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So sharia law now is comparable with human rights laws?
He said Sharia Law is the only religious law incompatible with democracy. This is patently false. Biblical Law is also incompatible with democracy, as is the law of most religions.
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Re: A little objective Islamic history ...
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As I have said elsewhere, Christianity took over Europe peacefully (but with intent), and Islam took over the Middle East, North Africa, and Spain and the Balkans with butchery and bloodshed.  Islam (and the Vikings and the Huns) forced peaceful Christian Europe into expansive militancy in defense of their territory. 

The Christians forced the Islamists back out of Spain and the Balkans but failed at Constantinople (which they foolishly sacked themselves once).

The millennial war between Christianity and Islam in the Israel area is the saddest excuse for idiocy I have ever seen in all my studies of history and plagues us to this day. 
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