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Your knowledge of law and current medical practice is deficient.  There is evidence, if it is examined soon.  Statute of limitations is a legal concept, not a scientific one.  It is unfortunate the Zeus doesn't zap rapists from Mt Olympus (oops, he was overly fond of human women).  It is a shame there is no afterlife to torture bad people forever (I assume you are atheist).  And yes, it takes a lot for a rape victim (which includes men) to step forward.  The process today tries to make that easier than in the misogynistic past (and yes, we are still misogynist anyway).  How many guilty people get off ... and not just for rape?  Why not execute people, on mere assertion of the State or an accuser?

I mentioned the prison rape thing, because that is where most rapes are happening, on a daily basis.  Shouldn't happen there, shouldn't happen anywhere.  As a guy, that is the location I am most likely to be raped.  Excuse me for being self centered.
You continue to just blather on instead of listening.

It's FALSE that there is always or even usually physical evidence. Rape is about consent, or lack thereof. That is quite often not supported by physical evidence, and comes down often to his word against hers.

And I know the statute of limitations is a legal concept. I do not believe I said otherwise.

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