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Islam / Re: Is it possible to reform Atheism ?
« Last post by Ibn Khaldun on Today at 02:32:32 AM »
cavebear,  this is not the time. There is no we . you’re not awake  you keep playing around and I’ll lose my focus and the articles will get longer . go read Dr Seuss take  on Wikipedia and report to me . .be good boy. behave yourself. now run along. get a life 

This is  going to conclude with something that has been  going on lately. The OMB is recruiting what it calls  Atheist Muslim. Atheists for Islam groups.  But first allow me to finish my exposition about the three experts take on the OMB.. 

*****7 million butchered when the world was much smaller *****

Scholars caution not  to  mix between AL AKhwan (brothers ) of Arabia with the Akhawn of Egypt . Don’t pay them any mind . they’re all the same  .  they all have  the same rule and want the same thing. .Sharia and the restoration of the Caliph/ one mosque, one authority.

 Goal.....Resurrect Mohammed and company,  The  Joint Sultan and Alim(cleric) rule. those who  refuse to go along Kill  , take the  property and women and children .

 Not everyone, with some people, whether they go along or not it doesn’t matter. Kill them and take their property and violate their women , regardless. Like yazidis .. note ISIS didn’t offer Yazidis the option to convert. they just went ahead and helped themselves .
The union of the Sultan and the Alim( clergy)  .that’s what you look for .once that union is created   death and mayhem ensues .

How the two were joined in Arabia in the  1800.

There  was a guy called Mohammed Abd Al Whab. Basically an ignoramus  who was calling for the establishment of the Caliph .Guy was very disgusted with current affairs. Wealthy Ottomans dressed  lavishly showing their wealth on pilgrimage. Sufi Sheikhs screwing the women in exchange of supplying them with a spell  written on small paper to make sure husband doesn’t take a second  wife and what have you in terms of family affairs.    He kept talking that BS until his clan alarmed by it  all  threw his behind out.

 scholars try to throw a smoke screen about what the guy is about. They say he came up with the Takfir idea  and in particular takfir of Muslims and that his Takfir meant ,  any Muslim  who didn’t go along with his idea of caliph is to be killed. They say it as if the guy came up with the idea. That is BS. Its not new. Its old. Abd AL wahab didn’t invent  it . he got it from the Islamic narrative of  Mohammed and his companion. But scholars can’t say that openly. The Muslims , Ottomans and sufis,  he had condemned , would have been considered Kafirs by Mohammed nad the judgement of Kafir per sharia falls on them .

All the years Abd al Wahab talked that shit nothing happened .not one thing.  just another  schizo mouthing away. Exactly and precisely as was the case  with Mohammed . Nobody got killed . No women and children were taken captive and violated. Everything  normal.

At  the same time there was a small time clan chief living the normal desert life. Abd al Aziz of ibn saud .  Now and then going on raids , taking other Arab clans by surprise in the middle of nite and taking off with some of their stuff . but desert codes were observed . no wanton muderous shit. you didn't resist , he took off with the grain and fabric sort of thing. and few camels. . . Specially exciting times for all the clans  were those  pilgrimage times when the clans attacked robbed  pilgrimages  which helped sustain the clans through the harsh arid land.

Abd AL wahab who got kicked out by his clan had serious problem. Disowned by his  clan  that meant his blood can be shed with impunity . he was no longer under the protection of his  clan. Like Cain in the bible , God threw him out of his presence and so shedding his  blood became  open to others .  .

 Abd AL Azziz  offerd him refuge , liking and approving of one authority one mosque doctrine . That in effect created the union  of the Sultan and Alim .

With Mohammed it was union of himself with two cut throat  tribes  of  yathrib.

From that point on  the program changed . no more just raiding . Abd AL Aziz attacked weaker clans with the full weight of his clan. All warriors from young and old were marshaled … not raid but battle .  Banners and flags  were constructed and waved , with a battle cry c Allah wa akbar , la Ilah ila Allah , according to religion Allah shall reward me , according to my faith Allah shall reward me, according to my ancestors he shall. Allah wa  Akbar ,  slay the look alike of men but are not men , cleanse the land from the accursed . . they fill Allah heart with rage . Allah wa Akbar , etc.  . the weaker clan was butchered graphically . It drew the young men from all over the tribes. sex and violence. They wanted to join in . .other clans seeing what is happening offered their allegiance. he kept on doing it  till he had sizable army.

And so  Islam was back

the terror of the land resurrected .   it was better than Jenkins Khan. Khan killed only half the place if they surrendered to him.  . Abd AL Aziz killed everyone .. no one was spared . women but for the plump ones were destroyed . rules had to be obeyed . take too many women and children how are you going to feed them? So kill them all, take the wealth and few women to replace the ones you got fed up with or you can’t sell  and young kids for future slave warriors.

 By  the time the Ottomans managed to enlist the services of Mohammed Ali Basha of Egypt between Abd Al Aziz and his two sons , FOUR MILLION people were killed. The killing spread from Arabia to Iraq , Syria and Palestine .It was as if  ISIS operated unhindered.

  Ibn Saud operated freely until Mohammed Ali Bash with his at the early stages modernized army stepped into the scene . untill then rampage meant  life was great , plenty food to eat, so much money and precious stuff, herds of camels . women sex slaves . ,Allah does indeed bestow his  gifts on those who listen ..

You know  they tell you that Mohammed was poor ? Not  true . one time poor impecunious Mohammed reached such highs he  supplied  his wives with enough sustenance to last  two years straight. Man did great . from broke ass Mecca resident to top of the heap yathrib immigrant.  And young people love a success story like that.

As with ISIS and as with Mohammed who took one fifth of the loot ,  Abed Al aziz did the same. Shit alienated some of  his main Arab tribal  allies. They made a deal with Mohammed Ali rep and AL Saud  were whipped at Asir . the rest withdrew into the desert.

The Union was unraveled . Mohammed Ali boys took all the clerics , the abd al wahabs and cut off their heads . They left all the clan chiefs alone except for Ibn Saud whom they  exquisitely executed .

.half ass solution.  The alim was gone but the sultan remained . and anyways you could always manufacture more clerics in the future. Better still they manufacturer themselves . Islam  does it for you..

The Idea  was in  India and it was main cause behind the split of India. Moreover  The wahabis of western Pakistan butchered 3 million eastern Pakistanis ( now Bangladesh) . a major massacre that the media never talked about .

So total harvest  was 7 Million give and take..
Will make comments later on. Give you a chance first .asleep people who think they’re awake are not  included.
The way I understand it, every fossil out there is a 'missing link', no?
Potentially.  Except the ones that go extinct before speciating.  A missing link  (aka transitional) is always recognized in hindsight.

The term missing link bugs me because it's presented as this huge problem for evolution.  But for every "missing" link that is found, you get two new "missing links".  And it's impossible to ever have complete records.  Fossils are snapshots in time and some people want to see the whole reel (which doesn't exist) before declaring that two photos could possibly be related.  It's idiotic.
General Discussion / Re: personal insurance company
« Last post by pr126 on Today at 02:01:59 AM »
Yes, stop spamming.

(His couple minute video can be found in the link above)

In the wake of the horrific events in Charlottesville last Saturday that left one anti-hate protestor dead and at least 19 injured, Arnold Schwarzenegger called out Donald Trump as well as "Neo-Nazis, the White Nationalists and the neo-Confederates" in a new video for ATTN:, an issues-driven media company. "There are not two sides to bigotry, there are not two sides to hatred," the former California governor stated, words that seemed directed at Trump's vacillating response of blaming both the anti-hate protestors and the neo-Nazis for what unfolded.

In the new clip, Schwarzenegger took Trump to task for not taking a stand against hate and racism following the tragic events. Schwarzenegger said that as president, Trump had a moral responsibility to do so.

Since Trump did not send an unequivocal anti-racist message, Schwarzenegger offered to write what he thought should have been communicated. "As president of the United States and as a Republican, I reject the support of white supremacists," Schwarzenegger said in the speech he would've liked to have heard. "The country that defeated Hitler's armies is no place for Nazi flags. The party of Lincoln won't stand with those who carry the battle flag of the failed Confederacy."

Addressing what had transpired over the weekend, Schwarzenegger said that people are not born with hateful views and said he believed that people can evolve and come to the understanding "that all human beings have equal value."

"You are so lucky to live in a country that gives you every right to say horrible things," he added. "But think about how you could actually use that power for something good."

While he addressed the hate groups head-on, he also beckoned those who have been silent to stand up against the hatred, adding that racism must be faced directly, though he acknowledged it would take courage to do so. One of the actions Schwarzenegger said he has taken is to donate $100,000 to Simon Wiesenthal Center. "I hope you will join me by supporting your favorite anti-hate organization," he said.

"Let's all commit right now to leaving the terrible ghosts of the past in the trash heap of history," he concluded. "That's where they belong….Let's terminate hate."

It's tempting to say certain people here are on the losing side of history, but I think more accurately... it should be said they are on the lost side of history. Nazism, racism, bigotry, xenophobia are not losing, they lost years ago and deserve zero credit. Major props for Schwarzenegger and other Republicans for finally standing up and telling a decent part of their base, "I do not want you support. Your fear and hatred is against everything we should stand for.", and also respect for telling it how there is... there aren't "two sides", a left and a right, in this fight against bigots and saying that it is is nothing more than showing support to groups like the Neo-Nazis, the White Supremacists and other "alt-right" groups.

I will say this as someone on the left... we need to stop using "alt-right" and just call a Nazi a Nazi. While conservatives and the right wing have thrived off the support of these people, I don't think the average voter knew just how bad it was. It is mainly the politicians who did know and didn't say anything that need to be labeled as Nazi sympathizers and promptly voted out come next cycle.

General Discussion / personal insurance company
« Last post by patricia on Today at 12:35:44 AM »
Hi, all. It’s natural that we feel obligated to family, but owning property jointly with relatives brings a host of problems. The amount of energy and resources go into owning a cottage, compared to the enjoyment that comes from it is high. My brothers-in-law and their spouses have recently discussed purchasing a cottage together, along with me. They were the one who looked for properties, evaluating the costs and so on.

They forced me to invest money with them. I wish to save my money for something else I can do. It was not of my interest to join with them in this deal. The cottage was in such a beautiful place where we had a lake nearby. And I was happy once I saw the cottage. Once we arrive at the cottage, the stress of the work week would fall away and our children’s excitement to be at the cottage would take over and our evenings would often result in us sitting around the campfire.

After two months, due to some natural disaster, the cottage got completely destroyed. Luckily it was not a weekend and we were not there. Since we didn't take an insurance for the cottage, my relatives were with an idea of selling the property. But I was not ready for that. We had a misunderstanding on this. And finally, I was ready to buy the cottage. Even though the buy won't be a profitable one, I was not ready to lose such a place.

Now I own the cottage. I need to get it insured. I am in search of the best personal insurance company in Toronto. Any suggestions?
News Stories and Current Events / Re: Another case of bad driving.
« Last post by Shiranu on Today at 12:24:04 AM »
I wonder if there has even been a case of people being murdered that you don't use as an excuse to try to get some sarcastic slaps in...

Stay classy.
Introductions / newbie
« Last post by patricia on August 17, 2017, 11:43:34 PM »
hai, new here. Happy to see you all.
Tell a Joke or two / Re: Post your funny pictures here!!! part Deux
« Last post by Hydra009 on August 17, 2017, 11:21:15 PM »
Political/Government General Discussion / Re: White House Bullshit
« Last post by fencerider on August 17, 2017, 11:19:25 PM »
reporter on cnn just said the best way to think about Trump is "a gum-popping 12 year old".
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