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Re: Do animals "think"
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Sorry for your lose, aitm :(.

A disturbing thought for us dog lovers that even those we trust as "family", when pissed are a little more deadly that we are...weapons aside.

Forget dog lovers, this is true for humans just as much as it is dogs. Statistically, it might actually be more true for humans...
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Re: Do animals "think"
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I am going to call bullshit on this one for several reasons:
-Animals DO have vocal language. Some languages are quite complex.
-Animals (including humans) communicate through non-vocal means, also complex.
-Animals teach their young and learn from peers, it's well documented.
-Behavior is a very big driver in natural selection.

I'm with Mermaid on this.  Animals have very distinct vocal messages.  It isn't exactly Shakespeare, but they make sounds that are understood by others.
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