Author Topic: High-school student's project attempts to prove that feminists are hate-filled-  (Read 391 times)

-and intolerant:

After tweeting a pic of herself in a #meninists t-shirt, feminists rush in and quickly prove her hypothesis correct;

"Within minutes she received more than 200 negative responses. Martin told Red Alert Politics that liberals started threatening to egg her car, wishing she’d learn her lesson by getting raped, or telling her to die."

Offline Sorginak

Upon seeing her, I merely assume she likes dick as I do. 

I didn't see wishing that she'd get raped. The tweet they showed said maybe you would think differently if that happened, not "I hope it happens so you can learn".

Offline Baruch

My mother's first husband was a drunk who beat her ... therefore ... all men should die, all men should die ...

How about someone's wife who cheats on her husband ... therefore ... all women should die, all women should die ...


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