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Trumpster and his executive orders
« on: May 03, 2017, 03:12:16 AM »
I saw a particularly important EO number and lost it, but first some other things Trump has done

He instructed the treasury to figure out how to get rid of Dodd-Frank. (what a moron. doesn't he know laws can only be overturned by Congress?)

overturned Obama's order that required companies that want government contracts to be in compliance with the Fair Labor Practice Act and OSHA. - all offenders are now welcome to bid

he has removed all restrictions from drilling in the gulf and Alaska

issued an order to begin construction of the wall

loosened protection of retirement benefits from shady investment advisors

loosened the definition of compliance with the Clean Water Act

instructed Secretary of education to change budget from public schools to vouchers for charters and private schools

banned American organizations from talking about abortion outside of the U.S.

There is also a new EO that Trump is working on to extend the rights to discriminate by religious business owners. This is where I believe the ACLU should be getting involved. The republicans have been saying that they have a first ammendment right Freedom of Religion to refuse to serve gays or lesbians. Trump of course agrees. They are all so dim-witted that they dont see that by claiming a right to discriminate that they are violating the first ammendment.

Supposedly being gay or lesbian is immorral, or a sin, or some other such nonsense. And where exactly does that idea come from? religion of course. We all know that certain religions stand against LGBT... Is there any other place that we can go to to say LGBT is wrong or unacceptable? NO!!! and hell NO!!! The people of the U.S. have the right to choose to be one of them Christian people. They also have a right to choose a religion that doesn't say anything about LGBT. If the Christians demand the right to discriminate against LGBT because their religion says its wrong, then they are denying other Americans their right to choose a religion that doesnt say its wrong to be LGBT

well... ya know these Christians find it as incomprehensible that someone would choose to be some other religion as they find the idea of someone saying they are an atheist
not expecting god to show up, but if he does we’re going to have to beat the prick up.

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Re: Trumpster and his executive orders
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he has removed all restrictions from drilling in the gulf and Alaska
Yeah, that order didn't get a whole lot of discussion over here.  Needless to say, that's a terrible policy.

Drill, baby, drill.  And here's how that's worked out for us so far:

Or we could switch over to a better source, keep our beaches nice and healthy (p.s. - people travel to beaches and spend money there), generate new American jobs, spend a lot less money in the long-term, and shake off our crummy national reputation as an unrepentant polluter.

But all that assumes that Trump cares about anything other than getting slick greenbacks from the oil industry.

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Re: Trumpster and his executive orders
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As long as the oil industry or any other industry can provide kickbacks ... to Clintons or to Trumps ... the policy will flow accordingly.  The only way to get rid of the corruption is to destroy the money supply.  The upper and lower classes are part of a delayed mutual suicide pact.  The future is Zimbabwe mixed with Haiti.

I find it funny, that anyone thought that Trump would govern to the Left of the RNC once he entered office.  It is delirious for any D thinks to think that an R administration won't seek ways politically correct or not, to implement their agendas.


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