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Re: Trevor Noah - Al Jazeera Interview on Trump
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The point is that whether you agree or disagree with it, the level of interest you or anyone has, combined with a lack of knowledge of how the government functions has an effect on one's opinion.

You may say the stakes aren't that high, because of reason x, y, and z, but in reality even if something was unconstitutional, it could be put in to effect because of how much power this regime has. The checks and balances that are supposed to be in place and, for the most part have been in place, for better or worse even in the Obama administration, as mentioned... aren't in place right now, even if "technically" they are. The checks and balances are.... off balance.
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Re: Trevor Noah - Al Jazeera Interview on Trump
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That said establishing a set of rules and regulations based on executive orders is the mandate of any president, within the legal system, and from what i've seen so far it can be overturned by judges across the land, meaning there is more of a defense system in place to block and uphold standards within the american system.

It can, the problem is the Supreme Court's opinion reigns above all of them. So even if at the state levels you have judges willing to question it, and even shut it down for awhile, the federal government can either just change a few words in the law and re-institute it, or take it to the Supreme Court who get's the final say.

There is a check and balance in that it can be temporary slowed down, but no check or balance for, if it is really terrible, actually stopping it for good. And that swings both ways; sometimes it's great to have these checks and balances and sometimes it really sucks when something good is trying to be done and it's blocked.

As for American culture; I don't think even Americans can say they are anything more than an outside observer. I think Europeans and Americans as well sometimes don't understand just how big and diverse America is. We have several states larger than most European countries, and regions with some similar cultures larger than European countries as well. I live in one of those states (Texas), and even here it's like living in at least four countries, with each region of those countries having extreme variation in culture as well.

I think "American culture" is a huge misconception, because even at it's most basic level... you still have a huge gulf between North East Coast, Southern, Midwestern, Texan, South West and West Coast cultures, each one being extremely different politically, economically, socially, even in terms of what language (or languages) we speak. Unfortunately the way the system is set up, several of the one's that are the worst off in terms of economics and education are also the ones with the most power at an electoral level, while the states that contribute the most to the union are starting to feel more and more irrelevant when their popular vote is silenced and our money goes towards shit we absolutely disagree with and having laws enforced on us we don't want.

I realise this is an issue for European countries as well, but just... not at the scale we have it. The United States is exactly what it's name says... a  union of States (that could practically be countries) all trying to work together. But like countries in Europe, they don't always think the same way.

Edit: I'll also admit, I kinda lost my train of thought there other than just "American" culture seems to be more and more in a state of flux, but it's less "American vs American" than it is, "Region A vs Region B vs Region C vs Region D vs Region E..." and that this is something that has been growing for decades now. It wasn't all that long ago that we had an "A vs B" culture conflict, and it seems to ebb and flow... and everytime it does, shit tends to get really bad in one way or another. And I say that living on the side of, and in the culture, of the people who tend to fuck shit up (the south/midwest/rural).
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Re: Trevor Noah - Al Jazeera Interview on Trump
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Honestly, given the size and scale of america, its system seems pretty buggered up when as you say the scale of it and diverse nature of such a large place all comes down to the choices of a small group of people pushing out laws and orders across that expanse. i've looked into the contrasts between states on the east coast, west coast, the southern states, and by state, it looks like contrasts between european countries. Now obviously with europe each country has its own rules, but has certain standards and negotiations brought across by the european court, but overall it doesn't effect each individual countries on the ground level quite as much as washington effects the states, at least thats what many online have said.

btw I wasn't saying that the brexit issue was on scale with whats happening in america right now, it was more the example of current events overseas.

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Re: Trevor Noah - Al Jazeera Interview on Trump
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Satanists don't sacrifice children. They are atheist trolls. They don't even believe in Satan.

See the ;-) ... I wasn't being literal.  But there are Satanists in Florida who are pushing back.  I wish them well, hope the moralizers get to eat their own poo.

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Re: Trevor Noah - Al Jazeera Interview on Trump
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Laws are only effective when the people in power want to enforce and obey them. Don't forget that its not just Trump... every major part of the govt (Senate, House, Pres and Supreme) now have a majority that all think somewhat the same. Who's to call them out on breaking the law? Lower courts? Just keep on taking it higher until someone agrees with you, or just slightly reword and reinstitute the law like they are saying they will do.

The government, without the checks and balances, is above the law.

Read Jefferson.  The only balance against a wild government, is an educated and political active demos.

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Re: Trevor Noah - Al Jazeera Interview on Trump
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Uhh. Part of the reason so many bad, nasty things didn't happen was because Obama has more of a conscience than Trump.

But even if we take the political bias out of it, most of the things he tried to get done was blocked by republicans. Democrats did not dominate the 3 branches during his terms.

False ... see 2009-2010 ... hence ACA.  But are you saying Obama is powerless, unless he packs the SCOTUS, like FDR tried to do?

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Re: Trevor Noah - Al Jazeera Interview on Trump
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Thats seems kind of dismissive don't you think? We live in an age of information now, its not like 30 years ago when the only information we got came from bias newspapers and news stations about what was happening in the world. Thats like saying you can't have an opinion on brexit because you don't live here?

I would do, but it feels pointless to weigh in more heavily on it, since your own opinion is so bias anyway it wouldn't matter what facts are drawn up. ;)

Don't worry, I find the British system to be mysterious.  In prior decades, before people could easily move around, regionalisms (As Shirano mentioned) would be more serious.  Today we have E people in the W, and N people in the S and vice versa.  It is harder to crystalize a rebellion than in Lincoln's day.  Meanwhile Apple CEO just came out in favor of ending free speech (only "catholic" sources of news should be allowed, comrade Tim Cook said).  Inquisition time ... and nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition (SNL meme).
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