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Turkey vs Europe
« on: January 01, 2017, 10:43:00 PM »
1683 was the last time the Ottoman Empire was a threat to Europe ...
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At that time, the Polish army was no joke.

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Re: Turkey vs Europe
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« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2017, 02:11:55 AM »
The forum title is Turkey vs Europe. The video is about a war by Ottoman Empire in 17th century. Turkey is founded in 1923 by the people who ended the Ottoman Empire, defeating the European forces, supported by the US in alliance along with it.

Brilliant historical perspective, Baruch.

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Re: Turkey vs Europe
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Ah, so there is no USA ... just the outgoing Obama administration ... on which we can heap all our hopes and fears.

In my perspective, I have a hard time deciding who to root for, the Ottomans or the Austrian/Polish/German league.  The Ottomans were much more civilized than the Ata-turks or their immediate predecessors, the Young Turks ... the Ottomans welcomed Jewish people.

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Re: Turkey vs Europe
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As an atheist, I have no skin in the game of Christian vs Moslem.  But if we are discussing history, it is worthwhile to remember that the early Moslems of various nations attacked the Christians first.  Beginning with the conversion-by-sword across Christian North Africa, continuing into Christian Spain and Christian Southeast Europe, the Moslems began a fight that continues to this day.

Europe at the time was fighting off Vikings from the North, Huns from the Eastern steppes, and Moslems from the Southwest and southeast.  To survive, it is little surprise that Christian Europe became an alliance of various thugs and butchers (politely called "knights").

When those thugs organized sufficient armies to push the war to the Moslem home territory, the Moslems cried "foul"!  And that continues to this day. 

I'm not on either side, but I know hypocrisy when I see it.
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