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LOL!  You are a BAD person! 

When I was 8 a very attractive female class mate asked me if I'd like to go to Sunday school (First Baptist) with her.  Mistake #1 Flanker!  Don't be blinded by a shiny exterior (I still haven't internalized and accepted this life lesson entirely---in case you were wondering).  So I ran the invite by my Mom (a life long Methodist--waiting for an opportune moment; to ensnare me and my brother in the coils of the church DDOOHH!!); who oddly enough gave it an enthusiastic response and ensnared I was!  DDOOHH!!   Mistake #2 Flanker!   

Did I mention we were sentenced to Church services too?   I took notes on all the sermons in case you'd like copies!  :)  They had around 200 members.

Fast forward to now.  They're down to about 14-15 members; all elderly................and no Pastor (not sure what they do really).   

Sounds more like social clubs than congregations. Maybe if the celibacy would be lifted the RCC would get more shepherds for their sheep? Or maybe it's just a sign of the general decline of religion in the western world.
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Re: Another Catholic Church bites the dust! :( ……
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I get the impression, that the overloading of local parishes, because of not enough priests, and the cost to the diocese of maintaining a lot of small church properties, has been going on for the last several decades ... and is what drives multiple weekend mass.  But really, technically mass is celebrated every day, and people were supposed to go once a day, not just on Sunday.  Orthodox Judaism works the same way.
Our parish conducts Mass every day. 

Re: Another Catholic Church bites the dust! :( ……
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Along with placing crisp bills into the offering plate on Sunday mornings, does your parish do yard sales, flea marts, selling lemonade, garage sales, and other money making venues to help pay towards the reparations being paid out because of your child buggering priests?  4.5 BILLION AND COUNTING THUS FAR! As the header of this thread states, there was too much money being paid out from the head church, that in part, is why many of your primitive churches are closing.

Can you even imagine what Jesus thinks of your pedophile church and its coverups thats are in his name? Don't you sometimes shudder when you think about this fact?


“When Christians understand why you dismiss all the other gods in the Before Common Era, then you will understand why I dismiss your serial killer god named Yahweh.”


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