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Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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It is dishonorable to pick your target .

The following is an exposition of Sharia by yours truly. I’ll do my best to give a fair and accurate account . If there are any Muslims or ex Muslims who feel something should be corrected, modified , or added please do not hesitate to say so  . bear in mind  this is meant for people who are not Muslims ,not familiar with the culture .  stripped and  simplified to avoid controversy . meant as something that can help us understand each other .

Al  Shriah is allah way in the life of the Muslim. It is the collection of commands and prohibitions that guide  and order  a Muslim life .  A  Muslim is obliged to abide by is massive and aspires to regulate and guide A Muslim life every second of his life.  As with such rules they branch into many divisions . I start from top to bottom .

Sharia is :
1)   Aqa’id and Ibadat  (beliefs and rituals ) … such as Salah( prayer, ) and Zakkah, fasting .
2)   Muaamalat ( social relations/transactions.. ) . .. marriage , divorce, inheritance, business  law,etc
3)   ‘Oqubat  ( punishment )  . breaks into three : A) Qisas. think of it as eye for an eye  B) Ta’zir , simply authority  residing in  the ruler/judge  to decide the  punishment he deems appropriate  which can reach death sentence .C)hudood

The last one , the Huddood  contains  categories


1-   Al Riddah (apostasy) ….. penalty  death
2-   Theft                            ……. Amputation of hand or leg ( excludes plunder)
3-   Highway robbery       ……  no homicide amputation  of hand and/or foot . with homicide, death
4-   Drinking alcohol         ……flogging
5-   Unlawful sexual intercourse.  Ranges from Death by  Stoning or  crucifixion or by sword  .  , to flogging to none.
6-   False accusation of unchastely. Flogging

What to note is the difference between Huddod and Qias. Qias (eye for an eye)can be settled by compensation. you kill someone you can pay diya( blood money )  provided the victim family agrees .If  they don’t  agree then you die or your is plugged if you plugged the guy’s eye,etc. . so punishment in this category is amiable to substitution  with compensation .
 But huddod can NOT  be substituted  with anything . Huddod  are deemed in sharia as right of Allah . they are not open to amicable settlement  or pardon. That is what makes Hudood so controversial in the West.

but  in islam huddod  is very much loved and espoused . the reason is because its Islam version of redemption. You steal , your hand is cut and you’re freed from that sin. That’s why an ISIS member pleaded for his hand to be cut off because he stole. He just wanted to be redeemed , cleansed from his sin.

 Punishment of crime is message of joy in Islam.  the Muslims is assured that Allah has granted them   them qasas , a life for life, eye for any eye , hand amputated. They’re meant to   redeem cleanse you from  sin . Those are Allah gifts of redemption, with  hudood not substitutable, non negotiable   . this is to avoid being thrown  in   hell where Allah  throws boiling water in your face if you stick it out of the fire . when Muslims- stone the woman , they all participate joyously because the woman is being freed from her sin. This is why the father of the girl stones along . he wants his beloved daughter not to go to hell. you got it ? 

 sources of sharia .

1-   Quran
2-   Sunna  . breaks into two, practical and theoretical
3-   Qiyas
4-   Ijma ( consensus). Basically what scholars agreed on
Finally , what are the goals, aim, intentions of sharia . Those are five called five  Kamalyat
Preservation of :
1-    Religion                    A)huddod , penality  of apostasy ,. B)Jihad Talab which means  jihad to defend religion and spread it .
2-   Wealth/money          Hudood of theft , cut hand etc
3-   Self                               Hudood  are qisas (substitutable  .e.g.  diya ( blood money)
4-   Mind                          Huddod of drinking alcohol
5-   Ar’d                            Hudood  of unlawful sex , stoning . not necessarily Western  adultery or rape because Muslim can have sex with women he owns outside the four wives limit and captives. 

The Qiyas and Ijma , are the basis  of  Al -fiqh ( jurisprudence)  . Basically what the opinion of  select Muslim scholars (ulema)  across history .

since the Quran and sunna  both require interpretation then Al fiqh is actually the main source of legislation . in Muslims majority countries that is what they say in their constitution.  when they translate the specific Article in the constitution to another language  they say Fiqh.

 if you include the four quran, sunna , qiyas and ijma then we are taking about a sharia that is designed to  regulate the Muslims’  life from the time he is a nursing baby to an Old man , from Jihad and war to  hygiene  bathroom rules, from the most insignificant such as  how  to enter a bathroom to Hud(huddod) of apostasy .   

That’s it . now you know sharia 101 . enough to work with perhaps / and hopefully I have made the playing field level for you or at least someways  in that direction.

Next comes the necessary  and called for comparison/contrast  between sharia and Western jurisprudence. Muslims flee their Muslims countries to come live in the West , enjoying the freedom offered by the West . Yet , they claim that Sharia agrees with the west and they even demand that sharia be applied and the  changing of those western countries into  copies of the Muslim countries they have fled .

Questions to be answered

1-   What are the  significant differences between Sharia and something like UK or Germany or the US ,  Constitutions /jurisprudence .
2-   Is  Sharia compatible and does it agree with those countries jurisprudence/constitutions.
3-   Are the goals and aims of sharia  consistent with those countries jurisprudence . .

Those  are hard questions to answer for the non scholar -. Obviously  the exposition I gave of sharia is not remotely adequate to answer those questions. When there are things like quran and sunna and sira lumped to form ijma and what have you then by implication the subject matter is massive .  But if everyone agree preliminary that this exposition (open to improvement) is fine by them then we can at least have one common reference point.

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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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Recommended reading:

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Also available in .pdf format (Acrobat Reader) free on the web.

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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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We have no common basis for discussing Sharia unless we both understand ...

"ikhlāṣ al-tawḥīd" vs "sharā'i sam'iyyāt"

"ikhlāṣ al-'amal" vs "sharā'i' aqliyyāt"

This cuts not just 2 ways, but 4 ways.  If you don't know what these terms mean, then we have no basis for discussion.  You need to get a Sufi to explain it to you.  I don't explain it to you, and it isn't meant for the peanut gallery here either, just you.

Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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@Barouch, what did I say about calling people names ? what peanut gallery ? control yourself. We’re all smart here . and when did smart had anything to do with it ? its spirit and seems to me they got more of it than you and I. only difference I’ve been out there on the battle field few times. You’re all really good people , better than me . My hands got a lot of shit on it. All for naught because there is no victory in defeating your brother man. Its just you have to put down rabid dogs . you do another ten spring up in its place.

I think you can learn a thing or two from this of them is integrity . You need to acquit yourself. You need to go back and explain why do you say you respect Islam when you say you’re jew and when Islam teaches its followers to cuss you 17 times a day . they cuss you , cuss your women , your children , your babies , your old people , your sick , you poor , your needy ,ect . everyday . have you no honor ? divest yourself from all that hatred for these people. Get over that fear hurdle. Fear is a terrible hurdle but you can do .

I do not talk to sufis  . one tried to get me to believe  that Jews are brothers of pigs and monkey .he tried to get me to believe that a nation of jews were rats who identified themselves as such by declining to drink camel milk . not only that he said Mohammed  said there was another nation of Jews who were lizards. He used the Quran and haddith to make believe him.would you like me to show you? What are friends for , eh?

Barouch the time of trying to  soft sell islam via sufis is pretty much over. Look at what this pr126 can pull . He has access to stuff on the net with the push of the button while you are busy  posting commercial  stuff from Wikipedia thinking its something  .

Leave me out of it please. It wasn’t me. . it was Jesus character in the bible who said for you to take that Tawhid stuff and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. Take it up with him. He was the one who said  Roman centurion who believed in multiple gods as having more faith than your goatish bearded Pharisees. He was the one who  marveled  at that gentile woman faith . it wasn’t me man. I got nothing to do with it .  I was born centuries’ later. True jesus got crucified , so the story goes , but he  haunts you not me .go crucify him again . maybe that will do it . or you’re decided on killing all the Christians just to get rid if him. Final solution ?  .

Abu Baker, 1st Caliph, one of the companion of Mohammed , justifying his brutality and murders  and mayhem said he did it for Tawhid  sake  . when news of Mohammed death  ( he was murdered) was announced Arab women came out in the streets dancing and singing . Abu Baker had their hands and legs amputated .sound like them Yazidis women . guy dies and women are out on the streets dancing and singing .

That’s   shit Barouck. You can’t clean that shit by some infantile soft sell Islam sufi pretensions or tawhid  Ikhlas sura crab that actually gives allah the definition of virus .  what Mohammed and company  did is sssssshit man. Take that shit put it in the washer , dump detergent and gallon of bleach , run and dry and it still going to come out  shit to pr126 and the rest of whom you call peanut gallery.

Frankly Barouch you are the peanut gallery only you don’t see it .you’re peanut gallery all  by yourself.
There , are you happy ? Lets not derail stuff .  I’ve to acquit myself in terms of what pr126 posted . he honors the post . you diss it .

Are you dangerous .? following me like that . stalker . just kidding . thanks for opportunity . but lets keep this post to sharia . and yes yes yes I do not know those terms. Sorry . no idea here . you got me Barouch. You’re right we have no basis for discussing them . Sorry . apologies . tragedy . calamity . oh well  I’m just going to have to pick the pieces and move on. Hopefully tomorrow there won’t be any of this shit again. So that we may proceed unhindered.

The first item  I want to treat is first item on pr126 pdf file on contrast between sharia and UK jurisprudence. . its basically talking about the idea of sovereignty. Heavy shit . so please Barocuh be a good boy now .  I promise I will do a piece on Ikhlas and crab that not even your best sufi can match . I just might bring some of  secret kalam to bear. But you will behave . its one way ticket anyways  . I teach while you talk nonsense . wait your turn.

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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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Ibn Khaldun wrote:
True jesus got crucified , so the story goes ,

Not according to Quran 4:157

That they said (in boast), "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah";- but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not:-
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"Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their free will."
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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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I just think it's funny this thread's title could be read as:
'Sharia: let's bomb The shit out of The playing field.'

I'm immature. i know
"If we have to go down, we go down together!"
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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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Ibn Khaldun wrote: [snip]

Not according to Quran 4:157

That they said (in boast), "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah";- but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not:-

And the Kashmir theory of Jesus, and the Gnostic view of Jesus, would agree, that he didn't die at that time.  The Passover Conspiracy was quite real to them.

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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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I just think it's funny this thread's title could be read as:
'Sharia: let's bomb The shit out of The playing field.'

I'm immature. i know

Less than you might think. 

Afterlife fanatics of all theisms don't worry about what happens on Earth. 
Atheist born, atheist bred.  And when I die, atheist dead!

Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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Sorry late. Neighbor wife tried to leave out the window instead of taking elevator down .fire dept, police,etc.  caused a commotion in other ways hectic day. 

@unbeliver..I guess you’re right . no excuses but frankly I’m not used to this medium or talking to people like you . I’ll try harder . let me know what you think

@ pr152 .  how’re you? You like MR Beans. I like him too.  totally funny . hey where did you got that picture from?  Mr. Bean in uniform. That was so funny .hehehehe. Sit.

You got yourself a verse from the quran. You know pr152 you shouldn’t pay the quran any mind. Mohammed was not right in the head . Not in a good way like MR.Bean , but in bad way . he said the brother of people like Mr.Barouch are monkeys .And pigs. And rats . and lizards too. There is nothing wrong with those animals . its just its not true.  if you go look closely you will discover that Mr.Barocuh has no tail. He is not covered with hair . he doesn’t live in trees and swings from branch to branch . test him. if Mr. Barouch was a monkey he would be able to type with his toes. Bad,  because  , Mohammed meant it as an insult , in a very bad way .To call people back then such names was  bad , very bad. .  People  said it to make excuses to kill them .  they call it dehumanize people today. Muslims still teach that bad stuff  that on   TV programs for kids. .

And did you know Mohammed name was not Mohammed. Mohammed was name used to call Jesus back then. Mohammed real name was Qathem Ibn Abed Al Lat . Qathem means crooked .It  means damaged . Qathem was born out of wedlock . people back then used to go to Mecca and walk in circles around a box called Ka’aba . hey ist a free country. Then they had celebrations  where men and women knew each other intimately and had babies as a result . then everyone went their separate way. Because no one knew who the baby father was they gave the babies any name  followed by name of one their goddess as the dad of the baby.  Al Lat was an Arab goddess . that was appropriate  because in a way the child was product of the running around in circles around the box. People slipped and fell on each other . and women had a babies as result. .  so Mohammed  real  name is actually Damaged  Slave of AL Lat . in Arabic Qathem Ibn Abed Al Lat

Ask any shia guy if you don’t believe me . if there any shias here please step forth and confirm know what would really be good have shia and sunna come here talk and chat away in their usual friendly manner .

The unfortunate thing Arabs used to look down on such babies. They said  Qathem was a  palm growing  on  the hill side . that is a wild Palm. hey do you do gardening . did any ?  you know when you plant a tomatoes seed you get  plants that bears the fruit . With date palm that is not true unless it’s a female and you can’t tell unless you take the baby from a female Date Palm. . But the palms on the hill side were wild . no one knew who put them there . so Arabs were saying he was illegitimate .
 Qathem hated that . that hate did things  to his mind . he wanted to distance himself from that accusation. Sadly he did it by denouncing illegitimate kids as Safah . Safah is a very bad word. . You know those crazy serial killers , you use that word to describe or refer to them .

Of course. There is nothing wrong with being born out of wedlock. What is marriage anyways ? .Back then it was just a license to know the woman . Today we don’t care about that in the West. What matters is the  bond that ties the couple together we call love.  . the union now is not about license. The social contract is better for the woman.   .And  I can take someone like Barouch or pr152 and adopt them  be their dad , technically ending my sanity. But they will be as though they were my biological off springs..

Just because someone was born of out of wedlock you don’t go call him ted Bundy or the Boston strangler . but today in Muslim majority they refer to babies born out of wedlock as safah . imagine just Imagine if you were born out of wedlock, single parent family , being called the son of Sam. Thats terrible .  today the West  ( Europe and America for example)  has so many babies born out of wedlock , they grow up to be model honorable citizens. They are just like  any kids born. Catholic canon makes no distinction between them.

 The birth of Jesus resolved a major problem in Semitic societies. he had no biological dad according to the narrative. Back then safahs   were killed . That’s why In the quran killing your children is a right granted to the father . In the quran it says a dad has the right to kill his off spring . so please make sure your dad is not a Muslim lest he listens to the quran and kills you .
there was a case not long ago of a popular Imam who tortured and murdered his infant daughter . nothing was done to him causing an uproar. So please make sure

And the really shameful thing  Qathem  said adoption is bad , not to be allowed. Qathemn  coveted his adopted son wife. He liked her and wanted her for himself. So one day he gets up and he tells his adopted son that he saw his wife in a dream naked and he had a wet dream. He said it in such a graphic manner I can’t repeat it here . but back then they had a rule, you were not to know your adopted son woman. . so Qathem turned around and he said allah said adoption is wrong and should be not allowed. His son gave up his to Qathem.  If not Qathem would have killed him..

How did Gathem see his adopted son wife naked in a dream? What did he go by?  makes me wonder if he was peeping tom.
Now pr152, son, I want to ask you  a question. Be honest with me . didn’t I  tell you guys what to do before you post a verse from the quran? Its in that post Taqiyyah. Didn’t I? did I not list the steps you should take before you post them? You didn’t listen to me and you went and posted it anyways . how do I know ? because the translation of the verse you posted is wrong and is doctored to hide the fact that in Arabic  the verse  is messed up.i told guys to watch out for that . and verses contradicitng each other.  Surat Al Nisa is a foutain of erros . i read it I fall of off the chair. kah kah kha

 It doesn’t say what it says in English. One issue the verse is not complete . the Ulema( Muslim foremost big time lying dissembling clergy) suggest two ways to fix it. Both ways are no good. Verse still messed up.

What else did I say . Go read what I said again . until such time no more watching Mr. Bean for you. You’re grounded.

 So what  if the quran said this or that ?  throw that quran out the window . you hear?

Whats wrong with kids these days?  atheists citing religious text to prove something. Great.

@ Barouch.. come son. Its your turn. have a seat .  Stop fidgeting . sit still. Its okay .  what is all that nonsense you have posted . didn’t I talk to you about not talking nonsense time and time again son? Whats wrong with you ? hard of learning ? didn’t I say question, answer, fact and rule ????? did I or didn’t I? just because  the Board of education says we have to do the impossible  with you that doesn’t mean we can.  . if it was up to me you would be in a trade school learning how to haul garbage . but no oh no, we have to teach you. How ? they don’t show us  how to perform miracles. 

take off that tin foil cap . NOW. What are you talking about ? what agree and what view? The quran doesn’t do agree or view. The quran is a transmission   powered by the golden rose . Qathem ate the stuff. Qathem frothed in the mouth , Qathem sweated ,  wifey Khadiga head expanded and shrank . sand dunes danced , wiggled and giggled. Wala , Kublai Kan writes his poem. Don’t use view or agree with me when it comes to the quran. You listening boy! sh shu shut up

The rule says since Basilides who by then has    been dead and buried over  400 years ago before Qathem munched out  the quran  is to say borrowed , copied not agreed or viewed. You play those games in the peanut gallery not with me . i
But in a way you should get a break, your stuff is funny and hilarious. Placida said Jesus was not crucified because he believed Jesus was divine, was god . . as a Catholic I commend you. And its also true the oblivious quran does make Jesus the father in the godhead trinity. Quran messed up big time.

I see you’re back with Wikipedia Indian nonsense . no more wiki for you. You are grounded too

Now guys can we get on with the program / with sharia? Pr152 I found issues with your link contrasting sharia and UK . that’s the problem with cut and paste .  And UK is not a good choice. Europe was mired in dictatorship when the US constitution was rigged .Bismarck and shit.  The US constitution is the spirit of constitutions world wide , they borrow/borrowed from  it. Should have though of that . I will go US constitution. your cut and paste doesn't cut it

 in the three areas your link on lay man level did acquit itself in terms of sharia been contrary to UK jurisprudence. How ever I’m not sure in terms of Naq’d. I do not know the exact legal term in English for  that word.  . the best word I can think of is “undo” . In court that would be my angle of  attack on the relevant  three areas. That is :” Does Sharia undo UK Laws? “

That would be point of dispute . then in the hearing I would take the Imams and wipe the floor with them. Trample on them.

And what’s up with that shit , undermining my catholic faith and poking fun at it .  I forgive you. Jesus said to forgive you . you’re forgiven . go in peace. Git . scram . shoo .

Now I would like to take a break and say my hail Mary’s and worship jesus . I love jesus . hey its free country. Then I’m gonna go watch TV evangelists . jump and shout shit. I love that shit . I really do. do you have atheists’ TV evangelists too ?  aside from Barouch ? just barouch and pr152? that’s just so sad.

Barouch barouch barouch barbotch barlunes. Hey Barouch do we have copy rights here ? that’s my shit man. My song. Barabush Bara-ouch  , ouch ouch.  I got it .

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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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@ Ibn Khaldun
What the hell are you smoking? 

And it is pr126 not pr152. Unless you are doing it on purpose.

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"Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their free will."
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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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Is this your way of saving face?

You put the botched up verse. I helped you. Instead of thanking me you attack me. Ingrate

My  wife takes my money and buys me expensive clothes . she calls them presents for me. She bought me pr152 Mr. Beans.  Its an apron  so I don’t ruin the shit in the kitchen while she sits cuts coupons and watch tv and talks on the phone and be a total couch  potato.

Is that what you do? You throw verses you are clueless about at people ? not good for you here . nope

Links won’t work here either .

behave yourself

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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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What is your major malfunction?
"The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool" --- Richard P. Feynman

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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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"Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their free will."
 - Joseph Goebbels

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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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Garble is a mystery: Is he a foreigner with only tenuous grasp of English? Is his brain addled by some powerful drug? Does he suffer a serious mental debility? Is he typing wearing a catcher’s mit? Garble’s rampant typos, malapropisms and seemingly aggressive use of execrable grammar can’t be explained merely in terms of poor typing skills or the lack of a spell checker. Even non-English speakers generally do a better job of punctuation grammar and capitalization, and Garble is all the more puzzling because if one goes to the trouble of wading through the muddle of his messages a discernable idea will usually emerge. For example, in a forum discussion about a painting he might say, “Sorry the picchr the har is wrog. The culir. I liike the lips bot teh Paintng is sucs”. When attacked for his random capitalization Garble might respond, “oPS i HITTED THE CAPDLOCK”. Not surprisingly, he drives Grammarian and Nitpick absolutely nuts, but he is utterly impervious to any sort of correction and if their attacks persist he will sign off in a huff with something like, “yuor forum si stupef. bYE!” CAUTION: Garble may be Net Rat.
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Film the sequel
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Re: Sharia . Let's level the playing field
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Substandard . true reflection of state of affairs in the west .and very silly

Malfunction…lazy… poor at  comprehension. Doesn’t  read long article ..mental blocking , maroon mind, etc

Can’t you guys even get your urban lingo shit right , heh? ..and you’re ? typical bang my   brain banger beamer zooties.
Substitute…Garble or  troll is evil spirit . Cavemen men when  confronted by confounding non reinforcing  ideas they
interpreted it in terms of the spirit world .man was and remains a shaman .

@rp276. Stand on your head. Let the blood flow into your brain. Breath deeply . let deee  oxygen in. breath breath Clarice. .
You ever heard of truth value substitution?

Fix your shit.  Take the botched up verse you have posted , google the different translations. Apply different truth value substitution  and you should be able to determine some of the issues in the Arabic form  which it has been translated from and the Quran version from which it was taken from. Else it is saying something else. Not here to spoon feed you .

 Qathem Ibn Abed Al Lat walked the roughly four Kilometers to the mountain with wifey Khadiga tagging along. He went up  the mountain into the cave and munched on the golden rose. Then he looked down below to where khadiga sat and her head expanded and shrank . Later of course waraqa and company joined and ate that shit and become stoned novelists .
. …
 are u a   fake Mr.Bean follower mayhap? Mr.Bean Kafir ?   . a Bean sunni . Not one of us for sure. .don’t talk to me again. The only troll is the caveman.

anything not to deal with sharia ,heh? quack quack quack.


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