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Sourdough Starter:

Sourdough loaf ready for the oven:


Ready to eat

My earlier efforts:


Irish Sodabread

English Scones


Bakewell Tart = Almond cake

Cheese cake

Nice. It took me a few tries to get my sourdough right, but I finally figured it out.

Right now my biggest problem is Karen doesn't want me to cook it as dark as it should be.

Nice sourdough. My favorite bread.

I am just starting a batch of Blueberry Muffins.

Here they are 16 Muffins in this batch. Won't last long.

BTW, I am using Xylitol instead of sugar because of my diabetes.

One of these days I want to get into baking bread, not so much for the eatin, but the smell.....ahhh the smell will bring one to religion. Until then though, I cook some pretty good wine and cream sauces.....


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