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Everytime I try to reach out to you, you respond by babbling about some irrelevant historical character or a few literary quotes.  Yes I know them too. 

I'm sorry I bothered to try.  Put that in your smoke and pipe it...

I don't need you here.  I want to speak to other atheists.  YOU are just a sometimes amusing (and mostly annoying) troll.  You fill the forum with nonsense posts that you think are clever, and say they are "therapy".  Well, get your therapy elsewhere.  Believe it or not, the forum will survive without you (and probably better). 

I wish there was an option here to put all your posts into "ignore".

I am the anti-Cavebear.  I never ignore any of your posts.  You don't like me, but I like you, I appreciate your reaching out (anytime people post their humanity, not their ideology or theology).  Is that how you ran your government department?  Like my boss does?  Yes, please ask to be a moderator, and be like Etienne ... you can boot whoever you dislike.
If there is, I would appreciate a clue from SOMEONE about where to find it.  Other forums routinely have that, but I can't find it here. 

I'm not here to debate with theists or silly people, just want to commune with my fellow atheists.

Echo chamber ... please see Obama WH annex, three blocks from the Trump WH.
Political/Government General Discussion / Re: Democrat Strategy vs. Trump
« Last post by Baruch on Today at 09:18:23 AM »
Simple math: the US is spending 18% of it's GDP on health care with miserable results. The countries with universal healthcare spend around 10-11% of their GDP and EVERYBODY is covered for EVERYTHING! In numbers, the US would safe 1.4 trillion dollars a year with the same concept.
Too bad for insurance companies and their shareholders. Taking care of the sick should never be a 'business' in the first place!

One good thing, when heath care spending reaches 100% of GDP, there won't be any more money for wars ;-)  Also the EU vs US or Canada vs US comparison is apples and oranges.  Our nations are not similar.  I do wish the US were more like Canada ... but not going to happen, eh?
Political/Government General Discussion / Re: Democrat Strategy vs. Trump
« Last post by Baruch on Today at 09:16:20 AM »
I think you are ignoring the costs of uninsured people who routinely depend on Emergency Rooms for basic medical help.  That is a very expensive way to provide medical care to the poor.

That used to not happen.  Before the 1980s emergency rooms could refuse care.  It was government intervention that changed that ... for the worse.  The best cure for the poor is to not have any ... either achieve the American Dream, or export the poor to the British Navy for pleasure cruises on the HMS Bounty.
Political/Government General Discussion / Re: Democrat Strategy vs. Trump
« Last post by Baruch on Today at 09:14:03 AM »
Why not approach health care like ALL other developed countries that have universal health care? Privatized health care will never work because it is for profit. It's a business where shareholders have to be kept happy. That means to maximize profits and patient care suffers. It is impossible to have maximum profits AND the best care for the sick. It's either one or the other.
The US is spending almost 18% of it's GDP on health care (and yet has the lowest life expectancy, highest infant mortality and highest drug prices). That amounts to 3.5 trillion dollars a year! Canada and the EURO region spends 10.4% of their GDP on health care (France which has the best health care in the world spends 11.5). If the US would adapt universal health care it surely would bring down the percentage to international levels, say 11% average. That would mean savings of 1.3 trillion dollars a year!!!
The US is the ONLY developed country without universal health care and it shows. Double the money spent and less coverage and care. It just makes no sense at all! While systems in other (developed) countries are not perfect, they are still far superior to the US! Somebody has to have the balls to point that out in the public discourse!

Yes, make an intelligent choice about private vs public sector.  Sorry, will never happen in the US.  The Americans are European rejects who got kicked to a new continent filled will hostiles.
Religion General Discussion / Re: Goddidit Vs Naturedidit
« Last post by Baruch on Today at 09:07:36 AM »
A slang term for hypothesis would be wagging (wild ass guessing) but it gives a basis for testing and falsifying a supposition. A hypothesis can graduate to a theory if some testing with positive results occurs. I would say these two elements form the basis for the scientific method of obtaining knowledge. What's interesting to note is the same method of inquiry works whether the phenomenon in question is a designed object or something believed to have been caused by natural forces. If aliens from an advanced race dropped off an alien contraption we would use the same method to figure out how it works and functions. It just seems odd that the same method works for phenomenon known to have been intelligently created as things believed to have been created by happenstance.

Science is still controlled by Platonic academics, both before Galileo and after Galileo.  Simple repetitive observation is all you can do for most of astronomy.  It isn't an experimental science, nor is geology.  Physics and chemistry are experimental sciences.  Materialism simply assumes that experiment here and now, would work the same, everywhere, every time, an assumption called Uniformitarianism.  It is what had to be assumed to justify modern Geology.  And it does seem more or less true, in astronomy and geology.  Of course the academics, who are paid to be expert know-it-alls, same as the people Galileo was tried by, are a constant corruption.  The academics in subjects other than science (say economics or history) are still fighting a successful regard action against falsification ;-)

It is ultimately a philosophical question, not a science question, what happens where there are no physical laws (origin of Big Bang, or inside a black hole).  But then believing in science, a not unreasonable belief, is itself a philosophical choice, made by ape people.  it doesn't exist out in Fact land.  Observations and measurements are facts, their interpretation is editorial.
Religion General Discussion / Re: Goddidit Vs Naturedidit
« Last post by Baruch on Today at 09:01:39 AM »
Except that there is no reason to assume life on this planet Earth was created by an intelligent design.

Definitely a stupid design.  But I still like dinosaurs anyway.  With T Rex, you get big teeth with tiny hands.  With People you get egomania with tiny brains.
Comes close to spamming there, Gabriel.  Also your research sounds a bit like a cover for some kind of advocacy.
I agree.  Getting mental health assistance is just the same as getting physical health assistance.  Professionals know what they are doing.
No! No! No! Mental health treatment, is SO much less advanced or effective, than "physical" health, that we are basically still in the psychiatric Dark Ages. Beware of antidepressants: going off them is worse than going off crack. Also watch out for some anti-psychotics, like Risperdal and Serequel. They cause some extreme side effects.

That being said, a therapist might be helpful.
Hobbies and Photos / Re: The Poetry Thread
« Last post by Solomon Zorn on Today at 08:04:35 AM »
Here's one I did for the "Dark Parts Micro-Poetry" contest, on AllPoetry. It seemed like a dark treatment of the subject:

"Pleasure Center"
Solomon Zorn

A tiny little dose,
My paradise is close,
When smoking my cocaine.

I kiss the bliss I missed,
An alabaster mist,
That's stroking-off my brain.

But soon the soul atones,
And moans away the jones,
Until the next refrain.
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