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I don't see it as deceptive if they tell you up front you are getting a special price for a limited time after which your price increases to standard charges.

My experience with Comcast is they have the best customer service in the traditional cable business. I've used Comcast, Charter, Time Warner, WOW, Mediacom, Cox and a few other smaller providers over the years so I have some basis for comparison. Comcast's all digital Xfinity service is also the most advanced technology in use by any of the traditional cable service providers I'm familiar with.

That doesn't mean their customer service is perfect. They have somewhere north of 25 million subscribers, and they can't please all the people all time no matter how hard they try.

Technically, Comcast is good.  But Verizon FIOS is better.  And Verizon helps me with problems not of their cause a lot better than Comcast did.  Just saying.

And as far as the advertising goes, Comcast compares themselves to DSL even in areas where DSL isn't tany source of service (like around Washington, DC), so THAT is deceptive. 
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