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Re: What's the Difference Between Taqiyya and Tawriya?
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I believe Taqqiyah has been misunderstood. It does not advocate for wholesale lying without shame or reason. Rather, it encompasses principles even an atheist would agree with. If your life is in danger, say as a shia muslim or non-Takfiri muslim or an atheist in the lands of ISIS, and the only way you know you can survive is by hiding your faith and saying what they want to hear, then this is permissible.

If someone will persecute you or cause you harm because of your faith, you can hide it. Rather than dying continuing to proclaim your faith, Islam allows you to preserve and protect your life first, as well as stopping chaos occurring in society.

That sure disagrees with "die Infidel".  One might realize you are not true to your faith!  Be careful "there"...
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