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Yes, the Japanese did pervert Buddhism during the recent Emperor era.  And they aren't the first Chakravartin to try that.  There was a Chinese emperor who tried to do that, with pacifism (not militarism) and failed spectacularly.  Well if you see everything as war (class struggle is a war) ... then every literature is war literature.

The point of the Gita ... is bhakti worship of the Hindu gods, particularly Lord Krishna.  This is a revolution (you like those) against the upper classes.  Messianic Judaism was a revolt against the Jewish upper classes too.  Buddhism was middle class revolt, like the Americans in 1776.  Basically Buddhism was the revolt of the Kshatriyas against the Brahmins.  Bhakti Hinduism is the revolt of the Sudras ... against both.  But Gandhi's revolt of the Untouchables, was successfully suppressed thru assassination.  Eventually Buddhism failed, when the Kshatriyas lost power.  That and Islamic invasion of India gave the Indians something else to worry about ;-)  Messianic Judaism was the revolt of the Am Ha-Aretz ... against the Tzaddukim and the Parushim ... who jointly ruled Judea from the beginning of the Roman occupation forward.  If you are going to mess with history, the details are important ;-)
Revolutions require war so you can weaponize a religion, any religion, even Jainism, where the believers essentially start committing suicide so as not to step on a bug. ;)  And the Hindu RSS assassinated Gandhi--because they are Hindu Nationalist Nazi inspired warriors.

And, history:

Gita (the “Song of God”)......began life, sometime between the third century BC and the third century CE, as an epic argument persuading a warrior to engage in a battle, indeed, a particularly brutal, lawless, internecine war.
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The Revolution does not fall like an apple when it is ripe:  you have to MAKE it fall...

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After thousands of years of mythology, would there not be some sort of evidence for the supernatural?  Considering there is no evidence, it is more logical to assume there is nothing supernatural. 

Supernaturalism is nothing than mere imaginative fancy.

Reason and logic informs us after thousands of years of faith based ignorance that religious faith is useless.
That's essentially my position.

Let's assume for a moment that there is no such thing as a God.  What would that sort of world look like?  There'd be no miracles, no ghosts, no angels, no heaven, no hell.  Sure, there might be tales of supernatural stuff and some people would swear up and down that they're real, but you'd never be able to verify any of it.  Long on certitude, short on evidence, each and every time.

Now let's assume that a God exists.  Presumably, such a God's presence would be self-evident.  You'd meet people who really could walk on water, cure disease, part the sea, raise the dead, etc.  You could talk to God and get an actual reply.  The existence of God wouldn't be an open question, it'd be obvious to all.

Which one is more like our world?

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Re: why are you an atheist?
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As a demigod, it is obvious to me.  Caligula wanted to make his horse, consul of Rome.  Misidentification on his part perhaps?  Most things most people say are unconscious dogmas.