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This is interesting, and you may be exactly right.  There's an axiom about military infrastructure that says something like, "Generals spend too much time fighting the last war."  The suggestion here is that as civilizations advance (often in unpredictable ways), military defenses need to change, accordingly.  Superficially, we tend to think of something along the lines of bigger bombs, new delivery systems, or some advancement in the technology of military hardware.  But maybe we are approaching an era where more powerful hardware does not reign supreme (however, it will always play a part, I think).  The new military infrastructure required for defense will be a surprise.  It always is a surprise.  Perhaps it will be something that doesn't deliver bombs or bullets.  Maybe, it involves thinking a little farther outside the box.

China has been working hard on germ warfare.  Five Eyes has reacted to that, by resurrecting the Spanish Flu from 1918.


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