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I've been on since August of 2013, and I remember you, Notthesun. Welcome back.

I believe I remember you too!
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Re: HELLo There :)
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Hey guys! So I'm not sure anyone remembers me but I am back! I haven't been on here for 2-3 years if I am correct. I got busy with my last years of college and then just completely forgot about this website. Which is crazy because when I was here I fucking loved this site and most of you (and barely lol). Well, it's nice to be back!

Since then I got my Bachelor's in Philosophy and will be going to get my Master's soon. I also came out of the closet June 2015 after I graduated. I'm still an atheist. Although I dabble in Buddhism and Taoism. I just call myself an atheist tho. Damn, it has been long.

Anyways, I made a youtube video about how I became an atheist and I thought about this site and realized I want to come back and be a member again. It'd also mean a lot to me if you guys watched my video below and even subscribed to my channel.

I'm happy to be back. Let the good times roll!

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Bem vindo!

I like alot of what Lao Tsu said, he offered a great deal of good and pithy advice for living in general, of which I frequently as much as humanly possible.  And the "Tao" is a fairly neutral entity--a couple of forces mingling, supposedly, though there's a fair amount of confusion to it.  Japanese and Chinese Taoism, for e.g., are sometimes at odds with each other as to interpretation of Yin and Yang.  But at one point I realized he kept making reference to "The Mother of All Things" that "created the Tao" and I'm like, "how is this not like every other religion?  A "Creator".  So, I usually skip over those parts.  Meditation is a real endeavor, though, and requires no religion to practice it.  It's more of a technique.

Anyway, what do you plan to do as a philosopher?
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Hello, everyone. Happy to be here.


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