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Is it possible to reform Atheism ?
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 This is going to revolve and center around the OMB ,  organization of Muslims brothers . I welcome any questions and input , but please limit them to the subject matter . better still if you initially limit your input to questions  regarding clarification of the things I put down . English is medium that is challenging for me to grabble with , some of the documentation have to be supported by material in Arabic which is a challenge to translate to English adequately  .

 Questions and inquiries about the OMB abound . President Trump considered designating them as a terrorist organization which would have placed their important members on the treasury list with damning results . no one in this world would want to be faced with the prospect of being placed in that list .

The OMB or al jamaa’ as they’re also called , are they going to be the beneficiaries of  the decline of Christianity in the West  ? Will the OMB ride on the shoulder of secularists and atheists to corridors of power and  onward to the reigns of power ? Are they going to start a political party ? are they going to nominate and elect one of  their numbers ? In the event they  succeed what will be the state of minorities under the rule of the OMB ? 

Massive amount of money is poured in the west to effect OMB dominance. Branches of government have been infiltrated by their members . Universities and colleges ,law enforcement and  courts have been infiltrated. important industry sectors and businesses  some of which  today are owned by them . certain state and city municipalities are infiltrated and  partially owned by the OMB . College faculties and media concerns are compensated with sizable deposits   in off shore accounts to illicit co operation  .   During elections massive funds are deposited and channeled leading nominees to espouse calls for building mosques and ignore sermons, militant jihadist  schools , etc .   Demand for Muslim clerics has reached critical and enviable levels. Turkey sending close to a thousand cleric to Germany alone  . German college funded by oil gulf money hard at work training future Muslim clerics .

Many more questions that should provide for  interesting and exciting discussion.

Seems while people are busy wondering if it is possible to reform Islam, they’re being reformed by Islam  . after all the OMB started out as a reform  movement . Hassan Al Bana was a reformist .Over the decades the OMB accumulated `incredible  dexterous , refined  and   formidable organizational skills .   

Please do not quote . use @ so and so . clogs the thread. Good guys . good

now I'm going to go hide lest you beat me up. I'm new in the country and i really don't know  you well enough. you could be violent . don't beat me up please. I'm sorry .

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Re: Is it possible to reform Atheism ?
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Not sure about the title of the OP. What is this to do with reforming atheism?
In Islam atheist have only two options. Convert or die.
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Re: Is it possible to reform Atheism ?
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The title and body of the OP seem to have nothing in common between them. Did you mean to ask if it's possible to reform Islam?
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Re: Is it possible to reform Atheism ?
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Please do not quote . use @ so and so . clogs the thread.

Re: Is it possible to reform Atheism ?
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I dont know much about Muslim Brothers but
Terrorist organisations in the world are used as a style of war...
This style of war doesnt resemble the conventional wars that we know and
there are terrorist organisations to accuire political goals...

American presence in some middle east countries is by the way of terrorist organisations...
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Re: Is it possible to reform Atheism ?
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What Ibn Khaldun means is the Muslim Brotherhood. Or MB for short.

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Re: Is it possible to reform Atheism ?
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Clickbait title.

Although I won't disagree the Muslim brotherhood is one that wants to bulldoze over western values, since it is a theocracy, and that's what theocracies do.

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Re: Is it possible to reform Atheism ?
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Ibn Khaldun wrote:
are they going to nominate and elect one of  their numbers ?

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Re: Is it possible to reform Atheism ?
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 Someone needs to open a post about sharia law. If you’re Muslim who left Islam , as long as you keep it to yourself nobody is going to bother you chances are and depending  . if it is made  known  that you’re you get three days to recant , if not then your head goes .  you recant you are out of the reach of  huddud which in this case death sentence  . Then comes al tanzir .The ruler has the say on what appropriate punishment comes next .look sharia law  is rigged to give the ruler arbitrary powers. I will do a post on that .

That’s what the OMB is asking. They think Atheists are path of least resistance. I mean that’s what I heard them say . I saw this Muslim girl at the super market and my mind went haywire . I started talking that shit to myself, my wife,  what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her and life is short , you know that self serving rationalizations. . I worked my way into getting her to give me a piece of tail end and her dad is one of them . He liked me because I can fake being Muslim really good  because I know Islam better than them . he was really impressed , start calling me sheikh . bring the sheikh coffee. Then he started talking to me about their shit and then about meeting his cahoon and taking oath and shit . it was no big deal. I went back to my wife. I love my wife.

Let me just make a statement here . Never ever let someone/something  make you hate . hate makes you weak and possible to exploit .  hate can consume you .  worst part makes you miss on good pussy  . don’t hate Muslims . hate Islam . I know I know I don’t have to tell you that . I’m just telling you I’m not like that .

Who is this OMB , organization of Muslim brotherhood

Well according to the casual narrative , its an organization that was created by an Egyptian guy called Hassan AL Bana in Egypt in 1928 . The head of the OMB is called Al Murshid AL Am  .  Since 1928 there has been 8 of them .

some of its famous members are  :

Al Sheikh Abed  Allah Azam . the spiritual father of Jihadist movement in Afghanistan and also the spiritual father of Osama bin Laden .

Musatfa  al-Qaradawi . based in Qatar .  chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars. Involved in one billion dollar propaganda movie about mohammed , financed by Qatar . Matrix movie producer will make it . lot of bad shit about this guy . global intifada. Represented in the USA &Europe  through front  Islamic orgs.

Dr. Zaghlool AL Najar . He accused the Copts of killing wafa’ Gostanteen  and habitual ly engages in attacking and debasing Coptic/Christian beliefs and way of life  in  hate speeches  that lead to terrorist attacks on Copts . Check US supreme court definition of hate speech . I’m pretty sure one criteria is that its one that  leads to say something and that something you said precipitate a crime . Best if you familiarize yourself with the rules so you can call your congressman and let him know when  you hear that sort of speech being peddled  .

Khalid Mushal , head of Hamas political office in Syria .

And of course Sayyid Qutbwhose proselytizing was moving engine for the jihadist movements all over the world  .writings worked its way into school books. Foremost hater of the US .was  hanged

There are others but I have to steer clear from mentioning them . you do your home work .but you get the idea.  They got you focused on trying to figure terrorist profile and shit and lone wolf when the heads of the snake are  clear for all to see.  Organize and home in on the OMB heads  at  your place . do it through the appropriate channel and by the law . abide by the law. stay away from following the trail of money . you saw that billion dollar of qatar .use some other evidence . better for you . you do not want to end up like the guy  who stabbed  himself in the back ten times , shot himself in the head few times and then threw himself  from the balcony of the high rise.

Publicly The OMB describe their movement as a  comprehensive reformation movement that cover all aspects of life . In other words  Sharia law . Because Sharia law regulates the Muslim person life from bathroom how to wipe his behind  to what to think.

How did it really start and what exactly is its ideas and agenda ?

I will give the perspective of three known  experts .beyond that nothing but speculations and conspiracy theories  because shit is in classified files and won’t  be released till long after we’re gone .  what I will provide are perspectives from the east  not doctored or edited before it got to censors in  the West.

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Re: Is it possible to reform Atheism ?
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Ibn Khaldun wrote:
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Rep. Ellison didn't get to be the chair of the DNC ... so I think not.  In terms of electing one of their own members, I think they do, of the congregation of Satan.  Lie, defraud and steal.  If necessary then assault, kidnap, rape and murder.  But this is a universal brotherhood of Satan, in all countries, in all political parties.  The community of sociopaths and psychopaths.  Criminality isn't limited to particular religions.
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Re: Is it possible to reform Atheism ?
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@Barouch . now  I did say head of the snake , but that is because the medium I am using is English and I have difficulty with that . what I would have said if I was speaking Arabic would have been another expression . roughly an elephant and its shadow . the OMB leaders are the elephant and the shadow the terrorist and lone wolf . but people wouldn’t understand me .but I did say snake  and I was wrong and I now would like to retract . My error  is not a license for you to go call your brother man Satan . Calling people Satan is common in Islamic sermons . They call countries that too . In iran they get people to make huge crowds and chant America is Satan . I’m talking millions . One incident in excess of four million Iranian chanted America is Satan.

Its  got nothing to do with Satan . The quran tells Muslims that Allah hates the majority of people . Of the 7 billion or so people on earth the quran tells Muslims that Allah hates  all who are not Muslims . if you do the mass that comes to  roughly 5.5 billion  assuming Shiite and sunnas and what have you are all Muslims which debatable to some Muslims . so the figure can be greater .   and that he sends Shiateen( Satans) to go into their heads to make them  bad.  It tells them Allah does not love non Muslims  and is out to doom them by deceiving them and misleading them .if there is  Satan its got to be Allah . you have to conclude.  he fits the character description given by various religions.

 the verses are in the quran , would you like me to post them for you ? we can open a new post and discuss  How Allah works with Satans . this here is about OMB.

Less please leave all that hate inspiring Muslim language out of here. Okay ? you want to discuss it , open another post . I will join you. Be more than glad.

 And it is Muslim language because they excel in it . politicians, imams, school teacher, TV channels , new papers , you name it , everyday , month , year , occasion, etc

c'mon get it together please.

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Re: Is it possible to reform Atheism ?
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Politics is the work of liars, and in the Gospel of John, lying is called the native language of Satan.  But I appreciate your kind response, particularly in a language you aren't native to.

Which dialect of Arabic is your home tongue, or did you learn it as a liturgical language ... if I may ask.
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Re: Is it possible to reform Atheism ?
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OP, do you want to tell us when to breathe?
We 'new atheists' have a reputation for being militant, but make no mistake  we didn't start this war. If you want to place blame put it on the the religious zealots who have been poisoning the minds of the  young for a long long time."
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Re: Is it possible to reform Atheism ?
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@gwadzilla,  wife has the menses and cold  . have to be mister sensitive . put everything in pot and turned fire to make soup. Forget talking business on phone and shit burned  . she yelled. I ran . too late . threw pot in the trash . opened canned soup and served her . I love cooking .

@Brouch   everyone lies. Resist using subversive equivalency and unbalanced comparison to block peoples’ understanding  . do not call politicians liars . I just read some of Abraham Lincoln biography .He was no liar. Worry about yourself  lying .  charity begins at home   
The first expert is an  Egyptian Professor , ex Muslim.

 she is average but with a couple  attractive features .  She got nice meaty lips and long deep mouth and she does open that mouth wider than  Methodist preacher . At full throttle   when the light is at the right angel I could see inside to her  molars   . her boobs are big and they stick out and up which  makes it hard for the  devoted student   to concentrate.  After class when no one was around I reached out and squeezed her boob. She just looked . when I let go  she smacked me  in the face and told me not to do it again. I was a with her a lot  , e.g.  for lunch. She kind of treated me as though I was  teenager , and  like the son she didn’t have . . she had an operation and she called me after she came from the hospital and I stayed with her few nights . She had like an encyclopedic mind . she was interested in teaching me not have sex . one of few asexual women I met . and  like any academic she expects you to connect the points . she is published .

she  begins :
” … in 1928 there was man called Hasan Al Bana with strong beliefs tilting towards wahabism  who called for the resurrection of Islam so as  to give back to the Umma its respect and eminence in the face of collapse of the Ottoman empire following the 1st world war .  Using the colonial presence of the British he advocated holy Jihad/war to expel the British and started to recruit people . And that was beginning of the idea “

Two quick comments on my parts. I interject comments coupel of times  to illustrate to you how to handle her shit. Then you do it yourself . -
1-   She said “using”. He used  .  . that means in her academic jargon  demagoguery ..use or create people grievances to achieve your goal . So you conclude OMB can use anything , colonialism, poverty, Israel occupation, so called American imperialism , political persuasions/polarization, global economy conspiracy ,  terrorism  and of course Braouch politician are liars bit  etc . Main thing, crucial thing  to watch out for, they offer themselves as the solution to those problems . during social upheaval times  they become appealing option. So that means they  cause it - 

2-   She began with saying ..there is a man…. That means look in his past by yourself because for some reason she can’t or won’t. Academic self preservation. But the information you want is in his past . basically British colonialism was a blessing to its colonies , rail road, hospitals, colleges and the greatest gift  is of course British civil   service ,etc .
She continues :”   but Hasan Al Bana didn’t get far . His idea did not spread far because he lacked support , the sort of support the OMB receives today  from Oil Rich countries that  is in  the hundreds of millions..Secondly   Hassan AL Bana failed to use the right technique   . Pictures show his daughters not wearing Hijab . he didn’t advocate not listening to music . . “

1-   Money figure is much larger  factored in the so called 20 or thereabout prime banks  money supply, guidance policies. Off top my head , over 2  trillion held via nominees . so this is no no area for you. You don’t go hey wait a minute there is trillion dollars that disappeared . you do you will disappear too. any body who does is working for the big players.

2-    Hasan Al Bana past . he had no  behavior modification skills to  cancel  recruits   individuality / personality . Hassan was the past . where he came from his job was traditional Imam mainly agitating on Friday sermon according to the ruler directives . he didn’t need those skills. Those skills were acquired later on through a cadre trained at  the soviet union ( no  music allowed notion)  and that French University  soborne , Oxford University . you can name some  according to each college . so basically they got the skills from the Left . but in  your public narrative you say from the West . That means Left. Also points to evolution in skill and formation .

3-   British rule realigned the interest of locals, britsih created civil servants Muslims away from Muslim clergy . So Bana was struggling to make a living.

4-   Hijab switched from what it was to  passive terrorism . what Hijab was originally will need  a lengthy exposition. Fun shit . e.g. pretty boys had to wear hijab in Mohammed time . 

no more comments . straight from her shit .

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Re: Is it possible to reform Atheism ?
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Ibn is a troll...
Atheist born, atheist bred.  And when I die, atheist dead!


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