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First update in Thursday , 11th , May 2017 at 05:53 a.m UTC +0000 :
I added the next points in the category "Acquired things I don't want to lose".
n° 9 , n°28 , n°29

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I'd like to get these things in my life :
1.I'd like to go more often to the restaurants and why not to the best of these (I'm 23 years old and I did never eaten expensive things like frog legs or truffle).
2.Travel more often in foreign country (I'm telling the only travel in a foreign country done alone in this topic : )
3.Some parts of my body shaved by professionals (I use disposable razor and I can't cut my whole pilosity because I'm lacking precision.
I tried a traditional razor and an electrical razor and I still get the same result)
4.TOP SECRET (This part was added for humoristic purpose)

Acquired things I don't want to lose :
1.My place of living except if I can live in a similar place if I move somewhere
2.My money
3.Clothes (I don't want to buy news clothes because of a sinister even if I have few clothes compared to the average French because I'm not a mode fan)
4.My documents (paychecks , diplomas , others documents etc...)
5.Tap waters will all things necessary (bathtub or shower , WC etc...)
9.Battery charger with accumulators
13.Washing machine
15.Electric oven except if I can get one using gas
17.Cell phone that is not a smartphone
19.Tools to eat (dishes , knives , forks etc...)
20.My furniture to store my goods
21.My video games
22.My books
23.My joysticks to play to video games
24.Tools for privacy tasks (towels , razors , soap etc...)
27.Paper shredder
29.The only DVD that I own (I don't watch many films. I watch mainly documentaries)

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Definitely keep the documentaries ;-)

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Yes, keep the documentaries--especially the Michael Moore documentaries.
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1. Save enough money to buy a house/condo/apartment/whatever with a sizeable down payment (minimum 20%) to get a good loan deal for the remainder. I hate not owning my own place and only renting.
2. Lose more weight. I've lost 15kg, but I want to lose another 20kg. More of a longterm goal and it means setting some realistic changes to my diet and/or exercise. Eat less, basically.
3. Tied with #2.; taper down my psych meds even more, and try and wean them off completely, since they're a source of a huge appetite and regrettable side effects. It's already low dosage, I'll see if I can be off them completely - if not, tough luck and I'll just have to learn to live with it, but at least try without them.
4. Drink less. I already only drink socially, but too many nights out during the week.
5. Get back in school and finish my engineering degree, in CS. Although I already work in a Gymnasium, my job is rather lackluster.
6. Take up painting again.
Well, I'm down an additional 5kg, another 15kg to go & I've come clean off my anti-depressants, 4th month running.
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Good for you.  Being healthy is actually more fun than being a mess.


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