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Re: Islamic science time periods
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It is only out of context if you believe that Abraham was a Muslim praying to Allah. I do not.

Abraham and Moses aren't real, anymore than Jesus is.  I do appreciate their point, of 1400 years ago, that Abraham wasn't a Zoroastrian nor a Byzantine.  Abraham, if a more realistic fictional character ... would be praying to El Elyon etc as named in Genesis.  Those are Canaanite gods BTW.  In the extra-Biblical legends, and I credit them as fiction as good as Genesis ... Abraham originally was a townie ... who revolted against his idol making father, and fled to the desert to escape an evil ruler (Nimrod) (sound familiar?).  In the desert he found some bedouin, and joined up with them. 

Did you hear about the one about teen Abraham and Terah, his idol making father?  Abraham realized that his father was full of shit.  That it was fraud to make gods of statues.  But the money was too good for Terah.  So like the teen he was, knowing himself far smarter than his dad, Abraham decided to make a statement.  Terah had to go someplace, and left Abraham in charge of the idol shop.  When Terah came back ... disaster!  All the idols had been smashed with a hammer, except for one, whose outstretched hand, held a hammer.  Terah was mad, and accused Abraham.  Abraham replied, can't you see ... this god over here was jealous, and smashed the other idols.

And that is a hell of a good story, that should have made it into Genesis.

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Re: Islamic science time periods
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You are offended?  Are you 12?  So you aren't even-older-than-me ... you are faking the adults here out?

My point ... spelling it out for a kid is ... "he started it first" is childish  I.  In a bar room fight ... shall we act 12 now, sir?

Human beings are aggressive ... get over it already.  Don't like Muslim aggression?  Good for you.  Even Muslims shouldn't like it, unless they are 12.  And this is a Muslim subject string .. so I will assume that you aren't implying ... well I don't like Muslim aggression, but I like American aggression ... you simply didn't provide that context.  I didn't like Russian aggression, that is why I gave 10 years of my early adulthood to the Cold War.  But not because I disliked Russians, because they were aggressive.

Usually, as a rhetorical device, I don't mind offending ... but usually I say ... be prepared (in the US) to be Chinese.  That is politics for you ... the US is determined to be occupied by China, or are the politicians a bunch of joy riding 12 year olds?  I have told, elsewhere, to Europeans .. that if you don't fight the Muslim immigration, then you will end up becoming Muslim.  Care to dispute that?  On that much I agree with Pr126.  I don't dislike Muslims, or anyone else ... in that I am unlike Pr126.  But for the last 4 years, European leadership in Ukraine and in Greece, has created chaos, like 12 year olds going for a joy ride in Dad's car.  It is worse than 1914 over there.  I got this song that impacted by grandparent's generation ... in my head ... "over there, over there, send the word, to beware, over there".

This is not a bar room fight, I am not 12, the US is not determined to be occupied by China, the US is not likely to become Moslem just because some move here (we are 70% Christian, 1.9% Jewish, .9% Moslem, .7% Hindu, and 22.8% No Religion, according to a Pew survey).

So your entire premise is weak at best and false at worst.  Will you please start discussing things factually or just leave?

Atheist born, atheist bred.  And when I die, atheist dead!

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Re: Islamic science time periods
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Go shit in the woods ;-)  Kibbitz much?  I was talking to Pr126 and his twisted view of Muslim scripture (but not of Muslim history).  If you can't stay on topic (we were discussing Muslims, not me) ... maybe you need to go back and hibernate some more.

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Re: Islamic science time periods
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Anything can be explained away, and I won't, it is pointless for me, because I am not Muslim.  Yes, the Arabs are desert nomads, and are warlike.  Is that why you and I are supporting Saudi Arabia?  Don't complain about ISIS or the refugees they help create, while you support Saudi Arabia.  Do you buy petrol (gas)?  Part of that helps fund those madrassahs in England.  You can thank Lawrence of Arabia for that.

So, basically, the Arabs are a conquering army ... always have been, always will be.  So lets arm them with sophisticated weapons.  Lets take a stick and stir the damn hornet's nest too.  I know this ... not because of the Quran, but because of their present and historical behavior.  For secular reasons.  When I opposed the Soviet Union ... it wasn't because I opposed Russians or even communism, but because neutrally, they are large and aggressive.

Islam is going to take over the world one country at a time. Not a single shot needs to be fired. They win by their birth rate alone. It is only a matter of time until the majority of the electorate, especially in Europe, is Muslim. I am too old (hopefully) to see it but it's either civil wars between right wing populism and bronze age superstition or taking over of the entire political process by religious fundamentalists. Same in the US, here it's the christian fundies, the remnants of Cromwell's puritans who are infiltrating education and politics. Intelligent design or Sharia, pick your intellectual demise.
Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities

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Re: Islamic science time periods
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The Enlightenment was a temporary period of early modernity.  We are now returning to Medieval normality.

However, I don't think the Muslims stand much of a chance against China or even India.


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