we observed non during this event. Then again another interesting question would be, if you are the creator of the universe, do you want to make your son crucified to save other human beings? As the creator do you think you will not be able to find another way to save human beings without putting your son in such a horrible pain? A crucifixion? These questions will help someone to understand this deception caused by this hidden technology, that is capable of directly stimulating brains and representing themselves as Gods, Spirits or Demons.

How Jesus Resurrection Took Place:

"It was Preparation Day (that is, the day before the Sabbath). So as evening approached, 43 Joseph of Arimathea, a prominent member of the Council, who was himself waiting for the kingdom of God, went boldly to Pilate and asked for Jesus’ body. 44 Pilate was surprised to hear that he was already dead. Summoning the centurion, he asked him if Jesus had already died. 45 When he learned from the centurion that it was so, he gave the body to Joseph.”- Mark 27:42-45

Though most of the people would think that Jesus actually died, he has not died at the crucifixion, his mind was put to a similar mind state that of a MPD victim after sometime Jesus being in the cross, however, people thought that he had an extraordinary quick death. When Jesus was put into the tomb probably in that night or later, he was taken out from the tomb and must have been treated him with the best medication that we even today don’t have access to. During this time, the guards of the Tomb must have gone into an unconscious state of mind, this must have been the reason for none of them to remember any unusual activities in the said night.

According to this: - The main reason the disciples believed in the resurrection of Jesus is that they saw Him alive after He was dead. Jesus presented Himself alive on a number of different occasions to His followers.

Why jesus only had appeared after the death? Why he didn’t live a normal life after quickly healing his wounds and continued his missionary work like the way he did before his alleged death? History never talked about Jesus living a normal life and carrying out his missionary work on Earth after the alleged resurrection, history talked about few appearances after this alleged death. If Jesus actually a son of God, he shouldn’t have a reason to afraid for any human beings, not for Romans or Jewish people. These clues are more than enough to understand the truth about this story for a logical thinker.

How Technology Has Been Acting Behind The Miracles of Jesus:

Since I started seeing evidence of this technology being used in the story of Jesus, I started suspecting that the miracles made by Jesus could also be due to this hidden technology only. My observations on this would be as follows,

How Technology Was Used To Heal Demonic Possessions:
Matthew 8:28-33
"28 When he arrived at the other side in the region of the Gadarenes, two demon-possessed men coming from the tombs met him. They were so violent that no one could pass that way. “What do you want with us, Son of God?” they shouted. “Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?” Some distance from them a large herd of pigs was feeding. The demons begged Jesus, “If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs.” He said to them, “Go!” So they came out and went into the pigs, and the whole herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and died in the water. 33 Those tending the pigs ran off, went into the town and reported all this, including what had happened to the demon-possessed men."

By analysing MPD/DID vs demonic personality cases one could understand that these altered mind states are due to artificial personalities taking control of our body. The true mind of the person is in a dream like or a trance mind state, therefore, Jesus never healed a person, this research shows that the deception of healing was achieved simply by stopping the complex brain stimulation done to the person and then stimulating the brains of pigs, making them to run. Therefore, Jesus healing these demonic personalities are similar to that of a MPD, switching to the main personality, when the stimulation stops the main personality appears. However, Jesus was made to believe in his abnormal powers by the people who hold this technology. This is similar to modern day grandiose delusion where people start believe in abnormal powers, however, these are also victims of this hidden technology.

How Technology Was Used To Heal Dead People:,Matthew%209:23-26

"18 While he was saying this, a synagogue leader came and knelt before him and said, “My daughter has just died. But come and put your hand on her, and she will live.” Jesus got up and went with him, and so did his disciples.23 When Jesus entered the synagogue leader’s house and saw the noisy crowd and people playing pipes, he said, “Go away. The girl is not dead but asleep.”But they laughed at him. After the crowd had been put outside, he went in and took the girl by the hand, and she got up. 26 News of this spread through all that region."

Just like Jesus, this girl never had a true death. Jesus himself was saying here that the girl was asleep, therefore, we can observe that this girl has been in an unconsciousness state of mind. This research shows that in all the cases where Jesus managed to get people from dead was due to this technology only, putting people into an unconscious state of mind and taking them out of this mind state.

How Technology Was Used Heal Blind, Deaf and Paralyse People:

This technology is capable of suppressing certain parts of the brain precisely, therefore, people will have blindness, deafness, unable to speak and even cases like paralysis of certain body parts. What happens at the time of healing is that they simply stop these suppressed activities of the brain, so the brain will function in the natural way, thus creating a fake healing. Following video will make you understand this phenomenon further,

- In voice hearing cases, a continues stimulation to the brain will take place throughout the day for them to hear voices, therefore, stimulating some specific areas and suppressing a unique function of the brain to create a fake long term paralysis can also be achieved by this technology.

- This is a modern day healing. These church fathers are victims of this technology. AI’s are interacting with these fathers to show this fake healing or certain times, people behind this technology could actively working on this and stop the stimulation to make people to believe in these fake healings.

- Another healing by a Islamic religious leader. Non of these people understand the deception that they are going through due to this technology.

- Further deception.

Christianity and The Abrahamic Religions Are a Political Tool Only:

Samuel 15:3

"Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy[a] all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.’” - This is a command of the God.

These people only heard a voice who claimed to be God by himself. If such a voice gives you this kind of an order, a command today, will you accept this? If it’s a true, then why God failed to punish only the people who supposed to be punished? And why Children supposed to be killed in this merciless way? Therefore, these are more than enough to understand that this Godly voices is a fraud only. A crime that is happening in our own eyes, however, due to our false beliefs and false world view of the past, we are not able to understand the truth.

- One who research into bible with an open mind, they will come across with more bizarre verses that has mentioned in the bible.

Therefore, by considering all these cases, we cannot find evidence for an involvement of a true God in any of these cases and such a God has never been behind the creation of Christianity as we know today. This research further helped me to understand that all the Abrahamic religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism has been created as a means of control, a political tool only. Human beings are being deceived by stimulating brains an inducing voices to them while acting as a God. People who neglect or don’t think the gravity of this abnormal voices who claimed to be the God are as naive as people who believe in voices who claim to be the God. This very reason let these evil people who hold this secret technology to continue their evil act on Earth. This horrific crime surpass any other known crime to human beings.

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How Predictions Made by the Bible Miraculously Coming True?

Someone could think that the predictions made by the Bible are coming true due to mere coincidences only. However, a person who does a proper research will not hold into such views, since these predictions mentions in the Bible are coming true in the most abnormal fashion again and again showing the reliability of the Bible in the most astonishing way. To understand this strange phenomenon, we could research into the prophecies that are being fulfilled,

These are beyond any coincidental events, therefore, cannot be attributed to a natural cause. To understand the truth, we must think of some intelligent guidance in some cases, since people get sudden thoughts directing them to achieve these unique dates as Bible mentions. By researching the historical events, there is no convincing evidence of such a God behind these strange cases. Further, we see certain abnormal deaths, abnormal wars which end up in fulfiling these unique dates. If a true God is behind these massive wars and killing people in the most horrible way, then we should not appreciate his work or if he is not the cause of these strange deaths, sudden thoughts of attacking certain empires, countries, people then who could be influencing our thoughts, actions to achieve these specific dates? To understand this strange phenomenon, one could analyse the events related to the establishment of the Jewish state.

How This Hidden Technology Has Been Used To Establish the Jewish State:

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt promised the Saudi’s that they would not make any policy changes on Palestine’s without prior consultation of both Arabs and Jews. And then he sent a follow up letter to Saudi on 5th of April as per the records. However, 7 days ( 7 is a special number to ancient Egyptian empire) from this, president FDR died because of a cerebral haemorrhage, then thereafter president Truman came to the power where he supported the U.N. resolution helping the Jewish people to establish the Jewish state in 1948. Then in 1967 Jewish people managed to capture Jerusalem after a 6 day war. Remarkably this sudden event took place exactly after 50 years (on a Jubilee Year) from Balfour declaration, which took place in 1917. To further surprise you, prior to 1917 Jerusalem was under the control of Ottoman Turks for 8 Jubilees ( 50 X 8 or 400 years ) which was exactly predicted by a German Rabbi called Judah Ben Samuel. This prediction was made by Rabbi Ben Samuel in the year 1217 AD, which was 300 years before Ottoman Turks taking control over Jerusalem in the year 1517 AD. Therefore, what we can observe here is that when these biblical predicted dates are getting closer, certain abnormal deaths would occur or wars would come out of thin air to achieve these dates. Who is guiding human beings to fulfil these prophecies and why people get these sudden unique thoughts which will end up in achieving Bible prophecies? Who assassinated president FDR in an invisible manner? Source:

Following are some of the incidences which took place at the time of reunification of Jerusalem in 1967, events related to Israel’s Six-Day war.

"In April 1967, Syria shot at an Israeli tractor ploughing in the demilitarized zone, which escalated to a prewar aerial clash. In May 1967, following misinformation about Israeli intentions provided by the Soviet Union, Egypt expelled UN peacekeepers who had been stationed in the Sinai Peninsula since the Suez conflict,[1] and announced a blockade of Israel's access to the Red Sea (international waters) via the Straits of Tiran, which Israel considered an act of war. Tension escalated, with both sides' armies mobilising. Less than a month later, Israel launched a surprise strike which began the Six-Day War.”

"Jerusalem Day (Hebrew: יום ירושלים‎‎, Yom Yerushalayim) is an Israeli national holiday commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem and the establishment of Israeli control over the Old City in the aftermath of the June 1967 Six-Day War. The day is officially marked by state ceremonies and memorial services.”

"On 1 April 1967, Palestinian infiltrators blew up a water pump at a kibbutz on the Lebanese border. Later on April 7, 1967 the Syrians fired on two Israeli tractors entering the Demilitarised Zone located between itself and Israel. The IDF fired back. The battle on land then escalated into one in the air when Israel planes attacked Syrian installations and tangled up with the Syrian Air Force.”

"On June 7, 1967, exactly 45 years ago today, Israel Defense Forces paratroopers advanced through the Old City towards the Western Wall, bringing Jerusalem’s holiest site under Jewish control for the first time in 2,000 years"

As you can see, exactly 7 days after president FDR sending a letter to Saudi, he died from a cerebral haemorrhage and then the events which unfolded after this event made Israel to establish the Jewish state in 1948. And then in April 7th 1967, which is exactly after 7 days from the incident that took place on first of April, Syrian soldiers got a thought to shoot two Israeli tractors. Thereafter exactly on 7th of June 1967, Israel managed to capture the Western Wall. You may notice the occurrence of number 7 again and again.

Why UN Resolution 181 (the partition plan of Palestine) took place in 1967, which is exactly after 50 years (Jubilee) from 1897 Zionist Congress ? What if president FDR never died? President FDR would never have supported the establishment of the Jewish state. What if president Truman never had a Thought of helping Jewish people to establish the Jewish state? Why this event took place exactly in 1948? Which is exactly 50 years after the Balfour declaration, which took place in 1917. Why not 1949 or 1950 or any other year?

Which means, humans are having certain unique thoughts when these dates are getting closer thus we ending up in fulfilling these unique dates or fulfilling biblical timelines. Which means, human were not freely thinking but our thoughts are being influence in an abnormal manner. Let’s analyse this in a bit different way, we could decode our thoughts based on the electrical patterns that arise in our brain due to our conscious thinking. Inducing this same electrical pattern in the right areas of the brain will make us to perceive the same thought. To understand this, we can analyse what happens to the mouse in the following experiment.

Here, a unique neural network related to a happy memory is being identified and whenever this network gets activated through external means, the mouse start having the same perception of happiness that he had in the earlier day. Similarly if we capture the electrical pattern which has arised according to a voice that we heard and if our brain gets external stimulated with the same electrical pattern, this induced perception will be identical to the earlier perception. Our internal voice (due to thinking) is a perception that we are having, therefore, if we identify the electrical pattern which arise in the brain according to a thought, activation of the same neural network will allow us to perceive the same thought, that is identical to the original thought that we had and we will not understand if it’s an induced thought or due to our conscious thinking. Therefore, technically any thought can be induced to a person with advanced brain stimulation technologies and guide human beings to achieve certain unique things. This way, by exploiting human thoughts and emotions, this dangerous technology are being used to bring conflicts among human beings and even nations without we being aware of it. This is why we have been seeing biblical timelines or prophecies becoming true, our actions are being influenced due to these induced thoughts and even abnormal sudden deaths such as the death of president FDR is due to this hidden technology only.

Therefore, none of these are coincidental events. Even the second world war was a pre-planned war, the Holocaust was pre-planned, since these are the major events behind the establishment of Jewish state. These are being planned 3000 years ago and this is why we see these events in Torah.

- Event related to Hitler and Holocaust

- Event related to Hitler and Holocaust

Who could do such a thing? An empire who has ruled the Earth for such a long time with a sophisticated technology, could easily achieve such targets. Evidence for someone ruling the Earth for such a long time can be found by following the below link. People around the world will not have thoughts to build all there sacred sites in such a circle. Many similarities can be found by analysing these sites, which means, it’s a work of some unique race.

  - Sacred sites in a great circle, “At some remote point in the past someone had built a series of sacred sites on this line circling the globe”

Therefore, one could understand that even today we are under this invisible rule. This is not a God who is directing us to achieve certain unique events. This is a work of an Empire who has been ruling the Earth with a sophisticated technology that is capable of decoding our thoughts, inducing thoughts, manipulating our actions in an invisible manner, killing people without a trace and directing us to achieve certain unique events as they wish. This doesn’t mean that people around the world don’t have a free will, however, certain lives in this world are being influenced according to their grand plan. By analysing the lives of president Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy one could get an insight into this claim.

How To Understand Thought Insertion Phenomenon Through the Lives of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy:

A list of coincidences related to president Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy can be found by following the below link,

Lincoln attended Ford's Theatre to view the play "Our American Cousin". Seven hours before the assassination, John Wilkes Booth left a note at Vice President Andrew Johnson's residence, "Don't wish to disturb you. Are you at home? J. Wilkes Booth.” -

Lincoln and Kennedy each contain 7 letters

At 7 o'clock that evening, John Wilkes Booth met for a final time with all his fellow conspirators -

William Henry Seward. Lincoln's Secretary of State, died exactly after 7 years from Lincoln’s death (May 16, 1801 – October 10, 1872). -

Surratt, Powell, Herold, and Atzerodt were hanged in the Old Arsenal Penitentiary on July 7, 1865

Ultimately, the suspects were narrowed down to just eight prisoners (7 men and one woman) -

Nancy Bushrod, an emancipated slave, came to see Lincoln at the White House 7 hours before he was assassinated -

The trial lasted for about 7 weeks, with 366 witnesses testifying -

Lincoln was shot in Ford's Theater while sitting in box 7 with another couple of whom one was seriously injured -

The partition was 7 feet high and three inches thick. -

Lincoln died at 7 twenty two in the morning.

John Wikes Booth died around 7 in the morning.

Can it be attributed to a coincidence? What does it mean?

1). John Wikes Booth had thoughts to keep a note at Andrew Johnson’s residence. He might or might not know that it was exactly 7 hours before to the time of assassination, however, we find evidence for him having this thought.
2). Conspirators had thoughts to meet each other at 7 o’ clock.
3). Linconln and Kennedy’s parents had thoughts to select a name where it had 7 characters without they even knowing this coincidence.
4). People who built the partition had thoughts to decide that the partition must be 7 feet high.
5). 7 hours before the Lincoln’s assassination, Nancy Bushrod had a thought to visit white house.
6). They decided (had thoughts) July 7th as the execution date of those were convicted.
7). To solve the case they had to put their thoughts for 7 weeks.
8). Then mysteriously Corbett heard a voice representing as God and directing him to kill John Wikes Booth, which means, at this very moment, there were abnormal electrical activities in his Auditory Cortex and if we had a capability to capture those electrical activities and decode those electrical activities in his brain or Auditory Cortex, technically, we should be able to know the exact words that he heard. According to one site,

"All the while, as Doherty and Booth talked, Boston watched Booth through a crack in the barn. A voice came to Boston, the voice of God. This, God told Boston, was his purpose. Only he could stop Booth. Filled with the righteousness that I presume one can only gain from hearing the voice of God, Boston asked Doherty to allow him to go in the barn and bring Booth out himself. Doherty wanted to bring Booth in alive. He denied Boston’s request.” -

What we can say by analysing Boston’s experience of voice hearing is that due to some abnormal reason there were abnormal electrical activities in Boston’s Auditory Cortex and other relevant brain areas causing him to perceive the Godly voice. Usually when a person says that he heard the voice of God in cases as this, people tend to neglect it and that’s due to our false beliefs. This is why no one has given an importance to the claim made by Boston saying he was guided by the God or Godly voices to kill Booth and no one has tried to investigate to find the cause of this voice or hearing.

People hear voices even at the most random times, hearing is real and we cannot deny it. Then the question is, did God directly stimulated his brain and ask him to kill Booth? If not who stimulated his brain and talked to him directly or what was the cause of his perception of hearing Godly voices? Since no one else has heard this voice, it’s pretty clear that a direct stimulation to his Auditory Cortex and other relevant areas of the brain has taken place. Someone influenced him to kill and since Boston was a religious person he made a decision to follow the voices that he heard and killed John Wikes Booth. Having said that, it doesn’t make sense to think of God behind this hearing, which means, someone influenced him by stimulating his brain and talked to him directly. This will also give us an insight into why people had thoughts related to number 7, which means someone stimulated brains of the people related to this incident and made them to perceive thoughts and these people followed the thoughts that they got, just like Boston followed the voice that he heard to kill Booth. Therefore, according to this research, it was clear that this hidden technology has used to assassinate the two presidents, to kill certain people and to influence thoughts of people related to these two cases.

Further, we also see mysteries deaths of so many people related to Kennedy’s assassination and following is a link mentioning these mysteries deaths,

One who understand the capabilities of this satellite grid, will be able to understand the reason behind these mysteries deaths too. Take for example, mysteries suicides, these deaths are simply due to remote brain stimulations. As explained above, multiple personality disorder exist only due to mapping of AI’s (artificial intelligence) to human beings. In MPD cases, a person showing different personalities, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of personalities, is only due to AI’s taking control over a human body by doing a precise continues brain stimulation. Similarly, AI’s can take control of a person by putting a person into an unconscious state (a person will not aware of anything) of mind and then use his or her body to suicide himself. These AI’s can imitate hand writings as well and one could understand this by understanding the cause of automatic handwriting that people experience, therefore, a person who investigate these deaths without knowing the capabilities of this technology, could come up with false conclusions by looking at suicidal notes. This said technology has been secretly used to carry an invisible rule on Earth for such a long time than we can possibly imagine. Somewhere after 17th to 18th century they have mastered mapping of AI’s to human beings without causing any convulsions on victims. Further, deaths such as cancers, heart attacks, accidents could also be engineered by using this said technology. We are still ignoring deaths such as Dr. Rauni Kilde, who tried to expose this technology, however she suddenly died from a cancer. One of her experience was automatic handwriting and this made her to believe that dead relatives were speaking to her. However, it is the same technology that fooled her to believe in dead relatives behind her experience. Having said that following is a video related to her death,

Therefore, this should help you to understand that the people who hold this technology has been directly involved in all these cases, some human lives are being manipulated to extreme levels to achieve these Biblical timelines. Our actions are being affected due to induced thoughts.

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This Is What People Who Goes Through Mental Illnesses Are Saying:

"is thought insertion the same thing as intrusive thoughts? Thought insertion is referred to as a "delusion". I think that is bogus. I truly do have unwanted thoughts that are forced into my head from somewhere…” -

How come doctors or even scientists are 100% sure that thoughts are not being induced to people? We see a sophisticated technology existing during the times of Giza Pyramids are being built. We see someone has been using a sophisticated technology in 3rd Millennium BC, in 2nd Millennium BC etc.. Therefore, we human beings are stupid enough to have a 100% belief that there were no such a technology existed in the past and there’s a chance of technology being the cause of mental illnesses such as voice hearing. By analysing the above cases one could understand that none of these abnormal events are coincidental invents either, we are being influenced in an invisible manner. It is evident that our actions are being influenced by some intelligent force and our individual conscious thinking is not the cause behind such actions to fulfil the timeline of bible or what bible has mentioned. Neither, such a true God has influenced our thoughts or killed human beings for our wrong doing. This is a clear sign that human beings are behind these crimes and the story behind bible.

Further, Torah Also Mentions About Donald Trump Too. Did God Helped Moses To Write Torah or is it Work of Human Beings By Using a Hidden Technology?

Following are some of the events being recorded in Torah,

- President Trump in Torah

- President Trump’s visit to Jerusalem.

Further, you will be able to see Trump in a TV series and this particular episode is called the End of the World.

Some of the words in the script:

""Be careful son, I can sue you,” - Trump responds
"The people were ready to believe. Like sheep they ran to the slaughterhouse. And waiting for them was the high priest of fraud”- Says the narrator"
“I can built a wall around your homes that nothing will penetrate” - Trump says.
“Are you here about Trump? yes sir what are you going to do about him. What do you want me to do? Stop him. From what? From taking the town. That’s what he has in his mind. Well that’s obvious but can you prove it? In order to arrest him a sheriff has to have a charge and Trump hasn’t given him a thing to go on"

Well an interesting script. Due to recent events, we already see where lives of US people and lives of some asian countries will end up in. Who planned this? Is it an abnormal coincidence? How many Trumps we could find around the world who is famous for suing people and who has talked about building a wall? Further Torah mentions a third world war in 2017 and then the name of this episode is End of the World, therefore, this is far beyond any coincidence. Having said that, if a person thinks that the God is behind all these abnormal cases, then is it the God who is behind writing such a TV script about a fraudulent person called Trump? If not how come one had this knowledge to write this script? Did God induced thoughts to the script writer? If we investigate the life of the script writer, what we will find is that he has not involved in a conspiracy too. Then how come he had thoughts to write such a script? Therefore, this gives a clue that the scriptwriter’s thoughts are being influenced in someway to write this script. By analysing all these abnormal coincidences, abnormal deaths, the voices that people hear and the way these voices are expressing themselves, one could understand that a group of human beings are behind all these cases and they have been using a sophisticated technology to achieve this and Torah is like a grand plan that they use to deceive people. There are a considerable number of people believe in a phenomenon called End Times. However, researching into the past and how this hidden technology has been used, shows that End Times, is a civilisation reset, which is a concept put to the world by this evil people who hold this technology and it’s not a natural cause or neither a God behind such a cause.  Therefore, it’s "highly likely” president Trump will be used to destroy America and to destroy human lives in a massive scale if we fail understand this. There’s also a chance of president Trump’s body is under the control of this technology and the real Trump could be in an unconscious state of mind. In medical terms, Trump should have multiple personality disorder (or DID) and most likely an AI (artificial personality) has been mapped to his brain. Though we don’t see other personalities in Trump, his mind state should be identical to that of a MPD/DID person. Having said that, in certain situations a real person's brain could also be mapped and control his body, specially in cases where Trump is having meetings.

Do we find symptoms of this misunderstood illness called Dissociative Identity Disorder in Trump?

"In April, Trump’s incoherent answers and his seeming inability to remember even basic facts, sparked a slew of stories about his mental capacity and whether he was “unwell,” as online culture Web site Salon stated it”
“We need brain in this country to turn it around.” Even my 10-year-old son noted that Trump had suggested we need intelligence in government in a really stupid way.

"The first time I wondered at something being not quite right with Trump’s brain was during the first debate in August 2015 when Trump said “We need brain in this country to turn it around.” Even my 10-year-old son noted that Trump had suggested we need intelligence in government in a really stupid way. But it was more than stupid; it was ungrammatical. It wasn’t simply a basic use of language; it lacked the grammar structure that even a third grader has readily available.”

"I haven’t examined Donald Trump, but let me explain why I think he has either a language disorder, or another neurological problem.” - These are very clear signs.

"Trump, late last year, claimed to have watched a video of “thousands and thousands” of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Other than former rival for the nomination and known Islamophobe Ben Carson (who, actually, went on to walk back on his claims), no one else could corroborate that such footage existed. Sound like “memory loss” or “making things up,” to anyone? DEFINITE DEMENTIA (probably).

Voice Hearing in Biblical Times. How Wars Have Been Conducted By Stimulating Brains:

Another strange thing to notice would be that, in the Biblical times, God was actively working in wars by speaking to people and sometimes giving advice to them as well on how to conduct wars, however, there are no traces of this God today or he is not actively talking to people and work in todays wars.

"GOD ALONE DETERMINED WHO WOULD ENGAGE IN WARFARE. On one occasion, God told the Israelites: “You will not need to fight this battle.” The reason? God himself would wage war in their behalf. (2 Chronicles 20:17; 32:7, 8) He did so many times, such as on the occasion mentioned at the outset of this article. At other times, God commanded his people in ancient Israel to fight in wars that he approved, namely, those that involved securing and defending their Promised Land.—Deuteronomy 7:1, 2; Joshua 10:40.”

"GOD ALONE DETERMINED WHEN SUCH WARFARE WOULD TAKE PLACE. God’s servants were to wait patiently for God’s appointed time to war against the oppression and wickedness that surrounded them. Until then, they were not to take it upon themselves to engage in war. When they did, they lost divine approval. In fact, the Bible shows that when the Israelites presumed to engage in warfare that God had not authorized, the results were often disastrous.

"The fact that God himself waged war against the Egyptians shows that he is not against all warfare. On other occasions, he authorized his people Israel to wage war. For example, he commanded them to wage war against the Canaanites, who were exceedingly wicked. (Deuteronomy 9:5; 20:17, 18) He directed Israel’s King David to war against the oppressive Philistines. God even provided David with a battle strategy that ensured victory.—2 Samuel 5:17-25.”

That being said, though this alleged God not actively working in todays wars, he is still giving us visions and voices to people from time to time. Will this God come to have a discussion with us if we invite him since he has time to give visions and voices to people from time to time? If not why is that? Then most importantly why this God has never told us the truth behind these religions, so people would have avoided so many stupid religious wars, while he has time to talk about Trump becoming the US president?

- God speaking about Trump.

- Another video related to this incident.

This was the original video related to God speaking about Trump, however, just after I writing about this, suddenly this youtube account has been terminated due to some abnormal reason.

How stupid human beings to believe such things and think that the voices were from the God? Why not God explaining we all about the truth behind these religions? Further, there could have been so many other things that this God could do to make a difference in human lives around the world, if he has time to say who will be the president of the united sates. If you are the God what would you do if you have time to speak to human beings in a similar way? Would you hide yourself and randomly pop up to say few things in an invisible manner and then disappear? This is not a work of an intelligent being and such an intelligent being would not act such a manner too. Therefore, we should understand that this Godly voices is a fraud, in fact it’s technological fraud. We are being deceived by using a hidden technology only. Then again some people think that there can’t be such a hearing of voices or they might say that it’s only a mental illness, people who has never research into this strange phenomenon will usually have such views without knowing the truth. Humans do hear voices who claim themselves as God.

A person who critically analyse these cases, will understand that a true God has never been behind any of these cases. Hearing voices and these visions are real, we cannot deny this, if God is not behind all these cases then who could be the one giving us voices and visions? Who stimulate our brains to cause this? Who is behind these abnormal deaths? These are not coincidental events. By analysing all these cases, one would understand how this hidden technology has been used to achieve the prophecies that the Bible mentions. In certain occasions, people have been deceived by inducing Godly voices and directing them to what wars they should conduct and how these wars should be conducted. In other occasions, people were having specific thoughts when these Biblical timelines are near and these specific thoughts has created conflicts between countries and empires and directing them to achieve these timelines. It’s time to start questioning our own beliefs. We are thinking God as a saviour of human beings but then again at the same time, we are thinking that the voices that we heard to wage wars against other nations, the words that we heard to kill, men, women, children and infants are the words of the God. There seems to be a fundamental issue with our thinking since these beliefs are contradicting each other. How blind are we is that, we have accepted these voices and killed human beings and children too due to the commands given by these voices. If God ask you to kill your child will you do it? If God ask you to kill your neighbours children will you do it? If God ask you to kill a child belongs to any parent regardless of their beliefs or wrong actions will you do it? Strangely, this abnormal God once had requested such things from human beings and we have accepted and carried out such killings. How blind are we? Just because we heard a voice that others could not hear, just because certain timelines are being achieved or blind being healed, it’s our ignorance to take this as a proof for the existence of a God or to believe in a God. We must understand that highly advanced technologies can achieve such things. These voices once made prophet Muhammed and his people to believe that stones can speak, mountains can speak etc.. while muslim people seeing such things in Quran, they still believe in such a God behind Quran, it’s the same with the Christians and Jewish. How many times, God has killed Jewish people direct and indirect means in the past? How many Jewish Children died because of Gods punishment to adult? God never punished the people who suppose to be punished directly but made wars against Jewish people which ended up in destroying lives of children even. And then on top of this how many times, Jewish people got banned from countries again and again in the past?
Therefore, our false beliefs are the root cause of all these. People who ignore these voices without investigating are just as blind as people who believe in these Godly voices. My abnormal experience made me to question everything that we ever known, ever heard and I understood that we are being fooled by a unique race for such a long time. This will be the hardest part for a person to understand. Having said that, this alleged God asking to kill children itself will be enough to understand the truth behind this alleged God, however, due to our blind faith, we tend to think that either it’s a work of the devil or God must have had a reason to say such a thing and we humans are not using our common sense even to judge such things due to our blind faith.

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I just saw this nonsense on another atheist forum, and I'll say the same thing here that I did there:


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How Prophets are Making Such Claims:

In the most remarkable way, we see evidence of these prophets having visual or auditory perceptions for them to make these predictions. Which actually means, all of a sudden their visual or auditory cortex's get stimulated in a strange way for them to perceive hearing or seeing future events. Can this be a coincident too? If not who stimulate human brains to see such future events in advance? Going to the Bible again, we hear a story of King Nebuchadnezzar having a dream (dream manipulation) and prophet Daniel was able to interpret it because of the visions that he had. Again, this research helped me to understand that, these are nothing more than brain stimulations, making people to believe in some higher powers.

To further understand this, let us examine a modern prophet. One of the most famous person would be Baba Vanga, she is able to predict future due to her strange visions, dreams, auditory perceptions only. Her visual cortex, auditory cortex gets stimulated precisely in such a way for her to perceive hearing these words related to future events or to see future events. Then again, according to her, some invisible creatures are helping her. How could they know the future? Therefore, these activities cannot be due to a coincidence and neither this is an ability of Baba Vanga. It’s an ability of these abnormal voices or beings. To amaze us, her predictions had an accuracy of over 80% as per certain people. Therefore, the question is who stimulated her brain for her to perceive this information? Who are these creatures that spoke to Baba Vanga? Source:

Some of Her Predictions:

Baba Vanga, seems to have predicted the rise of ISIS, 2004 Tsunami, Global Warming, the fall of twin towers.

(She has also claimed that the last US president will be an African-American person. Since this research shows that there’s a chance of president Trump could be a victim of a technology(MPD/DID), there could be some truth to this claim to, if president Trump is having a mind state that of a person with dissociative identity disorder.

Prophet Joshua’s Remarkable Prediction:

- Death of Princess Diana

- Death of Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa

How Joshua Became A Prophet:

Remarkably just like Baba Vanga, prophet Joshua will have visions and auditory perceptions for him to make future predictions. According to him, before he was able to make any of these predictions, he had a vision and a voice telling him “I am your God; I am giving you divine commission to go and carry out the work of the Heavenly Father.” Therefore, this time these are not creatures who predict future, an alleged God -

How human are 100% sure, that such a voice was not heard by Jesus too for him to do his missionary work? We see evidence that this abnormal voice has some abnormal knowledge. Just because a voice that we hear showing an abnormal knowledge, what convincing evidence do we have to believe that it’s the voice of the God who has allegedly created the universe as per our beliefs? And why we are not investigating into this abnormal Godly voices? If God had time to say that an asian flight is about to crash on a particular day, instead of wasting time on giving this prophetic vision or speaking to a person and giving a vague warning about a future event, why he has never spoken to the concern people on that very specific day and correct it, so human lives could have saved. This means, someone is trying to fool us by showing abnormal capabilities only. This is not a work of a God. Therefore, we should not ignore these voices or visions, we must investigate and find out the truth behind these Godly voices and visions. Let’s have some intelligent discussions with this alleged God and get to know him well.

The question is, why this God not helping people to understand the truth behind of all these religions if he has time to induce visions and talk to Joshua in such a way and telling future activities such as coming of a tsunami or a crash of a plan? How many lives he could have saved, if he had made that decision way back in the past? Why this God has failed to do this? Majority of human conflicts are due to religious beliefs only. However, seems like God is not aware of this and neither he has an interest to address this either, yet he never forget to give visions and voices once in a while to certain people and amaze us. Joshua hear a voice and have visions to predict future but who could be this alleged God? How these voices knew the death of princess Diana well in advanced? It’s not Joshua’s ability, it’s the ability of these voices. End of the day, what is truly worth to us? Is it knowing why things are happening in the way it’s happening or seeing some magic and thinking it’s the work of the God? If God has created the universe and if he has been speaking to us ever since, can we ask him to create a being who has all the knowledge of the universe then work with this being to find a way to improve human lives? cure deceases? stop wars? or at least to understand the truth behind all the religions so we will stop killing each other because of our false religious beliefs?

- A Failed Prophecy of T.B Joshua.

When prophet Joshua made this false claim, people started claiming that he is a false prophet. However, he makes these prophecies due to the voices and visions that he have, therefore, it’s not a problem of prophet Joshua. The voices that prophet Joshua hear and the visions that he has, claimed to be from God as per the voices itself and he believes in these voices and visions. Though in an abnormal way this alleged God knew princess Diana’s death well in advanced, he has given a false prophecy about the out come of a major event such as the US presidential election. Therefore, can this be the voice of the God ? If not, who stimulate Joshua’s brain, his Auditory Cortex or any other relevant area for him to perceive these words for him to predict future? Therefore, it’s our ignorance only to simply ignore prophet Joshua as a false prophet and not investigating into these abnormal voices and visions. In Baba Vanga’s case, there were some invisible creatures (according to her) who were behind her brain stimulation and her accuracy was over 80%, however, in Prophet Joshua’s case, it’s a God who is doing a stimulation to his brain for him to perceive voices and visions for him to predict future but in reality, by analysing these cases, it is evident that both of them are being deceived to believe such things. At the same time, people with mental illnesses claim that their voices can imitate any person’s voice and then they also claim that these voices sometimes lies by acting as a God or spirits, which we ignore completely by thinking these are simply mental illnesses. These voices are also predicting future but due to our ignorance we neglect such claims too.

“I am now happy to say that I still do hear voices, yes… and we get along great (and will forever continue to do so). My voices really helped me to become a better, stronger person, and sometimes they still do the devil voice when they are in a joking mood. Actually, they can do any voice they want (man, woman, child, God, devil, British guy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Mexican, someone I know, etc.). It’s a skill they have that I’ve learned to appreciate, and I find incredibly entertaining.”

“My subliminal voice always kept me safe at dangerous times and safe from dangerous people. I always seemed to know most events in advance, and this protected me and my family from nasty stuff. But the voice also made me lose almost my whole capital at the age of 40, and showed me that I could start from scratch. And I did. At the age of 53 I re-started to medidate and I experienced qi cong resonance within a month. This seemed to help me a lot with my health issues. I have been hearing the voice since the last 6 years, and the voice tells me exactly what will happen in the future in different parts of the world, and it also tells me what my colleagues are up to."

God Speaking to Joan of Arc to Influence Wars:

We could also see this conceptual God influencing the hundred years war which took place in the 13th century by using Joan of Arc. As per the records she was commanded to lead the French army.

"Joan of Arc was the pivotal figure of the war for the French; she was a simple peasant girl who was convinced that God spoke to her. She convinced the Dauphin to take the crown and assume his title as Charles VI and led a French army to victory at the siege of Orleans in 1428. She was captured by the English, tried as a heretic, and burned at the stake as a witch in Rouen on 30 May 1431.”

Therefore, most likely some of the European wars could have started due to the direct influence of this hidden technology. It’s presence can be seen even in the 14th century.

Evidence for Prophet Muhammad Becoming A Victim:

Whilst researching into Bible, I found the Bible and the Quran showing many similarities. According to some text Quran contains references to more than fifty people that are also in the Bible. Below link will help us to understand the characters both in Bible and Quran.

Since this research shows that the Bible or Christianity has been created by this unique race to deceive people and since Quran referring to the same characters that are in Bible and Judaism and their events, I started analysing Quran to see what evidence that we could find for prophet Muhammad being a victim of this technology.

Gabriel The Angelic Being:

By analysing the stories in Quran one could understand that the brain stimulation technology has been used from the beginning for the creation of Islamic religion. Though someone could believe in Gabriel, an angelic being who revealed the Quran to prophet Muhammad, this has been achieved by doing a direct brain stimulation to prophet Muhammed and speaking to him directly. According to Islam,

"Before the revelations came to Muhammed. "he saw prophetic dreams and heard unseen voices and calls" (Mishkat IV. page 354)" -

Another reason to make this claim would be that we see evidence of people hearing voices and making them to believe such as mountains, stones, roof, walls etc.. are speaking to them. How come stones and mountains are speaking? This is a deception achieved by doing a direct brain stimulation and making a person to believe that stones and mountains are speaking. Just because these statements looks silly to some people, we should not simply ignore these claims by thinking Quran is a false document. It’s reasonable to assume that people actually heard these voices. However, what we could say is that, they have been deceived to believe such things. This hidden advanced technology has been used to stimulate our brains by giving us a perception of the direction of where these voices are coming from. Therefore, these people must have been deceived to believe that voices are coming from Rocks or Mountains. Following are some of the experiences of people as per Quran,

The Foods that Glorify God:

“While eating together with God’s Noble Messenger (pbuh), we used to hear the food glorifying God.”

The Stones that glorify in his palm:

“We were together with God’s Messenger (PBUH) when he took up a handful of small stones and they began to praise God in his blessed palm. Then, he put them in Abu Bakr the Veracious’s hand and again they glorified God.” (2) In his line of transmission, Abu Dharr al-Ghifari says: “Then, he put them into ‘Umar’s hand, and again they glorified God. Then, he took them and put them on the ground, and they were silent. Then, he again took them, and put them in ‘Uthman’s hand, where again they began to glorify God.” Abu Dharr and Anas relate: “He put them in our hands and they were silent.” (3)

On Another Occasion:

“Rocks and mountains would say to God’s Messenger (PBUH), ‘Peace be upon you, O Messenger of God!’”

In ‘Ali’s chain of narration, it says:

“Whenever we went around in the environs of Makkah in the early of days of his prophethood, the trees and rocks we encountered would declare: ‘Peace be upon you, O Messenger of God!’”

"While in his chain of transmission, Jabir says:"

“Whenever the Noble Messenger came across rocks and trees, they would prostrate before him, that is, demonstrating obedience to him, they would declare: ‘Peace be upon you, O Messenger of God!’” (5)

If we take another miracle such as splitting of the moon, this could simply attribute to a visual hallucination due to a direct brain stimulation. Perception of seeing such a thing could be real, since this can be achieved by doing a precise stimulation to our brain. We can also assume that by mentioning the life of Jesus in Quran, they have given another reason for Christian people to believe the story of Jesus, however, at the same time, they made Muslim people to believe that Allah is the true God and Jesus was simply another prophet similar to that of Muhammad. Therefore, by creating these three different unique beliefs (religions) and then by having certain concepts contradicting each other, this unique ancient race who hold this advanced technology, has managed to successfully use people around the world for the benefit of their long term rule.

Dancing Mania:

This is one of the most mysterious phenomena that people in the middle ages happened face. According to records, this strange phenomenon, where people suddenly start dancing out of control started in Europe in the 13th century and it continued for another 2, 3 centuries. Even today people don’t have a slightest idea for the cause of this strange phenomenon.

Following are two cases:

1). "Perhaps the most famous occurred in Strasbourg, France in 1518, when 400 men, women, and children danced uncontrollably in an outbreak that lasted for months. Dozens died from heart attacks and exhaustion.”

2). "One of the earliest recorded outbreak of hysterical dancing occurred in Aux-la-Chapelle in 1374. Sufferers formed circles, joining hands. They danced for hours at a time, until they fell down exhausted. Those afflicted with the hysteria seemed oblivious to what was going on around them. They suffered delusions as well, claiming that they were being tormented by spirits, whose names they shouted as they danced. Others saw angels and saints.” -

Assume, what would it be like if this happens to you today, while you going out with few of your friends, all of a sudden you all formed a circle by holding hands together and keep dancing for hours and hours. You all keep shouting that you are being possessed by demons, however, later you will have a little memory of this event.

There are few variations to this strange phenomenon, in certain cases, people start dancing, however, they are not in a conscious state of mind, therefore, they are not aware of anything happening to them but then again there are cases, where people are in a conscious state of mind, they aware of their body movement, however, they don’t have a control of it and due to this they scream or pray for help. Therefore, it's like someone else is controlling the body just like in the below video but without attaching anything to our body.

Now in the 2nd example, these people were not in a conscious state of mind but strangely they all have made a decision to hold hands together and then to form a circle too. For this to take place, they should observe what other people in the group is about to do and make a decision to participate in it by offering their individual hands and then make a decision to form a circle and then dance too. In this process so many complex decisions would take place our brains. This is another example similar to multiple personality disorder and just like people with MPD disorder these people are going to an unconscious state of mind then they make decisions to form a circle and dance, the only difference is that, here people are in an unconscious state of mind and keep on dancing, while MPD’s are also staying in an unconscious state of mind but showing complex human behaviours (this is including dancing if they needed) while staying in this mind state. Therefore, what we can observe here is that even without child abuses or facing any traumatic incidences people show symptoms exactly similar to that of MPD cases. It’s clear that these people were not thinking, if they were thinking they would have not make such decisions. Further, according to records they have also observed that these people were not aware of anything. If that’s the case, without thinking, how could brain produce signals that would make the body to show a rhythmic movement and make a decision to form a circle? Our conscious thinking is the primary force behind making complex decisions such as dancing. If it’s a mental illness, it should have affected to one person only but to form a circle and hold hands? can there be such a mental illness? Our minds should not behave in such a way.

Then again we see certain cases where people are in a conscious state of mind, however, without consciously thinking, brain is sending signals to the body according to the rhythm of the dance. And they can’t control these signals, which generates by the brain. If this person isn’t thinking and doing it, how come these electrical activities are arising according to a rhythm? If it was a convulsion (jerk movement of the body) then that would make sense, however, this was a dance, a rhythmic movement where so many complex decisions should take place, this is an intelligent movement. Therefore, this research shows that these abnormal cases are also due to this hidden technology.

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Foreign Language Syndrome: 1920-1940

This is actually not a mental disorder but a strange ability that a person gets normally after a stroke or some sort of a brain injury. People started seeing this condition in the beginning of 19th century only. When scientists and doctors see such cases, they lose their common sense as well and start making completely false claims regarding the cause of such cases. Here, they believe that brain damages could make people learn languages. Following are two incidents:

Case 1:

"The man was found unconscious in a California motel on August 9. He had with him a duffel bag of exercise clothes, a backpack and tennis rackets. He carried a California identification card and a Social Security card, both identifying him as Jamal Miller. When he woke up in the Cedars-Sinai hospital days later, he had no memory of his past and could only speak in an unknown language. For three days, the puzzle remained complete until a rabbi visiting a friend in a nearby room, identified the tongue as ancient Hebrew and was able to communicate with the poor man."

Case 2:

"In April 2012, a 17-year-old Malaysian student involved in a motorbike accident emerged from unconsciousness speaking four new languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indonesian. In what was considered to be an extreme form of this syndrome, the language changed on a daily basis, lasting for several hours at a time."

In both cases, though scientists are meant to believe that these cases are due to brain injuries, this is a completely false understanding. These people are victims of this hidden technology. Brain injuries will never help people to learn languages rather it destroys our memories or certain brain functions. However, due to the way these cases are coming to surface, scientists and doctors are ending up in false beliefs by contradicting their current understanding of how our brain works. Assume, that you start to learn a new language today, assume that this is French and you continuously learn French without stopping for few weeks until you have a considerable understanding of how to speak in French fluently, in this process by listening, you stimulate your brain continuously to create certain unique neural networks in your brain and by seeing, you stimulate your brain continuously again to create certain unique neural network in your brain. Now at the end of this process assume that you built a neural network in your brain which you can represent by letter X. Now you are able to speak in French just because of this neural network. How can an accident or a brain damage create this unique neural network enabling you to speak French? What happens in these cases is that instead of using your eyes and ear to stimulate your brain and create this network represented by X, they do a direct brain stimulation via these sophisticated satellites to create this same neural network which we presented by X earlier. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether we use our eyes or ears to stimulate our brain, as long as the correct stimulation is taking place, we are able to upload information to our brain by creating these unique neural networks. So in the case of the Malaysian student, they have done a continues stimulation until information related to all these 4 languages are being uploaded by creating neural networks in the victims brain. In the case of Jamal Miller, they have erased and/or suppressed neural networks, which correspond to his mother language, stimulated and uploaded information related to ancient Hebrew. This is the only reason why these people are speaking in these languages after waking up from an unconscious state of mind. Since these people are in coma or unconscious mind state, they will not have any perceptions when these stimulations are taking place. Therefore, victims will not aware of anything. This is why they specifically target people who face with certain injuries, so while they in this unconscious state their brains could be stimulated to upload information. If this process takes place while a person in a conscious mind state, he or she will aware of this and they will have abnormal perceptions when these stimulations are taking place. Therefore, without knowing this scientists are ending up in making false claims due to their observations.

Moses Heard Voices to Write Torah - A Blueprint Of The Future:

A character named Abraham is recorded in Torah, under the volume of Genesis in all the Abrahamic-based religions and Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the largest Abrahamic religions. Although some people think that Torah has been corrupted overtime, it is believed to have the word of God. Therefore, I started researching into Torah to see what I could find there too. Here I happened to see mind boggling events which has been recorded in Torah that cannot be attributed to a coincidence at all.

Though Torah has been written 3000 years ago, I found that certain events in the future has been encoded in Torah, in the most astonishing way.

- This is mind boggling.

- An earthquake. This gives us an insight into the capability of this technology.

How This Relate To Voice Hearing?

“My voice gathers information from around the globe and gives me heads up months in advance for important events. Sometimes, it can be wrong in its deductions, but most of the time, my voice is right in its look-ahead exercises. I think my voice is telepathic across the collective voice. Family members, my husband, does not hear voices, he says, but they gave him schizo pills, cause he has a bit of paranoia. He saw the Japanese tsunami of 2011 in his dream, 5 months in advance. He reassured me that we were not in it. Thank God, it was true. I usually see the earthquakes and volcano eruptions.”

Strangely even voices that schizophrenics hear can tell when an Earthquake or a Volcano activity is happening. God spoke to Moses to reveal Torah, is it this same conceptual God speaking to this voice hearer and give information about these future activities?

End Times: A Chilling Warning To The Humanity:

We are actually living in end times, next few months, few years, if we don’t understand the truth, doesn’t matter where you live, what you believe, your life is in danger. By analysing Torah codes, we saw clearly that on precise dates, things that were mentioned in Torah took place. Therefore, we must not take this as a normal book, there cannot be any coincidences either for this kind of a thing to happen. One example would be that Torah has mentioned Holocaust, including his exact name “Adolf Hitler” and then the year too. Following is a video related to that,

This is not all, as you can see in his other video’s there are so many other events which has mentioned in Torah and has remarkably those events has taken place. Following video you will be able to see that Torah mentioning a world war which is going to take place in this year, 2017.

- Third World War 2017.

Above video should help you to understand how serious this issue is since all the things which they have managed to decode in Torah has taken place. And then Torah has mentioned Trump being the president of the united states and Trump’s trip to Jerusalem, again these two unique events took place few months ago. These are the links to those videos,

- Trump Becoming the US president. Torah mentioned his name too.
- Trump visiting Jerusalem. - This is the actual event related to Trump’s Visit. - Other events that has mentioned in Torah.

Therefore, this is a very serious issue that we are about to face. You could be a person who has been rejecting the Bible, Quran or Torah and it’s miracles or you could be a person who believes in the Bible, Quran or Torah, if you fail to understand the truth, most of the lives around the world, including your children, your loved once and so many other people around the world will end up in suffering. If you are still thinking that this can’t be true then you should be watching this too,

As we can see words in the Hebrew language has been used to encode so many information related to an advanced knowledge

1). Diameter of Earth, Sun and the Moon as been encrypted in the language.
2). Volumes of the Moon, Earth and Sun has been encrypted.
3). Atomic weights of elements have been encrypted.
4). Speed of sound and speed of light has been encrypted.
5). Mass and the sizes of the planet of our solar system has been encrypted.
6). The age of the universe has been encrypted.

Which means, whoever wrote it, had a highly advanced scientific and mathematical knowledge. Then again we should not think for a second that such a God is behind in brining another world war and kill human beings in the most horrible way. By analysing megalithic stone works around the world we can understand that throughout the history a group of people has been secretly holding a highly sophisticated knowledge, a technology. Today more and more people are beginning to understand our true past, however, at the same time we are about to face a global war, in other words, what we are about to face is a reset to the civilisation, so they could continue their invisible rule on Earth.

Having said that, this abnormal book called Torah, has also mentioned that the first human being on Earth has created in 3759BC,

- Creation of Adam

We must look into this with an open mind, even if we believe in God or not. We have more than enough evidence to prove that human existence on Earth goes far beyond then what Torah is trying to tell us. Though, the language used to write Torah, knew the speed of light, mass's and the size’s of the planets and the age of universe and then Torah itself knew exactly when certain unique future events are taking place, Torah failed to give a sensible figure for the human existence in this world. Why could this be? This is completely false and a deceptive figure. What we can say by analysing this is that someone is trying to deceive human beings, cause if not this false explanation of human existence on planet Earth should not be there in the first place while showing abnormal knowledges to believe us in a God. This will also help us to understand why people around the world are claiming that someone is trying to suppress our true history. This suppression is happening in an invisible manner. A clear example for this would be Marshal Payn’s case, where someone was trying to disrupt his work and at the end of the day he never managed to excavate the site.

How Our Lives are Being Influenced By This Hidden Technology Can Be Understood By Looking at the Abnormal Coincidences Related To President Trump’s Life:

1). Trump was born on 14th June 1946 and became the presided of the United States in 2016 and his first full working day in the white house was on 21st January 2017. Which means he was 70 years 7 months and 7 exactly days when this abnormal event took place. -

2). Israel’s declaration of independence took place on 14 May 1948 therefore, there 70th anniversary would be on May 14th 2018. Which means, this date would fall exactly 700 days, after the trumps 70th birthday.

3). Exactly after 77 days from the first date of he being in the white house he attacked Syria with 59 Tomahawk missiles. -

4). Trackdown TV show (1958) had 70 episodes and on the last episode was entitled as “The End of the World”. A conman named Trump coming to a town saying the apocalypse is near and that he will build a wall around their hoes to protect them. -

5). Elizabeth Christ Trump, Donald’s grandmother, died on 6/6/66.

6). Putin was born on 1952, October 7th. Which means, by July 2017, he is entering 777th month of his life. ( A triple 777 is a completing according to Jewish tradition)

These are highly abnormal cases. Someone out there influencing thoughts and actions of human beings in an invisible manner. For example, exactly after 77 dates of Trump being in the white house, Trump or people in certain responsible positions in the US government had a thought of attacking Syria with 59 missiles due to some abnormal event which took place few days earlier, therefore, these kind of incidences are the reason behind how Biblical timelines are being achieved. Which means our thoughts and actions are being influenced. Then again we see that people with mental illnesses are complaining that certain thoughts are not belong to them and they have no control of certain thoughts that comes to them. The reason for people to make such claims is that, abnormal precise electrical activities arise in specific parts of their brains (the areas that is responsible for perceiving our internal speech) and their minds perceive this as thoughts. These thoughts are not due to their conscious thinking, abnormal electrical activities are the reason. This is not a coincident at all. Following is an experience of a person:

"is thought insertion the same thing as intrusive thoughts? Thought insertion is referred to as a "delusion". I think that is bogus. I truly do have unwanted thoughts that are forced into my head from somewhere…” -

Here, if the induced thoughts are abnormal we will quickly notice it and understand that these are not our own thoughts, if it’s logical we would not notice it and chances are we would take an action about it. For example, if you have a need to drink water at this moment, thoughts can be induced to manipulate your action and make you drink water at this very moment or your action could be delayed and make it happen at a very specific time. This is just an example, thoughts can be induced to achieve more sophisticated things such as wars between countries. The question is who is behind this? Who stimulate our brains to induce thoughts to us?

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Evidence for Kim Jong-un’s Life Being Influenced By This Technology:

According to the following article:

"A Japanese press report released on Tuesday claimed an unidentified Tokyo Shimbun source told UPI that Jong Un became highly intoxicated one night in September and ordered senior military veterans to write a statement of self-criticism or an apology"

But the following morning, when the leader awoke, he was confused as to why the officials were there. “Why are you gathered here?”… -

This was a strange event, one who understand this technology, will quickly notice that this another clear example of mind control, this should have taken place by putting Kim Jong un’s mind to an unconscious state (just like in MPD’s) and use his body to give commands to senior military veterans. Therefore, this is one of the most dangerous technology that we will ever see.

As you can see significant lives related to this event, the Third World War, has been affected for couple of decades or if not for centuries now, lives such as in Israel, United States Korea and Russia. These are well-planned events and we are about to face the rest of the drama within next few months if not years, if we don’t understand the truth and alert human beings around the world. Don’t think for a second that this a work of the God, this is not a coincidence either. Following are instances of God speaking to us and we can find many cases from around the world where people meant to believe that God is speaking to them and no one can deny this hearing. This hearing is real. Therefore, who could be behind these voices?

- God giving some prophetic visions.
- God giving a Prophecy about Trump.

Having said that, it’s time for us to start thinking these abnormal incidences, voices, visions with an open mind and understand the cause of these strange cases rather believing in a God. Your life, lives of your loved ones, children and every other life will depend on how much effort that you are giving to understand this truth and educate people about this imminent danger. We must understand that this is not a work of God and we should not let this happen and let this evil people to carry their deception any further. Throughout our history ancient Egyptian empire tortured and killed human beings by fooling us and today their descendants run this operation, manage their sophisticated technology from Switzerland. There are so many evidence for the existence of a highly advanced technology on Earth, this is why people are seeing UFO's as well and they visit our houses and abduct people but yet we don’t have a slightest clue to this phenomenon and we are trying to come up with all kind of false explanations to understand this whilst they still carrying their evil act. There will be more and more evidence for us to understand this truth within the next couple of years, however, as you can see they have been working on a reset to civilisation at the same time. This technology is capable enough to create massive riots or even wars out of thin air and its capabilities are mind-boggling, a normal person cannot comprehend such an advanced technology. All our experiences such as voice hearing, multiple personality disorder, thought broadcast delusion etc.. demonic or spirit possessions, dancing mania, automatic writing, sleep walking, hypnosis, Godly voices and visions, clairvoyance, extra sensory perception etc.. are due to this technology only. This technology has been on Earth for thousands and thousand of years without our knowledge and it’s evident that way back in the past, there have been a golden age and they have been running an invisible rule on Earth till today. Your survival will depend on how much effort that you are giving to understand this truth and take an action to stop this from happening. Donald Trump will never make America great again, instead he will be the cause for unthinkable loss of human lives that we have never seen before in our life time, since his under the influence of this said technology. Similarly Kim Jong-un’s thoughts will be exploited to bring destructions to the world. Three thousand years ago, Torah precisely mentions so many abnormal events and just as Torah said, all these events took place in the exact way. Having said that, this abnormal book didn’t know the first human being on Earth goes far beyond than 6000 years. Which means, by mentioning scientific knowledge and future events precisely, someone is trying to fool human beings only and this has not given by such a God to Moses, Moses heard a voice who claim to be the God and fell for it just like prophet Muhammad got deceived by these voices and thought God was speaking to them, how blind they were is that, they thought even mountains, walls could speak. Voice hearing is real, people perceive such voices and have abnormal visions, therefore, this is not something that we could ignore. Humans around the world should understand the gravity of this issue. Human thoughts will be influenced to bring another world war or wars between some countries, which will ended up in destroying human lives in a massive scale. Climate change is a fraud, it’s due to this technology. Tsunami that we happened to face in 2006 is due to this technology, recent hurricanes that we saw is due to this technology. This is why we see it in this abnormal book.

They could even attack certain parts of the world with meteorites and make you believe that it’s a natural cause. Our technological progress from here will be a huge issue for their survival and to continue their invisible rule, therefore, they will find many ways to destroy human lives and properties. End times, that Christian people are believing in is actually a civilisation reset and it’s not a work of the God, Devil or neither a natural cause. We must not fall for this deception. Enemy of human beings is not Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un, leaders of Israel, Iran, Russia or China, enemy of human beings is living in Switzerland who are sun worshipers, who once did human sacrifices around the world. This is why Switzerland had this bizarre ceremony in 2016, except a very small number of people, citizens of Switzerland are not aware of such a thing. 


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It is a fact that people do hear a voice who claimed to be a God, that's not all this abnormal voice that people hear shows abnormal power and knowledge too, that's why human beings around the world fall for this abnormal voice who claimed to be the God. However, the question is if God has been speaking to people ever since from time to time, why this God has failed to tell people about the truth behind all these religions? People are killing each other because of our beliefs but this abnormal God is silent and not letting humans to understand the truth about religions. Can we have discussions with this God, we must not ignore this abnormal voice , cause it indeed posses and abnormal knowledge then the question who is behind stimulating human brains for us to perceive hearing ? perceive seeing? Baba Vanga showed an abnormal accuracy of her predictions and the reason was she heard a voice (Which means her auditory cortex has been stimulated), who claimed to be from some creatures. Who are these creatures knew our future precisely? It's time for us to know the truth behind all these abnormal voice hearing, abnormal electrical activities of our auditory cortex or other brain areas.

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