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Title: Going where the money is
Post by: trdsf on April 06, 2020, 11:24:10 AM
Texas radio host sentenced to 25 years for scamming "older Christian listeners" ( in a multimillion dollar Ponzi scheme.

Quote from: The Dallas Morning News
“He took advantage of some of the most vulnerable people in our society,” lead prosecutor Alexis Goldate said in a written statement announcing the sentencing. “He targeted elderly investors and individuals attracted to his Christian ideals and then stole from them.”
(emphasis added)

Well, it's hard to disagree that Christianity targets the gullible...
Title: Re: Going where the money is
Post by: Baruch on April 06, 2020, 12:09:06 PM
Radio stations are like YouTube ... in that they walk a narrow edge between being liable or not liable for the content of posts/hosts.  Radio is dominated by a cartel, just as YouTube dominates Internet video content ...

Global Music Rights filed a lawsuit a few years ago on behalf of creative artists ... "… GMR alleges the RMLC’s more than 10,000 U.S. radio stations have wrongfully colluded to underpay songwriters to play songs on the radio. Referring to the RMLC as a cartel, the suit alleges those stations control more than 90 percent of radio industry revenue, reaching more than 245 million listeners weekly."

And of course, there have been calls to convert YouTube and Facebook and Twitter to newspaper status, where they are responsible for all content.