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This is whiskey red 5, I'm going to need a source for these statements about Noah, over.

Looking at all the quotes from the show, where he made 4 or so jokes about the obama wall street speech, I don't see one place where he is calling anyone racist. The closest is asking why the first black president has to be the first to make the change, or that it"feels" a bit racist for a black guy to have to clean up a white man's mess for free (which is, shockingly coming from a comedian, a joke.).

Basically he says that Bill Clinton took the money, so "fuck you" to those of us who don't want the black man taking the money. We're not holding a black man to a different standard though. Obama is not the first politician people have asked to not be a Wall Street sellout. Yeah, Obama's getting more shit than other former Presidents who took the money, but that's because the "get money out of politics" movement is a lot stronger than it has been in the past. This is just coincidence. It's not because we want the black man to be held to a different standard. Using the colour of a man's skin to deflect criticism away from him being a Wall Street sellout is the absolute worst of identity politics. You told me Noah was not a shill, so maybe instead of defending the rich and powerful by saying "he's black, shut up", Obama should be the target of the joke. Maybe, "you thought the black guy would be the first one to agree to not take the money?" That would have been a funny little shot he could have taken at Obama. Or maybe a joke about hope and change being a sham. But no, instead he attacks the little man for taking issue with rich, corrupt sellouts.

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Re: Hasan Minhaj W.H. Correspondence Dinner Segment
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Okay, so if a comedian doesn't appeal to your sense of humour then he is a fake comedian and a shill.

Have fun with that then.
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