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Film, Music, Sports, and more / Re: Rate the latest movie you've seen.
« Last post by SGOS on Today at 07:49:03 PM »
Rewatching the entire Marvel Saga in in-universe chronological order, just finished the first Iron Man... 
Chronological order as in:  The order in which the movies were released  OR  in order of the time periods they represent?

I've seen them listed both ways.  If you watched Iron Man first, it's the order in which the movies were released, I think.  I've been thinking about going through them again, and I've wondered which way would be best.  I missed the Hulk, which may have been released before Iron man.  I went and bought a used copy, just to complete that part of the universe.  Not sure if Hulk came before or after Iron man.  I may have just skipped it, because I remembered a couple of previous Hulk moves that left me flat.
News Stories and Current Events / Re: Wuhan Corona virus
« Last post by trdsf on Today at 07:29:29 PM »
Meanwhile, even Florida has limits to how much stupid they can tolerate: Florida megachurch pastor (and all around kook) arrested for ignoring a stay-at-home order and unlawful assembly for holding two regular services in front of a full congregations (and for which he had provided buses so his sheep could gather to the slaughter).

He also thinks that COVID-19 is a Chinese plot hatched at a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation meeting... so yeah, Florida Man, with distinction.

News Stories and Current Events / Re: Wuhan Corona virus
« Last post by Baruch on Today at 06:54:50 PM »
New deaths now …

#1 New York .. NYC?
#2 Michigan .. Detroit?
#3 New Jersey .. Newark?
#4 Louisiana .. New Orleans?

Total deaths now …

#1 New York (by a huge amount aka large total population)
#2 Washington state (legacy of early exposure?)
#3 New Jersey
#4 Louisiana
#5 Michigan
#6 California

Cleaner life leads to lesser pandemic ... that and less big cities.
Tell a Joke or two / Re: Post your funny pictures here!!! part Deux
« Last post by Baruch on Today at 06:26:31 PM »
Kiwi fruit are un-fertilized Kiwi bird eggs ;-)
Wouldn't Leftists be in favour of Hobbits, since they are both minorities and (whatever the politically correct term for height-impaired people is nowadays)?

The real Left is a cat's paw for the Deep State (Sauron).  The actual British satire on this, the British Left are shown protecting the rights of Orcs, their roving and man-eating ways, and their cultural habit of worshipping "The Flaming Eye" (see dollar bill).  The Hobbits are like White S African farmers being murdered by Bantu marauders.  LOTR is definitely pre-civil-rights era where Black is Beautiful.  The satire goes on to say how misunderstood Saruman is, and what villains the Hobbits, Dwarves, Elves and Men are.  Gondor and Rohan need open borders now!
News Stories and Current Events / Re: Wuhan Corona virus
« Last post by Baruch on Today at 06:17:44 PM »
"Gov. Abbot Orders Texas State Troopers To Enforce Quarantine At Louisiana Border" ... another closed internal border.  Papers please?

"Tent Hospital Erected In Central Park As Hospital Ship Arrives In New York City" ... Go Navy.  The Tents are being set up by the Billy Graham association.
News Stories and Current Events / Re: Wuhan Corona virus
« Last post by Baruch on Today at 06:06:40 PM »
I've been watching and reading articles about disney and the deep shit their in now over this.

Their parks are closed, their cruise ships are shut down, nobody can go to the cinema to see the movies they own due to being closed. Their merchandise stores are closed.

And now, in just 2 weeks, their billions in dept. I do feel sorry for their workers as its obvious many of them will be out of a job soon, but there is that little sense of schadenfreude I feel to seeing a big evil corporation struggle to stay alive.

Despite them owning so many franchises and associated companys, none of it helped them when they needed it most.

Corporations are house of cards built on digital debt (the derivatives markets not fixed after 2009).  Governments are helpless if they have no organic basis (see Brexit).  If I am not willing to fight for my neighbor (kill or be killed) then they aren't a fellow citizen to me.  I am broad minded about this though.  Don't care who you are by origin (Navajo, Hispanic, Anglo, Black).  And of course visitors should be protected (legal or not, the rule of hospitality demands it).
News Stories and Current Events / Re: Wuhan Corona virus
« Last post by Baruch on Today at 06:03:03 PM »
I don't remember where I found the article, but if anyone is interested enough in it I will go back and find it, but...

I was reading an article talking about how the EU is working essentially as one nation to deal with the Coronavirus by pooling resources and personal to travel where they are most needed, regardless of country of origin. This is in contrast to the United States which is one country but is behaving like 50... States are literally having bidding wars against each other for essential supplies and are trying to keep their medical personal within their own borders because the federal government has essentially said everyone is on their own.

I mean think about that... even in a global catastrophe, American capitalists are finding a way to make life-saving equipment a commodity to be bid on and cost the government abhorrent amounts of money to purchase... assuming your state is even rich enough to compete in the bidding wars. I've always thought the slave trade and modern "sweatshop" (slave) labour was the absolute worse example of what can happen when you let capitalism go unregulated, but this is giving it a run for it's money.

I said it a few weeks ago, and I'll say it again... unless the Federal government can start behaving like one, I don't feel it's beneficial for states like Texas to remain part of the union. I know that's always been "our thing", that the federal government should be toothless and state's rights are more important, but if the people in charge cant take charge when they are needed, why have them in charge in the first place?

Projection unfortunately.  Merkel is in quarantine in her bunker.  Macron is playing King Louis.  At the recent nation heads meeting with the EU people, they were told, Germany will do to you what we already did to Greece (as in FU).  German and French taxpayers won't bail you out.  The nation heads were furious.  EU is not a working Federal system, and is not a nation.  Individual nations are closing borders, not doing Schengen.

The US has a working Federal system ... where the Governors are primary, not the President.  The national government is only there to facilitate proper action by the individual states (as intended) not as Great Society as envisaged by that war criminal, LBJ.  In fact, the President could only take limited immediate action, as allowed by current law.  To do more, new legislation was required (and granted).

So you want an authoritarian system, where the states are just branches of Washington DC?  You want us to be China?

Without Eurobonds, the Greeking of EU members will continue.  From 2015 onward, German citizens have made profit off of the Greek bailout.  No risk for them.
Tony hit bottom in "Civil War".
Ditto in both cases.

Like China, Hungary can move more quickly with a dictatorship.  Since Hungary is multiparty (unlike China) a dictatorship is necessary.

Italy isn't one country, but 5.  N Italy, Rome, S Italy, Sicily and Sardinia.  So of course N Italy and Rome have been blood sucking on the other three parts.  This is very ancient ... Rome blood sucking Sicily and Sardinia goes back to the 3rd century BCE.  N and S Italy were conquered at that time as well.  The various Cosa Nostra families, are the continuation of Roman Empire by other means.
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