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Religion General Discussion / Re: How many GODS do you have?
« Last post by Arik on Today at 12:01:59 PM »
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You're repeating the same garbage over and over.

AFAIC, discussion over.

If you're banned, you will have only deserved it.

Oh, I see.

So you can not explain to me how a dead brain is able to put together an NDE, right?

Never mind Joe.

By the way do you know why roses and other flowers that are grown inside greenhouse do not smell like those grown outside and also the vegetable grown inside green houses do not taste as good as those grown out in the open?

Apparently those grown inside are protected from the elements and from pests so these plants do not need to be strong anymore to fight for survival.

The challenges have gone so these plants are getting used to live inside a cocoon that protect them.
Something similar happen to people like you that are not prepared to fight the challenge by trying to get rid of people that show your failings.
I may be gone from this forum Joe but for you it will be even worse because by trying to get rid of the challengers you become a parasite inside a cocoon of fantasy.

All the best anyway.

Religion General Discussion / Re: How many GODS do you have?
« Last post by Arik on Today at 11:43:16 AM »
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Without confirmation from evidence coming from outside, even Einstein's ideas would be just that: ideas. Furthermore, you have no clue on the history of how Einstein came up with relativity — the idea has its roots in Galileo Galilee and Ernst Mach. His mathematics came from Henri Poincaré, Bernhard Riemann, and Hendrik Lorentz — that's why the principle transformation in special relativity is called the Lorentz transformation. Note that most of the mathematical framework of general relativity does not bear Einstein's name. I think only the Einstein field tensor and the Einstein summation convention bear his name, and the Einstein field tensor almost got called the Hilbert field tensor because David Hilbert was within days of scooping him. Hell, the complete static spherical solution to his equations, leading to the most famous consequence of GR (black holes), is called the Schwarzschild solution. And of course, general relativity finds confirmation and therefore justification from external experiments.

Despite your scientific myth, most of what is in relativity came definitively from OUTSIDE Einstein.

Getting anything from within is fine as long as the confirmation comes from without. That's the way science is done. If you're not doing that, you're not doing science. Simple as.
I like it how you think that this is something profound. It's not. It's mundane. It's just letting your thinking remain grounded in reality even as you have your head in the clouds.
Einstein got most of the components of his theory from "a shop" — that is, learning from the real world and from other people. Special relativity was mostly not his. That's why the mathematical devices he uses don't bear his name.
The example you are using to "prove" your point... doesn't prove your point at all. We know where most of the ideas that Einstein used came from. There were a shitton of people involved in the formation of Einstein's relativity, whether you like it or not. And, again, Einstein would not be a household name had his ideas failed in the experimental arena. We know for a damn fact that physics and mathematical luminaries were working on the problem of resolving Michelson and Morley, and had gotten close. It was just that Einstein had the final insight of turning the usual approach on its head. Instead of trying to make Maxwell's laws agree with Newton, he assumed the correctness of Maxwell and followed this to its bitter end. And even with this bizarre thing called relativity, it agreed with Newton to the regime where Newton was known to be correct.

See, when you derive stuff yourself, and are guided through the insights and ideas, you realize that you could have come up with this stuff, had you come at the right time and with the right approach. When you consider the real history of relativity, you realize that Einstein's feat wasn't that remarkable. Yeah, Einstein was smart, but he was absolutely cognizant of the fact that he was only a tiny bit ahead of his scientific peers. Had history gone another way, it would have been David Hilbert we credit general relativity to.

What has got to do whether physics and mathematical luminaries were working on the problem of resolving Michelson and Morley or any other issue with what Einstein came up with?

Obviously a lot of people may think to similar things at the same time and obviously one will be the first to solve that problem.

So what?

Here I am talking about where the knowledge come from not whether a group of people were interested in the same thing or not.
As usual you twist my point in a way to show that you are smarter than anybody else and that is something that should concern your honesty.

It only sounds like nonsense to you. And it's only audacity if it isn't as plain as the nose on your face that you cannot, in fact, debate reasonably. You never debated me reasonably. Hell, you couldn't even be bothered to spend five minutes on Google to check the ultimate strengths of bone and concrete... you know, to make sure you weren't talking out of your ass when you asserted that concrete was stronger than bone. If you can't even do these simple checks, then you're nowhere in a debate.
Because it ain't dead yet. Ya been told this before, and you've never refuted this. You've never answered my rebuttal of the obvious fact that the only brains that we get NDEs from are ones that come out of the ER alive, and that we only know about the NDEs a few hours later, after the patent has woken up from their coma.

The reason why I never refuted your point is because these guys in the video smashed not one slab of concrete but some of them even 10 together so ten concrete slabs together must be harder than a bone beside there is no injury in the skin that protect the skull.
Are you going to tell me that also the skin is harder than the concrete?
So how do you explain that the skin is intact after that?

Next question.
There is no verified incident of a person who has been able to come back from the dead. Exactly what you'd expect to happen, if nobody comes back from the dead.

Next question.
If you don't know, by some means, then it's a useless question to begin with. A slate that's blank because it's new, and one that's blank because it's erased... is still a blank slate.

Next question.
No, being philosophically undecidable is not the same as being scientifically undecidable. There are certain things we can reasonably expect out of a world with a persistent consciousness. We do not see these effects. It's therefore reasonable to conclude that such persistent conciousnesses do not exist. It is not unreasonable to conclude as fact that something that looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and has the genetic and anatomical features of a duck is actually a genuine duck, instead of a duck-like alien.

Next question.
Irrelevant. A pioneer in a field doesn't have any control over what the field is later called. Population dynamics in response to selection pressure is called "evolution," or if you're being specific, "biological evolution," and it doesn't matter what it was called before or what "evolution" meant before, that's what it means now.

Believe it or not, you are intruding on the scientific magisterium when you assert that consciousness is a real but immaterial thing and that NDE's are actual out of body experiences. When you then start using recognizable scientific words in non-scientific ways, people are going to complain. You are going to get clashes between what you mean by the word and what everyone else understands the word to mean. Avoiding those clashes is just good communication. It is incumbent upon you to define your terms so we know what the hell you're talking about.

Next... question? Point? Whatever. Next!
Untrue. Try listing out your expectations. I guarantee you will eventually run out.

NDEs are documented facts.

Real people, real incidents, real hospitals, doctors and nurses and real death.
On the other hands your skepticism has no foundations.

Prove that there is some permanent solution to find, and there is somewhere to go at all, or you're just wasting time.

Materialists have the notion that evolution stop with humanity.
That notion is totally bankrupt because humans can not be satisfied with the finite.
Humans struggle to go up and up until peace of mind and unlimited bliss become a reality.
That simply means that evolution of the consciousness need to merge in the infinity.
Beside the consciousness that we got did not pop up as per magic but build up through the evolution process which means that the desire to advance is unstoppable.

Let me point out that you have every incentive to not confirm this age if he's right. The fact that you do not confirm this age is completely unremarkable and contains no information.
There is nothing in your responses that are in any way clever.
Beethoven was "very very clever" because he was able to convey his vision such that even the rabble could recognize that his was great music, and his rivals had to recognize his skill and vision. So far, you have not proven yourself equal to the task of convincing us that you even have anything to offer.

See, even coached in eloquent language, a stupid idea is still stupid. Conversely, a smart idea is still smart, even conveyed in simple language. Yours is the former.

I respect your personal opinion.

To me Beethoven was clever because he lived before and developed his art step by step through many lives.

Have a good day.

Film, Music, Sports, and more / Re: TV Series Thread
« Last post by Sal1981 on Today at 11:13:04 AM »
Legion 3rd season has begun!

EDIT: It's just as deliciously weird as the 2nd season.
Tell a Joke or two / Re: Post your funny pictures here!!! part Deux
« Last post by Hydra009 on Today at 09:24:23 AM »

I'd love to see him try to teach a US history class sometime.  Cause his take on the antebellum South would be priceless.
Political/Government General Discussion / Re: Impeach Trump????
« Last post by Hydra009 on Today at 09:11:47 AM »
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Film, Music, Sports, and more / Re: Any gamers around here?
« Last post by Hydra009 on Today at 08:17:55 AM »
Thanks for sharing this video.  It really puts the relationship between game developers/publishers, YouTube, and gamers into perspective.

A lot of the time, games only come on my radar because of YouTube.  Hell, I probaly wouldn't even know about Battletech if it weren't for let's plays and little clips online and I LOVE Battletech stuff.

I can't stress YouTube's influence enough.  When it comes to games, YouTube is my primary source of information - not ads, not E3 not Kotaku, not IGN, not GameSpy (are they even still around?) - and it's almost all gameplay videos or memes or fanart - it's all fanmade (earned) media.

That's why the adpocalypse is so terrible.  I know that people who have to do the ol' 9 to 5 aren't terribly broken up about GokuFan777 getting less money for basically hitting the power on button on his console and then screaming at his TV for 3 hours.  It's really hard to feel sympathy for some of these people, I know.  But it's not just him who's affected by these blanket advertising bans, it effectively shuts down a LOT of great fan content, which hurts word of mouth and sales for some great games that couldn't get enough exposure, which ultimately hurts you the consumer.

All essentially because of conflict between paid media (advertising companies) and earned media (fans trying to promote something they love)

In time, one of two things is going to happen - advertisers are either going to change their minds and put ads on gaming channels again like they used to or there will be a YouTube exodus.  Either way, the status quo is going to change in a big way and fairly soon.  All the drama and frustration about DMCAs and copywrite strikes and mass demonitization is eventually going to bubble over to a massive shift, mark my words.
Tell a Joke or two / Re: Post your funny pictures here!!! part Deux
« Last post by Baruch on Today at 04:01:23 AM »
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Big oof.

A Republican conspiracy theory for decades.  Not new.  There can't be a stop to endless increase in population and per capita consumption.  Therefore per supply/demand, if oil is in sufficient need it will spontaneously appear (hence the need for a Flat Earth theory as to where it comes from).

Capitalism has its Lysenkoism, just as Socialism does.
Hard to say what will happen.  Too many different cultures and politics involved.  China for example has to be a frenemy ... since they hate Muslims.

I would be happy for the Muslims to simply stop pumping oil and gas for a year, take a breather from their competition.  The rest of us can walk.

I don't believe that the US actions are crucial in any case, it is important that the US "seem" influential".  That is the problem with branding.

In the event that Iran tests a nuclear device, or before that, Israel will destroy them.  And that will be the end of the world, with or without the US.

The alternative is for Pakistan to supply nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia.  To equalize the situation.  That would be jolly.

Actual journalism ...

Iran is a special case ...
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Netanyahu is crazy ...
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Democrats want a Trump war, that will be lost ...
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Tell a Joke or two / Re: Post your funny pictures here!!! part Deux
« Last post by Shiranu on Today at 02:52:35 AM »
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This one actually hurt me a little to read.  🛢️=💎

Big oof.
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Iran said the path to a diplomatic solution with the U.S. had closed after the Trump administration imposed sanctions against its supreme leader and other top officials, ramping up tensions further in the Middle East.

President Donald Trump on Monday put sanctions on Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and eight senior military commanders, that deny him and his office access to financial resources. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin also said financial restrictions would be imposed on Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif later this week.

“The futile sanctions against the Iranian leader and the country’s chief diplomat mean the permanent closure of the diplomatic path with the government of the United States,” foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi was quoted as saying by semi-official Iranian Students News Agency. “The Trump government is in the process of destroying all the established international mechanisms for the maintaining global peace and security.”

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