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Chuck Berry Dies at 90
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The article says he helped define rock and roll.  Holy Shit!  That could be an understatement.  Berry wasn't the teen heartthrob like Elvis Presley, but he knew how to keep a relentless beat driving forward with a forceful command until people were on the verge of losing their breath.  When I think of rock and roll, that's the sound that comes to mind.
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Re: Chuck Berry Dies at 90
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Berry was legendary. When I heard the news, last night, I was surprised...that he hadn't died a long time ago.
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Re: Chuck Berry Dies at 90
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That last link was a performance from 2007.  He must have been 80 at the time.  He was still looking pretty healthy.

Re: Chuck Berry Dies at 90
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Chuck Berry and Johnny B. Goode----Johnny B. Goode and Chuck Berry......................
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