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Hi, My name is Aaron.  I was raised in a semi-fundamentalist household.  I say "semi-fundamentalist" because I wasn't taught to believe every word in the bible should be taken as literally true.  There was never any debate in my house about whether any scientific theories are valid.  I was in my teens before I heard of young earthers.  But, then I was taught to believe that Noah really did build an ark and two of every species on the planet traveled to the desert, climbed onto the ark and then floated around for a while before repopulating the planet.  Anyway, I don't want to write a long post.  Especially since this is an introduction.  I'm just looking for some conversation with other people who may have had similar experiences to mine. 
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Welcome, Aaron.  You should have fun here.
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Hi & welcome to AF.
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Welcome, also.

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Welcome to our little band of heathens.

Not raised by a strongly religious household. But we can still listen.
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Welcome, Aaron!
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Hello and welcome!
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I got the Noah story in Sunday School in the Lutheran Church.  Not sure if Lutherans actually believe it or not.  Some do, I suppose.

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Hey, the Lutherans can't have the story of Noah's Ark! Only us Southern Baptists can have that story! We have the only God-tested True religion!

Y'all can have the Sodom and Gomorrah story, though, if you want it...   

Oh, hi HumanBN!  :azn:
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Hello, everyone. This is new member here.. want to stay in this forum..

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