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All popes since Pope Liberius (died 366 CE) are anti-popes anyway.  There was a struggle under Pope Liberius, between the Church and the Emperor, who created his own Pope Felix II to support his policies.  Eventually the people of Rome drove out Pope Felix II.  Pope Liberius' successor, Pope Damasus was supported by the by the Emperor and upper class supporters of the previous anti-Pope, Pope Felix II.  The opposing Pope Ursinus, elected by the Roman people ... was supported by the lower class supporters of Pope Liberius.  The supporters of Pope Damasus ... massacred the supporters of Pope Ursinus, and Ursinus was exiled.

Subsequent official propaganda put Pope Damasus as the legitimate pope instead of Pope Ursinus.  Thus permanently polluting the succession with a man who had Roman blood on his hands, but the support of the upper class and the Emperor.  And yes, in this case, the winners wrote the history (including St Jerome and St Ambrose).  But per Catholic canon law, the entire chain has to be legitimate, or the connection to St Peter is severed.  But then ... the Emperors had created the Catholic Church as an instrument of their imperialism.