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The Last of Us: The Video Game
« on: February 12, 2017, 08:13:03 AM »
Has anyone played this?  I recently bought it, as the price came down into the "below $20 range."  I love this game.  It's probably my favorite.  I've tried to play other genres, but the first person shooters, with some problem solving tasks now and then, are the ones that draw me to them.  I love the explosions, the destruction, agonizing carnage I can deliver, and the visceral panic I experience in myself.

The storyline is very good.  This is relative, as storylines in video games are usually thrown in as a kind of matrix for the action, and little more, but thin as it might be, this one has some endearing qualities that touch me emotionally.

I've played it several times, but now find myself going back to some of the more frustrating and difficult episodes to play again as I become familiar with the environments, and learn what methods are most effective in beating the enemies.  It's very satisfying to learn how I can consistently reek havoc and destruction on the bad guys like a superhero in a movie.

I feel childish in admitting all this, but I freely admit that if feels good, and I don't care what baggage something requires if it makes me feel good.  As crazy as zombie shit is, the graphics and detail are lifelike and immersive.  There is a bow hunting episode that captures the feel of actually hunting, but without the wind, rain, and sore feet.  Whoever put this together has had some real life experiences that were called upon to recreate them in a video.

Is anyone familiar with this game?  Does any of this sound familiar?  I recommend it.  I play it on a Playstion3.


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