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Surreal art work on vimeo
« on: August 27, 2017, 12:22:15 AM »
Some surreal art work on Vimeo. Enjoy.

This Andy Thomas animation was made from live sound and visual recordings, from travels to forests in Thailand, New Zealand, Brazil and Finland in 2016. It showcases live bird and nature recordings, photography and hand sketches of plant life, landscapes and animals. 3D software is used, to digitize and distort sound and images.

Please check out more about this animation and learn how to help protect the animals and forests by donating to WWF-Australia. 100% of proceeds go to forest conservation and all donations will receive a free, Andy Thomas Digital Art Piece.

Best in full screen. Trippy.
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Re: Surreal art work on vimeo
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Someplace in Windows there was a sound activated graphic that did that, but it was nowhere near as complicated or artistic.  I used to play music and watch it on my big screen.

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Re: Surreal art work on vimeo
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Pr126 - that is more like actual alien life would be like, than the convenient anthropomorphic forms we are used to imagining.

Re: Surreal art work on vimeo
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That's awesome, PR!

I really like this kind of stuff, it tickles my brain in a very pleasant way. Visual candy...
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