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O.P. I see the irony of your tag line contradicting your post.

I think that the technology to fix many of the problems we have has existed for a long time. They wont ever get solved as long as the decision makers are people that don’t know or don’t care.

Unbeliever: I'm a member of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
I haven’t heard of this movement, but unless we start colonizing space every nation has a one-child policy in its future

I chose to not marry and have children.  My genes do not have to spread.  There are enough of us for complete diversity.  Let there become fewer of us for our benefit and the benefit of the planet.
Announcements / Re: Mentions
« Last post by Cavebear on Today at 01:35:32 AM »
One less thing I will never understand...
Film, Music, Sports, and more / Re: Rate the latest movie you've seen.
« Last post by Cavebear on Today at 01:31:32 AM »

I wanted to like the new Oz film.  Don't tell me it's crappy!   <!-- s:( -->:(<!-- s:( -->

Well, I will watch the original "The Wiz"...
Old episodes of Hello Cheeky, a BBC program(me) from the 1970s.  Rapid fire old jokes, entirely non-politically correct, and oh holy Bob, the puns, the awful, wonderful puns... ("Catholic corn flakes?"  "They go snap, crackle and Pope!")

Or would that be Crack, Snapple and Pope"?  LOL!
Film, Music, Sports, and more / Re: Any gamers around here?
« Last post by Cavebear on Today at 01:27:41 AM »
This will probably seem pathetic, but in Civ5, I would be really happy if I just had more control over my units.  As it is, sometimes I just click on one at the start of a turn and it wanders away before I can even do anything. 


So I'm a control freak.  I'd rather play Civ 2.  But I can't.  My old windows computer actually physically fell apart and the new one won't play it (32 bit vs 64 bit problem).  I'm gonna shred the info on the hard drive, bring it to the local PC repair store and ask for a perfectly working 32-bit PC fully loaded, even trade.
I always go with 42.  Force of habit.  :)

Always the best answer.  And keep your towel handy.
Math and Computers / Re: Have you guys seen the newest robots?
« Last post by Cavebear on Today at 01:09:24 AM »
Wondering when the first house-powered drone-tracking lasers will be available to kill annoying drones for civilians..
Better safe than sorry.  I know if I saw something like that pop up n an electronic device, I'd get the creeps.

People who choose threatening names for anything have only theirselves to blame when other people get worried.
News Stories and Current Events / Re: Tesla now worth more than Ford
« Last post by Cavebear on Today at 01:04:22 AM »
I have both too.  I prefer the Mac for home.  I have to use Windows at work, but in a highly controlled way (military).  Both companies were run by megalomaniacs.

Who runs the companies is irrelevant. What matters is the usefulness to the user.  Everyone I know personally who has tried Mac software is surprised at how much control the user has over the file structure.

On the other hand, Windows Office( Word and Excel) beats Mac Pages and Numbers every way you look at them.  So I have a Mac platform but added Windows Office for Mac and get the best of both worlds.  Office for Mac isn't totally "Windows Word and Excel " (there are some missing features) but it sure is better overall.

And thank you for a rational post...
News Stories and Current Events / Re: ANOTHER STUPID F**KING WAR
« Last post by Cavebear on Today at 12:54:48 AM »
I have no objections when the Arabs/Muslims killing one another. That’s what they do best.
The proper thing to do is stand back and watch.
Don’t interfere. Let them get on with it. As long as they stay in their own sand pits.

If they kept it to themselves, the world would reasonably offended and feel compelled to act to help the victims.

But it could also spread to include more innocent victims.  So here is a suggestion:  Round up some thousand of the fanatics on both sides, put them on some large island dedicated to the purpose, give them equal weapons, and let them fight it out where they can't hurt innocent people, and film the outcome with drones.

I don't care whether it turns out to be a real reality show or a scientific study, but getting rid of most of them wouldn't be too harmful.

And yes, I am ignoring "justifications".
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