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News Stories and Current Events / Re: Apu is offensive!
« Last post by Cavebear on Today at 03:56:32 AM »
I think it is worth noting that Apu is one of the few characters who represents a race on The Simpsons and rather positively.  He might be the "least jerk" of the show.
Hobbies and Photos / Re: Home Baking
« Last post by pr126 on Today at 03:52:45 AM »
Yes, with artificial sweetener.
Neither - it's due to the fact that they're still connected to the spirit world...

And "The Spirit World" is just one step up from simple superstition.
Tell a Joke or two / Re: Evolution is a vivid hallucination ...
« Last post by Cavebear on Today at 03:47:45 AM »
I'm pretty much a teetotaller at this point. I don't think I've even been tipsy since I joined the forum.

A glass of red wine with dinner isn't a problem.  Unless it is a problem.
Tell a Joke or two / Re: Post your funny pictures here!!! part Deux
« Last post by Cavebear on Today at 03:45:45 AM »
Only problem with that is they don't release wolves solely to control the deer population.

Wolves like to eat humans too.  We did't get to the top of the food chain by supporting competitors.   Let's just start killing deer again.
Hobbies and Photos / Re: Woodworking
« Last post by Cavebear on Today at 03:39:17 AM »
I worked long enough for a contractor to get my own licence for finsh carpentry, but I also thought about going the Amazon route. A quick look at Amazon will show that whatever price range you’re looking at has a niche there. (you can name your price because there will always be vendors much higher price than you. Problem is that a quick look at Amazon will also show thousands of products in the price range that you want to work at

I doubt you can make any money on Amazon.  They whole premise is eliminating profits of manufacturers i their favor.

Fortunately, I just want to build a set of personal floating wood top furniture with a few arts and crafts techniques.
Hobbies and Photos / Re: Home Baking
« Last post by Cavebear on Today at 03:32:59 AM »
Wild berries clafouti with custard, all sugar-free.

(Image removed from quote.)

Sugar-free custard?  LOL!
Having been away from flight simulator scenery design for so long, I had to relearn how to use the tools.  Being out of practice, this normal day and a half job took me 5 days.  I declared myself finished today.  I could probably do it again right now in 2 days.  In addition to static objects, I have learned to add boat traffic, so I've got a small fishing fleet coming and going all day and night, making this place, Thorne Bay, Alaska, kind of an interesting place to land. 

Thorne Bay exists in reality.  I can say I at least put it where it's supposed to be, not withstanding the total license I've given myself to put anything I want there.  Sometimes I model from photos.  Sometimes it's even recognizable as the actual place.  At a minimum, I attempt to get across a general idea.  If a ferry stops there, I put it in.  If there is a cannery there, I'll build one, etc.

(Image removed from quote.)(Image removed from quote.)

Outstanding graphics!
Yeah, happy times.  My last fight was 8th grade.  I was able to stay out of trouble in HS and college.  Not that I was particularly objectionable .. Internet hadn't been invented yet ;-)
No.  EOL

OK, I accept your response.  So which historical faction are you working for?  Isn't this a Civ V game?
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