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Christianity / Re: My conversion
« Last post by Drich0150 on Today at 10:00:39 AM »
You are a bit different than most christians--but not in any important way.  You have a unique twist to the bible blended in with the usual drivel.  But it is still based on a fiction.
until God shows up. Then it all becomes too real. I'm different because me and people like me are the real thing sport. we seen and experience what the bible describes christianity to be about. it even says we will be a peculiar people. You can't be gamma ray-ed by God and not be transformed into something. The view of the bible is skewed just a little off normal but makes a hellva lot more sense doesn't it.(no paradoxes/fits with fossil record) all of the thing Jesus said as meaning far above and beyond what is generally taught.

There are two types of followers of Christ He even said so.(when speaking to doubting thomas)  there are those who can sustain belief their whole life on nothing but faith. and to them they get extra cookies when they get to heaven.. Then there are the belief followers. meaning unless they believe first unless they can not follow. Thomas was one such follower. He demanded to put his hand in the side of Christ first. before he would believe.. and what did God do? whatever it took for Thomas. Those in these dead churches are the faith types. I was a belief first type, and God showed me what I needed to see. i simply had to do things His way instead of my own. This is not something God only did for me.. This same thing is offered to everyone.

What you are telling me is to stop thinking and stop using my senses and stop relying on my experiences and start believing in the same god you do.
nuupe. You just need to Ask, Seek and knock as outline by luke 11. for me that was beating the hel out of highschool christians and taunting with questions they could not answer. while demanding truth from them, and when truth was provided I followed it.

Then I will succeed and find god.
At what point did I say I had to surrender anything? I simply followed unexplored avenues with honesty in search for the truth.

  Well, frankly, that and you are bullshit.  I've explored what you are trying to peddle long and hard.
  what were you seeking? salvation? wishes? money? a girlfriend? what didn't god give you that made you decide to give up? Also know I asked for none of that. I only wanted to know the truth. That is what I am offering to any of you now.

And find that it is a fiction.  That fiction can do nothing for me or against me--just as Roger Rabbit can't effect me.
That sounds like I did.. I reasoned how can God burn a spirit or soul in Hell, that makes no sense. if the body dies then so to does all of our nerves... f-god f- his hell he doesn't scare me with that.. besides all of that what are gnashing of teeth? what is the big deal there...

My advise, challenge God put the religious stuff down it does not work for you. tell God what you think. tell Him what you want. Again for me it wa truth. we are promised nothing less, so He will grant you that. Tell him to open you eye, ears and mind so you can see him hear him and process what you see and hear... keep asking and seeking this, and hang on to something. as you will be awaken from the matrix shortly.

If your god were not a fiction
Again sport I do not have issue with "my God" the only person in this conversation with God problems is you.

he would have made whatever choices we need to make clear and easy to follow.

not much of a reader of the bible are ya?

He did make it very easy for the jews, and look at all that happened to them as a nation. they turned away from him so much it was hard to believe they were ever with him. then towards the time of Christ their religion became a series of check lists people had to pay the temple to check off before they could have fellowship with one another.

God made it so much easier, and all the more difficult at the same time. In that it is easy to be saved. Heck most of you a-holes are probably still saved to one degree or another. (but don't take my word for it as in the end it is not my call) so that part is easy, it is the second 1/2 of salvation that most church have absolutly no clue about. all of their efforts are about saving the unsaved... what about the saved? what maintain their relationship with God? For the faith driven followers being saved is enough. but for the rest of us God pour out the holy Spirit on the church. In that when we receive a measure of the Spirit we all share core spiritual fruits/attributes and some share gifts. like my answers or some people's ability to preach or yes other's abilities to heal, and the like. This contact with the Holy Spirit is proof of God as you are brought into a whole new level of understanding and awareness that you never had access before.

We would not even need to read a fictional book to get it. 
the book is a guide moron, as God is not the only being offering 'spiritual rides.' you can go off without the bible just like you can go into vans with strangers to help them find their puppies, but don't blame me or God if and when you wake up 'butt hurt' by the experience.

You crap is just that --fictional crap.  And you still have not given me a single fact to base you delusional crap you call a belief yet.
If you refuse to see what is truly there doesn't that make you the delusional one?
News Stories and Current Events / Re: Sweden on the Brink of CIVIL WAR
« Last post by Baruch on Today at 09:51:53 AM »
I appreciate you going out of the way to avoid your usual selection bias.

Someone here says ... I am the most unbiased here.  By selection bias do you mean .. that I don't accept D-party BS?  Have I have accepted R-party BS?  I am Independent.  But if I don't accept the D-party echo chamber, I am not of the R-party or vice versa.
News Stories and Current Events / Re: Sweden on the Brink of CIVIL WAR
« Last post by Baruch on Today at 09:50:11 AM »
Don't bother, to Shiranu this is all the fake news of neo-Nazis and American Southern red-necks.

As I have agreed with Shiranu in the past, if your rhetoric was ... everyone is an individual, there are no sub-groups (stereotypes) or society (as per Thatcher) ... that we have to be non-ideological ... which is to say unbiased as having no opinion or preference at all like babes in the woods while bears are shitting all around us ... then he might receive your message better.  Unfortunately it wasn't possible in WW II, to just bomb Hitler and Himmler etc with pin point precision, so we could pretend that the German people who supported them, empowered them to be more than psychopaths in a padded cell, are innocent.
Americans still believe Horatio Alger stories, because the Calvinist interpretation of Capitalism requires it of them.  They remain face down in the bitter dregs of their bender.
News Stories and Current Events / Re: Sweden on the Brink of CIVIL WAR
« Last post by pr126 on Today at 09:48:29 AM »
Moderate' Muslims show their true colors

News Stories and Current Events / Re: Sweden on the Brink of CIVIL WAR
« Last post by Shiranu on Today at 09:40:51 AM »
The problem is hun, your not exactly presenting any solutions yourself, despite agreeing there is a problem. Instead you seem to just call our opinions all wrong and our sources as all Lies, that's quite an easy thing to do when not presenting any decent counter suggestions or solutions

Already addressed. When you start approaching with factual stories, then we can have a conversation. I am trying to think of a good analogy, but it's a bit too early for that. It's like... a flat earther posting articles "proving" the earth is flat that also contains information about how the ecology is being damaged by global warming which elaborated by the flatness of the globe. There is certainly something factual in the post, but no one is going to talk about it because the key point of the article is simply false.

... our sources as all Lies...

When you quote Brietbart articles, then yes, it's hard not to call them lies. It's like yall expect a different standard because you are atheists then we would hold literally any other group to.

The irony in pr's post above is that he is saying I wouldn't hold defending any other faith to the same standard (which I have, so that is yet another pile of b.s.) because I am hold him to the same standard I would hold anyone else here. If you are posting outright lies and hatred, you deserve to be called on it, pure and simple. The reason it's predominately Islam that I do that with is because that is what people predominately post misinformation about here.

Look, if someone wants to post an article about how Christians are, as a group, predominately child rapists (or child rapist supporters) [which incidentally, is how the RCC was portrayed for awhile which I opposed], then I will start attacking them with the same amount of effort. But you cant continually lie about one subject and then say, "Omg! How come you only call this subject out! FAVORITISM! APOLOGIST!". That's not me showing favoritism, that's literally only one subject being discussed. Should I start defending Christianity in threads that have nothing to do with Christianity nor any attacks on them? Judaism? Hinduism?

But no, all that will be responded with is patriotism and a broken record. So yall can either ignore me if you hate it so much, or put your big girl panties on and deal with it.
Hillbilly Elegy is a book I'm currently reading.  It's a brief autobiography by a disadvantaged 20 something from rural Kentucky and without a father and a drug addict mother who attempts to provide him with an endless march of rotating fathers that briefly enter her life.  The biggest figure in his formative years seems to be uneducated foulmouthed grandmother whose husband literally doesn't even live in the same house with her.  It's much like something a motivational speaker would write. 

He ends up getting a law degree from Yale.  The message seems to be "If a hillbilly can do it, so can you."  While that's certainly inspirational, it's also certainly not true.  This guy may be a hillbilly, a description he owns with pride, but he is not representative of an average hillbilly or your average American for that matter.  Clearly, he has something else going for him which he underplays in the book.  Hard work counts for a lot and is an undisputable asset, but I suspect that successful people are blessed with a bit more than that.  There are lots of hard working people, even in Kentucky, but most of them are still lucky to get out of the coal mines.

Having said that, it's an interesting book.  The above criticism faults the book more than necessary, but I only chose to comment on one small aspect that jumped out at me, mostly because it seems somewhat germane to the topic at hand.
News Stories and Current Events / Re: Sweden on the Brink of CIVIL WAR
« Last post by Munch on Today at 09:18:06 AM »

I've said this several times, and I'll say it again... I agree that there are legitimate problems within the Muslim community, both in the Western world and in the Middle East, that clash with Western ideals and norms, as well as basic human rights, that need to be addressed.. But what your side is offering is not a solution, it is muddying the waters with misinformation, lies and fear that make both sides incapable of cooperating. And in instances where they don't want to integrate not into our culture (which is such a ridiculous concept), but into one that has respect for basic human rights and the law, then by all means deport them. But the fundamental problem is that, again, your side is outright lying about what is happening and sparking up fear that all Muslims are potential terrorists, potential rapists, potential criminals and, as someone who's people went through that less than 100 years ago, I have zero tolerance and zero respect for that position.

The problem is hun, your not exactly presenting any solutions yourself, despite agreeing there is a problem. Instead you seem to just call our opinions all wrong and our sources as all Lies, that's quite an easy thing to do when not presenting any decent counter suggestions or solutions
Christianity / Re: My conversion
« Last post by Drich0150 on Today at 09:17:10 AM »

You had a case of sleep paralysis accompanied by night terrors.

Yeah, that's a rational reason to believe.

Please don't ever attempt to argue that you are a critical thinker or a skeptic. Or that you have rational warrant for your beliefs. When it sure looks like you had nothing more than a well known, natural experience, that you wildly misinterpreted.

..that yeilded unknown information that I later vetted over years of study and service. That was a big part of it.. I thought hell was dante's inferno and it turnout almost the oppsite, but low and behold the bible always had described it that way.
Christianity / Re: creation/evolution
« Last post by Drich0150 on Today at 09:10:51 AM »
Ha! and you say there are no contradictions in the Bible. Hebrews 1:5 says that god never called an angel his son
you know if the bible were writting in english you'd almost have a point, as it is you fail on just three points.
1 in the book of Job God is not calling angels his sons.
2 The sons of God's is simply the hebrew term for any celestial being inservice to God the word used in Hebrew is " ben " and it literally means angel as it relates to God.
3 the word Son in Hebrews 1 is the word huios which means of those in whom God has a covenant with.

So Job is right, and so too is the book of hebrews and no contradiction exists, because God did not call the people in Job 'sons' the writer of job did, and in Hebrews God has no covenant with the angels.

You been talking about Genesis 1 and 2 all this time and never noticed the sky above the stars is supposed to be water?
book chapter and verse please.

Since you like to pick so much, I will submit to you according to the rules of English grammar the KJV says that the sons of god sleeping with earth women happened concurrently with the existence of giants. It does not say that is the cause of giants. Yes those giants were drowned in the flood, but what about the giants after the flood?
If you look at the Hebrew it says:
The original giants were nephilim a class of giant warrior angels/demons. (if you are jewish or catholic)
Then if you keep reading to verse 4 it says the off spring of the sons of God and the daughters of men were men of "mighty men of old." the word for old in the hebrew here mean immortal men. The Hebrew translation of mighty men also describes giants. So the hybrids were immortal giants. I like to think this is where Greeks get their stories and gods.

I don't have space for a big book shelf but I have 150-200 books on various subjects and I read all of them. I've also read many more books from the library. ( just to play devil's advocate the first book called Enoch and the book of Jabed? both say the watchers did it. They had giant babies before and after the flood)

So? Again as I learned and shared the Nephilim were/are giants and so too where the off spring.
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