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Christianity / Re: questions and answers anyone?
« Last post by Drich0150 on Today at 04:27:45 PM »
well you already said god aint no omni-max... blood atonement just goes to show he isnt all powerful cause he can't deal with sin or forgive
(maybe the whole blood sacrifice thing was invented by a priest with a serious craving for meat)

Hell doesn't last forever, in case you forgot death and Hell are suppsed to be cast into the lake of fire

If I read the Quran will I be entertained or will I be turned into a crazy sob that got some anger management issues?
What a narrow mind..

"If God aint no omni max God he cant..."

What if God's stoo-ped servant (me) stumbled across a word stronger that what an omni God would be?

What if omnimax god's always had to be 100% capasity or they fall into pardox... So then How can a god be all powerful if he is in constant danger of being paradoxed by his own power?

So then what if the all powerful God was simply not an omni max God but the supreme power in every aspect, how would you describe Him?
omni something would be a gut reaction for most, but I'd turn to the bible and see what He says about himself?

He says "I am the alpha and Omega, beginning and end to all things." A wise man would take time to understand what this means. If you do you would see, being the alpha and omega put God in the position of supreme power without danger of paradox or conflict. why? because it put's His will over the regulation of his power. to be alpha and omega means no other power or authority is greater, nothing dictates terms. so Can an alpha or omega God create a rock so big he can't lift it? only if he wants to he can if not he can't can an alpha and omega forgive without the shedding of blood.. again only if he wants to, but it seem He doesn't want to as we need to understand physically what some of the cost Spiritually God endured.
Religion General Discussion / Re: Goddidit Vs Naturedidit
« Last post by Unbeliever on Today at 04:26:52 PM »
Yeah, but we should forgive him, I guess - since this is National Forgiveness Day.
News Stories and Current Events / Re: The Murder of Philandro Castile
« Last post by Unbeliever on Today at 04:08:22 PM »
Cops can kill anyone they want to kill, and just claim they were scared. They'll be seen a heroes!

I'm always very polite to them, but that may not save me if one of them gets a wild hair up his butt, so I just try to have as few interactions with them as possible.
Tell a Joke or two / Re: Post Funny Videos
« Last post by Unbeliever on Today at 04:04:43 PM »
Hell, if I were a kid in this day and age I'd be having a permanent tantrum!
Christianity / Re: My conversion
« Last post by Unbeliever on Today at 04:02:51 PM »
Here's a woman who really believed she had a ghost problem - turned out to be carbon monoxide poisoning!

No ghost, no goblin, no God.
Christianity / Re: creation/evolution
« Last post by Unbeliever on Today at 03:40:28 PM »
Right, and being made from dirt is much better than being made from apes...
Christianity / Re: creation/evolution
« Last post by Gawdzilla Sama on Today at 03:14:52 PM »
Some people think we were made from dirt so that they don't have to act any smarter than a how wallow.
Some people try avoid reality at all cost. Too disturbing.

You fascists love that FUD, don't you.
Christianity / Re: questions and answers anyone?
« Last post by Drich0150 on Today at 03:02:04 PM »
Have you ever read the crazy quran? That shit be crazy! This shit be just as crazy except your mommy and daddy told you it wasn't. You bought into it. That my friend, is stupid.

Actually I've studied it to some limited degree. that said it is not crazy. It is culturally specific theocracy. And it can be considered to be crazy if your cultural goals are not the same. If they are there can be many redeemable qualities found in the Quran. That said there are active commands for followers to kill non belivers and take what they have.

My view is to take what I can from the quran and use that to build relationship with people of that faith anytime our beliefs can come together and not conflict. but on the otherside I must keep distance from certain people when they wish to do us harm.

That is the difference between you and I. i look for common ground, you look for different ways see and attack me as a threat.
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