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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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Scripture ...

ܐܠܐܣ ܝܒܢ ܚܐܠܕܘܢ ܝܣ ܐ ܛܪܘܠܠ

Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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.  Sharia  versus jurisprudence or  versus US constitution or versus Universal declaration of human rights

In some of the Muslim majority countries they have what they call non Muslim family court . in those that were British colonies they got English common law  mixed with sharia with sharia superseding and now of course an added  mess like Islamic banking finance etc.In many of the Muslim countries most of the huddod are suspended and so is most of the quran suspended . not because they want to but because they can’t . for example , Muslims can’t live by the gun because non Muslim have bigger guns.

Veritable mess that  sharia is, it is  nonetheless is an example of jurisprudence. when  I said sharia is massive subject matter , that’s what I meant .but then  UK shit is also jurisprudence .

From  tactical stance it is not wise to pick  sharia versus UK jurisprudence. You match sharia  with smaller document like US constitution. This way you have despite suspensions sharia remains a  massive body of jurisprudence to look for holes while they have smaller document US constitution to look for theirs .

That’s one problem with pr091/2 link  with the sharia versus UK jurisprudence. The other is its take that ecclesiastical courts have nothing to do with it . that’s dumb . because Muslims too will go for that sort of ecclesiastical court . they will say , well okay then , we want our own ecclesiastical courts if that’s the problem. Great that’s exactly how Islam operated over the centuries. That’s how it ruled

This is common blunder among Europeans .they can’t see it.  America is different . it works from the grass roots up. Contrast that with the French for example. In France it doesn’t work like America from the grass roots up

The thing to watch out for America is this . America is something of native American program. The basic is red Indian way of governance. Its called the Comanche federation. its from that shit that federalism came . Historically speaking Europe never really came up with something like . it was always European States stacked up in each other face.

Test it. Rile up  an American and before he shoots you go hiya hiya laha yaha ee and jump up and down , chant ,  the four grandfather, the wind hiay yaya yoyo  iay hiay aya ., . do that shit and he won’t shoot  you but  offer you   moonshine shit , corn and buffalo burgers .

 Now most scholars like UHRD versus sharia. They like to go for the quick kill. But here is the problem . the UHRD is man made. It can be changed .  some of those human rights arms of the UN were manned by recognized brutal regimes that did not respect human rights .some of the worst violators of human rights were elected into those UN offices.

The American right to life liberty and pursue of happiness is god given. Since there is no such thing as god who will come and change them then they are inalienable . see when it comes to such shit as those rights I’m an atheist . but you start that UHRD then I become catholic .because UHRD is man made and as such man can change it . but god is never going to come to change those rights .

Note now I started out my OP post with stating sharia is god plan. With the US I am saying God given rights. So Allah is cancelled out by US God.  Deity versus deity-

So US constitution its going to be and I don’t wanna hear one  single objection. Not a word. You hear ??????????? .  The Atheist here is me not you. You say god doesn’t exist . I say god and man don’t exist  , unless there are grass roots amendments ..etc  shit can never be perfect . it ain’t supposed to

@Barouch ... what is that ? wow 

be back few days . have to go worship  jesus and say my hail Mary's .  my mind is made up. don't try to change it. I said I will . accept  it . its not up to you. its my life .

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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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But ... but Quran mentions Mary ... and the barakah of saints ... is traditional Islam, not the Salafist kind.

If you can read my scripture, then you are ready to ride Al Buraq.

The US is a strange country, not the same as Europe.  It takes a non-European non-American to see this.

Yes, the US has a generic theistic, not Christian specific, civil religion.  Neutrality was necessary in getting the 13 colonies together, different churches dominated different colonies, Maryland was dominated by Catholics.  We are taught for some reason, to particularly admire Pennsylvania, because of the Quakers.  New England Puritans were scary people, English Salafists.

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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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And did you know Mohammed name was not Mohammed. Mohammed was name used to call Jesus back then. Mohammed real name was Qathem Ibn Abed Al Lat . Qathem means crooked .It  means damaged . Qathem was born out of wedlock . people back then used to go to Mecca and walk in circles around a box called Ka’aba . hey ist a free country. Then they had celebrations  where men and women knew each other intimately and had babies as a result . then everyone went their separate way. Because no one knew who the baby father was they gave the babies any name  followed by name of one their goddess as the dad of the baby.  Al Lat was an Arab goddess . that was appropriate  because in a way the child was product of the running around in circles around the box. People slipped and fell on each other . and women had a babies as result. .  so Mohammed  real  name is actually Damaged  Slave of AL Lat . in Arabic Qathem Ibn Abed Al Lat

Ask any shia guy if you don’t believe me . if there any shias here please step forth and confirm know what would really be good have shia and sunna come here talk and chat away in their usual friendly manner .

This approaches hilarity.  You shias and sunnis are crazier than the christian protestants and catholics EVER were and I laugh about THEM whenever I see an argument they engage in. 

I actually DO know the differences.  But I don't care a pig's ass.  Stupid is stupid and I feel happy every morning when I wake up not dead and realize I'm not one of ANY of you. 

Atheist born, atheist bred.  And when I die, atheist dead!

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@Barouch. Generic theism as in Merck versus Rite Aid brands ? Elaborate

Barouch, mysticism is irrelevant here . That sharia rendering in my OP,  is  the bare minimum . I rigged it such that all Muslims schools of thought agree with it and subscribe to it .that means Sufif agree and subscribe to it. All of them . Shia , sunnis , ah al sunna, wahabists , salafists  etc.

In plain talk. What’s  on the OP is something Sufi love and cherish and call for and work diligently and kill and butcher and connive to realize  . That shit , sufi mysticism is designed to go over the head of the Muslim women  and youth .and its not hardly mysticism.  Sufis are  what the Wahabist recruit from. 

 sufi are just as screwed up as the rest  because that sharia  in the OP is screwed up. They believe in that shit deeply.
all Muslims sects and persuasions agree and subscribe with the sharia rendition in my OP. that’s a fact . accept it. there are minute differences and the differences are only   in the sources but the OP  sharia is subscribed to across the board . if some didn’t I would  have mentioned them .but I didn’t because they all subscribe to it .

 one more word out of  you and I’m going to start post detailing what Islam teaches about jews .don’t make me do  it  Barouch. I dare you.

  Have you ever met and knew a sufi sheikhs ? your so called mystics  ? woman comes to sufi , woman wants sufi  to write a spell so some guy marries her. Sufi writes , charges her a bundle . gives her the shit but not before asking and getting some piece of tail end. They are screwing the women . that’s  why salafist  kill them .sufi  chants  la ilah ila lah la ilah lah , swaying back and  forth and going  show  yourself jinni , show show yourself. Woman comes and says  Skiekh , my husband wants to take a second wife, do something. No problem my dear , lets go in the bedroom , I give you one jinin in your in between takes care of your problem. Sufis  screw the woman and have the woman pay them for it too.  when I grow up you might wanna  be a sufi. 

Not sure about your  neutrality bit. I think one central aspect with America is the protection of the minority. The majority lives on the innovation  of the minority .Obama confirmed that view in a speech . They count on innovation to off set their polices. . mistake.  if allowed sway the majority will over run  the  minority which would arrest progress. Its rigged that way . but in the end , eventually,  the majority will overrun the minority. 

The Roman empire was ultimately destroyed by welfare  and entitlement. That’s what destroyed it . same will happen to America. Eventually America will break up into  small States. Hilary in the election alluded to that . she put it in terms of free zones. Carve free zones to balance her policies . so she is okay with it.

You know that Hilary stuff she tells them . She tells them they can be anything they want .does a lot of damage .  no they  can’t.   genius is heaven born. But they talk as if they are the measure of things . I this and I that .  deeply  entrenched  individualistic delusions.

The first item per pr152 is sovereignty . Sharia says Allah  is sovereign and US constitution  says the  people are sovereign .that’s my claim.

 which one  would you  like to take on  ? US constitution?  Of course. You are the West . It’s only  right ? Okay . Theeee Origin. you start with  classic Hellenism , reason without passion, Cicero, mind of god, Justinain, give everyone his due, the Saint ( Thomas Aquinas) ordinance of reason, John Locke ,law of nature ., 17th  century . jump to 19th England , Jerome  , James mill, and all those I didn’t mention

philosophy of law is the area ..

looking forward to an  exciting discussion . kah kah kah. no no I'm not kidding myself. I got to be no no yes I'm.  Forget about it 

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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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Usually a civic religion is a political ideology held in common, the lowest common denominator, before you add the sectarian bits.  But in the US this is different, because only the US was formed in the shadow of Christian Israelitism.  The US is the promised land, not that bit near Tel Aviv.  Atheism of course works against that, as it is corrosive of everything else.  That is what I mean by common theism ... it is unique to the US.

And yes, I have studied Sufism, as part of my studies of Islam.  Al-Ghazali had to domesticate Sufism, make it safe for Islam, otherwise the imams would have had to destroy it.

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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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It is dishonorable to pick your target .

The following is an exposition of Sharia by yours truly. I’ll do my best to give a fair and accurate account . If there are any Muslims or ex Muslims who feel something should be corrected, modified , or added please do not hesitate to say so  . bear in mind  this is meant for people who are not Muslims ,not familiar with the culture .  stripped and  simplified to avoid controversy . meant as something that can help us understand each other .

Al  Shriah is allah way in the life of the Muslim. It is the collection of commands and prohibitions that guide  and order  a Muslim life .  A  Muslim is obliged to abide by is massive and aspires to regulate and guide A Muslim life every second of his life.  As with such rules they branch into many divisions . I start from top to bottom .


Have you realized yet that each and every post you make just makes you seem more and more insane?
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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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Can anyone make any sense of this word salad?
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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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Can anyone make any sense of this word salad?

I think Islam is the craziest modern religion and even *I* wont say this nut is a good representative of it.

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