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Re: Anyone a Fishkeeper?
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I used to have a pond in Texas full of goldfish that grew to about a foot long each. The koi got even bigger, about 2 feet.. They're all in fishy heaven now..
I keep thinking about digging a new pond here except it's a lot of fucking work.. I dunno..I might do it again and use lake water to resupply the water source..pump lake water up and let it trickle back down with a small waterfall..  Well, not so small being it would probably be about 15 feet up from the surface of the lake..
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Re: Anyone a Fishkeeper?
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I use to be, but my new place doesn't allow them. I miss it. I had a 25 gallon tank with live plants (floating and planted in substrate), UVA/UVB light, good filter, and supernaturals sand. I had 5 female veil tail beta (females veil tail are okay with each other with lots of plants to break up line of sight and plenty of hides), 6 kuli loaches, and 1 albino dojo loach (gotten by mistake but she was a happy little thing and hung out with the beta instead of the loaches. She would flip on her back and eat beta pellets instead of eating with the kuli XD).
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Re: Anyone a Fishkeeper?
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I have bettas, barbs, tetras, gouramis, and corys.  I've bred and raised bettas, gouramis, tetras and barbs.  I've bred fancy guppies to 5 generations before I got bored.  I raised a plecostomus to 12".

But these days, I just keep a few of those in a community tank.  More interested in veggies and flowers now. 
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