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An interesting look back to the early 2000s.

To me, this comic here made me a fan of the avengers, without even really knowing why back then, but it was more the integrity of captain america, bringing up the reality of the fact, why do they need black members on the avengers team at that moment, for no other reason but a publicity stunt.
This was still in a time when comic books didn't concern themselves with the rabble rousing that goes on in public protests and universities and outside government offices, they are just heroes trying to keep the world a peaceful as possible. And I loved the idea of that.

Even when with the x-men, when it was about the human and mutant relations and how the public reacted to them, it was something that was familiar, but ultimately its own thing in the marvel universe. It allowed it to be its own entity, without it being a direct reflection of current social events happening in the real world. Because of that, it actually made some of the x-men stories timeless, because unlike things like gay, black or latino rights, mutants and whats happening around them could always be brought up as a social and political problem based on it being people with powers.
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