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My conversion
« on: June 23, 2017, 04:48:20 PM »
This all happened before I was saved.
Back story was a buddhist, then a christian for a short while but did not speak the language of the christian church so i never really fully intergrated/was never baptized at that church. then later still completely turn from the religious sent highschool being a terrible person which included beating and persecting chistians. then began to challenge God himself (if such a thing existed) i'd send taunts to god through my victims and dared him to show his face as I wanted to spit in it..

Then one night he showed up

I use to stop breathing while I slept, and I remember one time I was a sleep, but realized I was fairly lucid, but at the same time I could not wake because I had stopped breathing, I remember trying to wake myself, but couldn't. Then I realized I was no longer in my room but at my judgment. I saw a being and immediately fell flat on the ground before Him and he told me not to be afraid and to rise and follow him. I did, to a line of people.(not a long line maybe 10) I saw Jesus welcoming people by name, and again I fell flat on the ground, and my life's events started to recount in my Head. (Before He even got to me)

When He told my neighbor Welcome my good and faithful servant, I knew right then, that was a close as I would ever come to hearing those words spoken to me, then the regret/deep despair begin to sink in. All of scripture made sense, and I knew then my life did not measure up to the standards of being a member of the body. I was helped up and for the briefest of moments I saw in His eyes a glimmer, of what of an eternity of Love with Him could have been, then I saw heart break and disappointment, Then I heard "away from me you wicked servant, I never knew you.."

My heart dropped, Then I pleaded: Lord lord give me one more chance..I fell to His feet and clinched as tightly as I could. swearing allegiance and love. I just needed another chance to prove it.

then either the ground gave way or I was thrown into the pit. I remember falling into a black nothingness, as I traveled away from the light I felt myself being consumed by this Black almost like Hot tar. It was not fire but it invoked the same response as being burned. The panic and hysteria of being consumed lit every nerve ending as if it was being burned by the hottest flame. I could see nothing but heard a great yelling and many many groans of pain from every direction, But only bearly because of my own groans, and screams. (Through all of that I had a sense that these laments were not all human.) All the while falling and being in a great state of panic and pain. Fire, panic and pain are not even strong enough words to describe the intensity of the experience.

That's why when i talk to people about Hell I say the reason the bible uses fire to describe hell it is because Being consumed by fire is the closest thing we can relate to when we are thrown into the void of Hell. Even so fire doesn't even come close. If given the choice I would rather be burned for an eternity by what we know to be fire than experience "Hell fire" ever again.

As the last glimmer of the light was fading The reality of eternity began to set in and all hope quickly faded away. I saw the next step of my journey, and that was in the face of increasing despair, the luxury of the control we have over minds, was soon to be taken from me as well...

It was then I felt a hand grab me, and I began to ascend. the being that pulled me out of the pit told me that this was Only Gates of Hell and what I experiences was only a glimmer of what was to come. He told me that the rest of "this life" was my second Chance that I had asked for, and warned me that all that I experienced awaits me, if I did not know Jesus.

When I awoke I had sweat an outline of my entire body into my mattress and through my comforter.

The experience of Hell didn't change my life, the glimmer of an eternity with the one I love with all of my being did. I realized that Hell is not an incentive for Heaven. Hell is simply the absents of God and all that He created. Being members of Creation We literally burn with desire to be apart of it and with God.

This is what prompts me to ask people, If the descriptions of Heaven and Hell were somehow confused in the Past, and Heaven was a fiery pit (But God lived there.) And Hell was what we know to be Paradise, but God was absent, then would you still want to goto Heaven (The Fiery pit) and burn forever with God?

Those who seek Heaven as their just reward or Choose Heaven because they fear Hell don't understand what Heaven is.

Heaven is being with God no matter what it looks like.

All of this said it still did not convince me thought it all fake as the only hell I knew was dante's inferno and this was nothing like it. then i shared my experience then one of my regulars showed me in the bible where what I experienced was already recorded down, and I wanted to know more. I sought truth no matter where it lead me and I have now come full circle.

In the end after 10 or 15 years of study I can find examples of every key mile marker in hell that i passed long before I knew what the bible said about Hell.

Which is far scarrier now thinking about it than when I actually experienced it.

Yes yes by defination this was another dream, but in my mind there is absolutly nothing that divides the experience of this memory from anyother memory I have. the terror made it all the more real. the ONLY reason I can call it a dream is because I went to bed and when I woke up it was like I fell and bounced really hard out of bed. and there had been a complete outline of my body in 'sweat.'

So because the hell I experenced checks out scripturally I am obligated to share this even though when I do the baiting is endless. but again not here for me or for friends I truly don't want any of you in the spot I found myself in where I came to the understanding that everything I thought I knew was wrong. then the regret.. I want everyone to have the oppertunity to straight ut their BS theology and make a free decision based on the truth and not what you think is true... look at how some of the more active memeber who love being under no God and yet go nuts when I can show them their base theology is wrong. Imagine being me in that line and then having just a true moment where clarity and truth fill you and everything you know is a lie you told yourself over and over till you believed it, what then can you possible say to christ who can see through all your best BS?

One thought just before I lost my mind in hell was that I truly belong here and for a moment see the true justice in leaving me here in Hell while everyone else went ahead.
1Thess 5:21 Question all things and hold on to what is Good. This is a charge meant for those who think themselves Christian. We are to question the foundational as well as the questionable, and hold on to the truth. Because I've done this my answers may be... Different than the typical Christian

Re: My conversion
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Religious nutter.

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Re: My conversion
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I have had paranormal experiences too, in dreams and in the hypnogogic/hypnopompic state.  But I am too tied to normal consciousness to say more than "That's interesting".  I have had experience with Tarot cards (occult) and Buddhism (Zen) too.  And Freemasonry and Christianity.  Contrary to any expectation earlier in my life, I discovered that being a Jewish heretic, was closest to who I am ... though I still carry bits from all my previous experiences, including atheism when I was in college.  I have always been interested in Comparative Religion (because cultural anthropology), and still am, though I spend more time in Jewish sources of meaning.

I wish you, and anyone else, well ... on your life's journey.  But don't take your individual experience as being normative for anyone else.  And as you age and grow ... you might not be done seeking yet.

Re: My conversion
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Well, Drich , am I supposed to take this as proof of some sort?  Your deluded vision is not any kind of proof for me--other than maybe you could use some professional help.  My first question would be why would god grant you a glimpse of the 'real' world?  Why would he not do this for everybody?  Oh, I keep forgetting--god is not about fairness, just punishing.  You indicated that your second chance was to include the love of god.  And that is demonstrated by you as name calling and putting down others who do not accept your belief?  Really.  Pretty stupid god, if you ask me--and you do seem to reflect that god quite well.  Your version of love must mean demeaning others, name calling and revenge.  Sounds like Trump, to me.
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Then he is not omnipotent,
Is he able but not willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able or willing?
Then why call him god?

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Re: My conversion
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tl;dr  .....I was an asshole, then experienced oxygen loss to the brain resulting in some hallucinations based on my want for a father figure to make up for the lousy one I got, then decided that I must have seen god because who else would come to me? I mean did you think a wooky or a wasp would be worthy of "saving" ME? C'mon....I am a special snowflake that has his own god...imagine that bitches.......and I am here to convince you that I was right by getting someone....anyone to agree with my idea so I can have justification for believing this bat shit crazy ass bull-shit.
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Re: My conversion
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Cool story, bro.
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Re: My conversion
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You're the perfect example of why many people think religion is one of the worst forms of child abuse! Imagine telling your story to a 5-year-old - wait, make that four, by 5 most kids wouldn't believe it I hope. Nightmares - just like yours.....
Q for theists; how can there be freewill and miracles? And, how can prayer exist in an environment as regimented as "gods plan"?

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Re: My conversion
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We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch - we are going back from whence we came.

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Re: My conversion
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Re: My conversion
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I'm not sure what the aim of this is. You came here to what is obviously an atheist website and posted a story that you can't draw any rational conclusion from other then it being a religious one. Was it an attempt to convert people here?

Perhaps it helps you, and that fine, if it help you find a sense of peace in your own self, then believe what you want of it. I just don't see why coming here and telling about it, why you thought it would be seen with anything more then skepticism.

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Re: My conversion
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nobody cares, cupcake.
"The first principle is that you must not fool yourself - and you are the easiest person to fool" --- Richard P. Feynman

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Re: My conversion
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Admitting your brain was oxygen deprived and then telling people you saw god, and then suggesting it was really god, is rather moronic. But then again, how does someone with an obvious brain injury understand moronic?
A humans desire to live is exceeded only by their willingness to die for another. Even god cannot equal this magnificent sacrifice. No god has the right to judge them.-first tenant of the Panotheust

Re: My conversion
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youtube is full of stories of people dying and goin to hell and coming back to tell about it. Until we have the ability; like they do in a bunch of sci-fi movies; to see inside someones brain, we have no way to know if they had a real experience or if they are a propaganda artist.

Reminds me of back around 1995 a geology team for an oil company supposedly drilled into Hell. Somebody put up a video on youtube a couple years ago that is supposed to be recorded by the geologists of Hell. Of course I listened to it. Didn't sound anything like what the Bible calls Hell. It sounded like a bunch of people murmuring in a crowded place like a mall or airport lobby. Wasnt a whole lot of people sounding miserable. only one wmn screaming and no men at all. Some people believe it was lifted from a particular horror movie... you gotta ask "if it is real, why did it take 20 years to show up on the internet?".

I rate the recording of the sounds of Hell as plausible or a hoax. Plausible because 1. the recording is too short to say yes or no and 2. There is the faint sound of a man saying "Please help. please help us". Hoax because it is nothing like how the Bible describes it.

I rate Drich's story as a hoax until proven otherwise. There are just too many propaganda stories that are exactly like Drich's story to believe his isn't propaganda too
not expecting god to show up, but if he does we’re going to have to beat the prick up.

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Re: My conversion
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It's called a "dream". It's not real. It's proof of nothing. Now run along.
"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful." - Seneca

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Re: My conversion
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But, but we love dreams, particularly if it seems to fulfill a political-economic fantasy ;-)


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