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American myths ...
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It isn't just that Syrian Islamist culture is bullshit ... but American Christianist culture is bullshit.  For atheists, the general population, which is religious, is necessarily a bunch of dims vs brights (the atheists).  Same for straight vs gay (the gays are metrosexual, so superior).  Voters are obviously "deplorables" ... because they aren't successful.  Sociopathic politicians are successful.  Those people who have inferiority complexes, usually overcompensate with superiority complexes ... and minorities in any society, who are minority, and oppressed (as happens in every society) ... are prime candidates.  Of course majority people in every culture, have their own problems.  On that POV see this Youtube (all audio) .. ... you don't have to watch all of it, or any of the other related videos, but try 5 minutes of this one.

This is a whole series of lectures by the same professor on American myths.  Our European friends, don't share this culture (they have their own cultural problems).

I want the SJW folks not only to defend Muslim terrorists, but also criminals and mentally retarded etc.  But they have to wear spandex super-suits.


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