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Re: Tesla now worth more than Ford
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Who runs the companies is irrelevant. What matters is the usefulness to the user.  Everyone I know personally who has tried Mac software is surprised at how much control the user has over the file structure.

On the other hand, Windows Office( Word and Excel) beats Mac Pages and Numbers every way you look at them.  So I have a Mac platform but added Windows Office for Mac and get the best of both worlds.  Office for Mac isn't totally "Windows Word and Excel " (there are some missing features) but it sure is better overall.

And thank you for a rational post...

Well, computers aren't supernatural ... or are they?  Alien technology from 1948 Roswell, if sufficiently advanced, would look like magic, right?

Just loaded latest version of MacOS ... High Sierra.  I left Seri turned off.  I don't need an invasive help system that can act a Bob from CIA ... keylogger etc.

Re: Tesla now worth more than Ford
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I've been on both platforms and I have one of both.  Mac is better.  Finder is one of the best things EVER, and Mac gives me total control of organizing and creating folders.  Windows fights me about that.  And IT wants to control how I organize things.  I used to have control of my directory folders on Windows.  Now I have to practically beat the software into submission.
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